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How to make your Youtube channel thrive? 2 tips you should use right now

“Youtubing” is a whole career now, and there is no reason to deny that. However, many people still somehow say that they don’t see how they could become successful Youtubers whilst there are so many of them already. But this is just a misunderstanding, as Youtube still offers a lot to newcomers, they just need to know how to take it and how to organize their channels the right way. In this article we will be reviewing how to set everything in the right way and how to use several convenient tricks to give your youtube channel a head start. 

So, what do we know about YouTube? It is a platform that offers video makers to make a profit from their videos and show them to viewers around the world. The YouTube affiliate program assumes that each uploaded video has more than 1000 views – if the clip maker can provide such coverage, then Youtube offers them to install ads at the beginning and during each video, and pays them for this. It’s great, but it’s quite difficult to get involved in an affiliate program, and therefore YouTubers are forced to look for other ways to monetize. They are there – for example, you can act as a micro influencer and review products and services of various brands and interact with them directly. And there is also an option to ask the audience for donations through third-party services: it has become quite common these days, and people no longer have any questions why they should pay for this or that content or support the creator.

2 ways to make your channel more popular: 

  • Nevertheless, to begin with, everyone needs to gain at least some kind of audience. In fact, it’s not that difficult to do – you just need to know how to use keywords to make your videos searched and found not only through YouTube, but also through search engines. Maybe you’ve heard of SEO: this is a system in which special words are selected for each text, which are later used in it – these are the words users use to find information about the product that is mentioned in the text. On YouTube, the search works the same way – if you have a video about fashion, it will be found by the word fashion, if about music – by the word music. And not only that: queries often include unexpected words and their combinations, as well as highly specialized terms. All of this should be taken into account when making a description for a video.
  • However, this is not the only thing you can use to promote: you also have the option to buy YouTube subscribers. Yes, this is something from the category of “fake it till you make it”, but this trick has always worked well and it is unlikely that something will change much. The only thing you need to make sure that you get real subscribers, and not fakes and bots – they can harm you and make your channel get into a shadow ban, as algorithms will begin to perceive it as the same fake. Therefore, before paying money, make sure that you purchase a quality service and only after that (it would be nice to talk to the manager of the company, if there is such an opportunity) pay money for the service. By the way, good websites that are engaged in promotion have the option to try a free package of followers or some other service to understand whether it is worth cooperating with the website further. If this option is not available, it is not an indicator of the lack of quality, but if it is, it will be doubly pleasant for you.

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Buy real Youtube subscribers and never try to take on too many of them – your promotion has to look natural and organic, so that your already existing audience and the upcoming one would not have any suspicions about you and your channel. But remember, that no paid service will ever bring you all the success on its own: you have to work hard on the content you’re putting forward and always communicate with your audience, making them sure that you’re friendly, open and count on their opinion in terms of channel’s further growth and development. 

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