Fix Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo 2023 (Fast and Easy)

No electronic device is immune to frustrating issues, especially those you need to spend hours fixing. Based on this fact, Apple watches can also be a candidate to make trouble for you, even when you are not busy and only enjoy having it on your wrist.

One of the common bugs associated with Apple watches is getting stuck on the Apple logo, displaying a useless black screen, thereby forcing you to look for the solution at the earliest. Why is my Apple watch stuck on the Apple logo? How to fix it? In this tutorial, you are going to be an expert in all aspects of your iWatch stuck on Apple logo.

apple watch stuck on apple logo

Why is my Apple Watch stuck on the apple logo?

Apple watches use a simpler version of iOS (named Watch OS), which can encounter some binary controversies when it comes to functioning at the maximum level. Some of these issues are common with the iPhones and iOS systems, while the remained ones are limited to Apple watches.

Why is my Apple watch stuck on the Apple logo? Let’s review the common scenarios contributing to this issue;

  • The Calendar or Time Zone data between the Watch app and Apple Watch are not matched: If you find a mismatch between the calendar or time zone of your Apple Watch and the iPhone’s Watch app, it can be a good excuse for your device to start making bugs on the screen.
  • Corrupted Watch OS on your device: as you know, any operating system can be hacked or broken one day, so a corrupted Watch OS (for unknown reason) can lead your iWatch stuck on Apple logo.
  • Hardware malfunction: an Apple watch can be stuck on Apple logo if one of its hardware components (like the battery) starts making errors to the main system.

Can an Apple watch stuck on Apple logo be fixed?

Well, I have recognized that my Apple watch is stuck on the Apple logo. But is there any way to fix it? The answer is affirmative.

Note that all hardware or software errors are fixable unless it seems too deep that only the experts are deserved to approach the problem. In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to fix the “Apple watch stuck on Apple logo” error with no help from the others.

How to fix Apple watch stuck on Apple logo?

Making an iWatch return to its happy days is easier than many users think, and only a couple of minutes can be assured that the method is performed correctly. What to do when my Apple watch is stuck on the Apple logo? 8 methods are available for your problem;

  1. Software update/restore is not completed yet

If you are installing a software update on your device, there is a chance to get your Apple watch stuck on Apple logo for no reason. In this case, the best way is to let your Apple watch finish the installation process. If the Apple logo hasn’t gone from the screen after an excessive amount of time, you need to take other methods written below.

  1. Restart your device

A cliché that is practical about almost any software issue; try the restarting method and make sure it can be useful for more than 90% of cases. This is the leading solution for facing random glitches and issues on your Apple watch, such as your iWatch stuck on Apple logo. Follow these steps to restart your device;

  • Firstly, you have to press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch until you see the power-off slider on the screen.
  • Next, drag the power-off slider to shut down your Apple Watch.
  • Finally, after a few minutes, press the side button again to restart your Apple watch.
  1. Place Your Apple Watch on the Magnetic Charger

In some cases, giving an electromagnetic shock can make your iWatch alert again. No, I am not talking about torturing your device!!! All you need to do is place your Apple watch on a magnetic charger, so maybe the Apple watch stuck on Apple logo will be resolved.

  1. Delete your Update files

The first method can be reversed here, especially when you have your installation processes completed but still murmuring my Apple watch is stuck on the Apple logo. Try deleting your updated files on your watch, though you have spent a lot of time downloading them. Follow these steps;

  • First, open the “Watch” application on your iPhone and go to the “My Watch” section.
  • Now, go to “General” and then open “Storage.”
  • Finally, click on the “Software Update” button and delete all files available on the screen.
  1. Hard reset/Force restart your Apple watch

When it comes to malicious bugs such as the Apple watch stuck on Apple logo, hard resetting or force restarting your device can be an efficient way to fix your error. To accomplish the method, you need to hold down the digital crown and the slide button simultaneously for a while so that your iWatch boosts up normally.

  1. Erase your Apple watch

If you still have an iWatch stuck on Apple logo and have no success in fixing it, you may have to erase your Apple watch completely. This is considered a rather extreme solution, but it does usually fix almost any issue you might be facing. You don’t need to worry about your previous data as Watch OS automatically backs up your data when it is unpaired from your phone. How to erase your device? Use the following steps;

  • On your iPhone, open your Watch app and click on “General.”
  • Next, scroll down the page and choose “Reset.” Now click on the button named “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings.” Make sure you have selected “Erase All Content and Settings” to confirm.
  • After erasing your Apple watch, you will have to set up your Apple Watch again.
  1. Use the Find My app

Why my Apple watch is stuck on the Apple logo? For whatever reason it has occurred, the “Find My” application can be a great method of interest. Although it is designed to locate your loved ones and connected devices, it can sometimes help your iWatch stuck on Apple logo. To use Find My for your problem, follow the guide here;

  • Pick up your iPhone, open the “Find My” app, and go to the “Devices” tab.
  • Next, pull up the Devices’ handle to reveal all the connected devices. After that, click on your “Apple Watch” and select “Play Sound.”
  • The point is, when the command for playing a sound is sent to your Apple Watch, it becomes “unfrozen” and starts working like its first day.
  1. Contact your iPhone support

This is the last bunker that remained to fix the “Apple watch stuck on Apple logo” problem. If your Apple watch is stubborn enough to not react even after a factory reset, you need to contact the Apple support team, and they should be able to guide you with troubleshooting steps, as well as hardware fixing if required.

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Thank you for reading. If you have an Apple watch stuck on Apple logo, don’t get scared, as it is a common error Apple fans may face throughout their lives. Regardless of the reason for this problem, non-technical and unprofessional users can resolve the error in most cases.

How to fix your Apple watch stuck on the Apple logo? Just choose one or two of the methods explained in the text. If you are thirsty for getting more information, online Apple communities are here to help you on the internet or social media.

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