How to Find Someone’s Social Security Number in 2024?

how to find someones social security number

If you are a United States resident, you should know about the Importance of a Social Security Number to obtain credit, open bank accounts, receive government benefits, make significant purchases, and more. While it is not challenging to have your own SSN, it might seem complicated to find someone else’s Social Security Number. Should you turn to the United States Social Security Administration’s website for help? There is nothing to worry about because like always we are here to help you find the best answer. So, don’t waste time and keep reading to learn how to find someone’s social security number.

What is a Social Security Number? (SSN)

Let’s find out what the Social Security Number means, which is not hard to explain. It started in 1936 as part of The New Deal to track earnings and provide benefits. But it has expanded significantly since then, and now, all U.S. residents can use their SSNs to get credit, use their bank accounts, take benefits from the government, buy something, and more. Over time, its functionality changed, and additional purposes were added, such as identifying individuals for tax purposes and tracking credit reports. 

How To Find Someone’s Social Security Number:

Generally speaking, when we talk about finding someone‘s social security number, the first way is to use the United States Social Security Administration’s website because it offers a free service to perform up to ten SSN searches every day. But that is not the only method, and there are other ways that we will count below:

  • US Social Security Administration’s Website:

As I explained, using the US Social Security Administration website is the first method you can try if you need a personal SSN for legal purposes, such as verifying employment at your own risk. Pay attention using this way allows you to perform up to ten free SSN searches daily.

how to find someone's social security number
  • Contact SSN management:

If you are not a fan of online tasks, you can try making a call with SSN management by following the below steps:

  1. Call the Social Security Administration number: 1-800-772-1213.
  2. Then, you should provide some necessary personal information, so that they can verify your identity.
  3. Ask for anyone’s Social Security number.
  • Check medical records:

This way is also helpful if you can access the person’s medical record. So, don’t waste time and follow the below steps to try your chance:

  1. Contact your or your family’s healthcare provider, where you always receive medical treatment.
  2. Ask them if they can send you a copy of the medical record.
  3. The Social Security number should be listed on your medical record.
  • Check tax records

The other way you can use is to check the tax records, which is naturally so similar to the above method. So, just follow the below steps and see if it works for you or not.

  1. You should ask the IRS or your state’s tax department to see if they give you a copy of the tax return.
  2. Then, you can find the Social Security number listed on the tax return.
  • Search public records:

The other way you can try is to search among the public records by following the below steps and see if you can find the Social Security number.

  1. First, visit the county clerk’s office or state vital records office.
  2. Ask for a copy of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, or death certificate.
  3. Locate the Social Security number on the certificate.
how to find someone's social security number
  • Contact previous employers:

Also, there is an opportunity for you to find your previous employers and contact them to ask for your SSN.

  1. Call or email your previous employer’s HR department.
  2. Now, ask for a Social Security number and give them the personal information necessary to verify your identity.
  • Try SSN Websites:

Some Social Security number search websites claim they can help you find the Social Security number. If you want to use this method, you should keep in mind that not all of these sites are accurate, and you should not allow them to violate privacy laws.

  • Search and find a great “Social Security number search” website.
  • Enter the name of who you want to find his SSN and other personal information.
  • Request from the IRS:

If you decide to request the Social Security number from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you can simply do this by following the below steps:

  1. First, complete the 4506-T form, known as Demand for Transcript of Tax Return.
  2. Then you should mail it to the appropriate address and let them process the request in a certain time.
how to find someone's social security number

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What Can I Look Up With A Social Security Number?

Here, you might ask what will happen if you want to do a SSN reverse lookup. Here, I should say that as Social Security Number is somehow one of the most sensitive pieces of information, you finded data would not be as extensive as the information you can get from  other search types. But it can be helpful if you are looking for some related info, such as:

  • Year the number was issued
  • The estimated age of the cardholder
  • Full name If the person is deceased
  • The place where the SSN was issued

Pay attention finding the user’s full name is only avaiable if he or she is deceased.

Benefits of a Social Security Number

As you start a job, the employer would ask for Social Security number as part of the application process to provide the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with details of salary payments for each SSN and deductions made for employee contributions to Social Security and Medicare. Generally speaking, having a Social Security number is important because it helps you get benefits from the U.S. government in future. The government can track a person’s annual income and the number of years  he has worked with his SSN and compute his retirement income, disability income, or health insurance based on that. To know more about the benefits of having a social security number, read the below list:

  • To open a financial account like a bank account
  • To apply for a federal loan
  • To apply for unemployment
  • As an identifier in the tax return
  • To get a driver’s license
  • To get a passport
  • When enrolling in Medicare


Previously, you read that SSN is a unique identification number associated with US citizens. Also, we talked about how to find someone’s social security number, like trying SSN websites, sending request to IRS, searching among public records, cheking tax records and so on. Moreover, there we have explained why you need SSN or how you can use it to find more information about the SSN owner. But if you still have more questions, you can visit The United States Social Security Administration, or comment it below for us to try and find the best answer to you. 

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