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How to Subscribe to Twitch Prime (All about Twitch Prime)

Twitch subscriptions mean a monthly payment used for Twitch Partners and Affiliates that viewers use to support their favorite channels. Subscriptions are one of the most popular methods to make money on Twitch, and the streamer earns a recurring source of money to pay for their streaming and living costs.

In this text, you will read about what Twitch subscriptions are, and their different levels. Then you can read about free Prime subscriptions and their different costs. Also, you can find out how to subscribe to twitch, and how to cancel a Twitch subscription.

What are Twitch subscriptions?

As you know, Twitch streamers or content creators can make money using their Twitch subscriptions service for twitch growth. Different users subscribe to the channel of their favorite streamer and pay a monthly fee. In return, they take free prizes related to the subscribed channel.

The main goal of this subscription system is to support streamers financially. In this way, you support streamers who broadcast on your channel to try more professionally and create the content you like.

If you provide your preferred streamer with a source of revenue, the system provides you with a series of benefits. For instance, you’ll gain new emoticons, subscriber badges, watch broadcasts with no annoying ads, and way to subscriber-only Twitch rooms.

How to subscribe to Twitch prime?

If you want to subscribe to the Twitch prime channel, you have to search and enter it. Now, link your account to the Amazon one, then mention the streamer channel you want to subscribe to inside the service. You can find the Subscription options next to the follow button. If you tap on the button, you will open the options window. You might not find any subscription option, which means the channel is not active.

When you find a window with subscription options, choose the button Subscribe for free at the top, just over the level 1 subscriptions. When you tap on the button, you will subscribe to Twitch Prime for free.

Pay attention that if you choose the subscriptions of levels 2 and 3, there is no discount, and you have to pay the complete fee.

How is the Twitch Prime subscription?

If you choose to be an Amazon Prime subscriber, it means you can subscribe to a single-channel freely. Also, there are more exclusive advantages Prime Gaming offers you. For example, if you link your Amazon Prime account to and click to subscribe freely, it will give you the option of getting a free month trial.

The point is that the prime free subscription will not automatically charge, and when you complete the month, your Twitch subscription is over. The advantage of this point is that it limits the risk of automatic subscription and paying. But, each month, you can register for a new Twitch prime freely.

What is the Twitch subscription cost?

You can choose among three tiers to subscribe to Twitch, and all of them are around a monthly payment plan. When they first introduced this feature, the amount of default subscription was USD 4.99, and in mid-2017, they added two more ranges for USD 9.99 and USD 24.99.

As a subscriber, you can decide to pay the monthly or choose total payments for three or six-month periods.

While there are some common rewards for all three levels, new ones have some more added features. You have to renew your subscriptions every month.

The percentage that each streamer takes from a different subscription depends on the level. If you choose level one, the system pays 50% of your fee to the broadcaster, which means for the $4.99 tier, the streamer earns around $2.50. But if you want to buy level two, this percentage increases to 60%, and in level three, the streamer receives 80% of those payments.

A good point about Twitch is that it will increase this amount for successful streamers to support them to continue being on the Twitch platform.

How to cancel a Twitch prime subscription?

There are three ways to cancel a Twitch account, and I will talk about each one separately here.

Cancel Twitch prime subscription

If you choose the first way, you have to disconnect the Twitch account from Amazon Prime. So it will directly eliminate the Twitch subscription. You can do it easily like the below steps:

  • Search Twitch address on your PC.
  • Now, log in to the Twitch account you want to cancel the Twitch Prime subscription.
  • Find the profile icon at the top-right side of the screen and click on that.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Select Connections.
  • On the right side of the Amazon, find Disconnect and tap on that.
  • Then, you have to confirm it by tapping on Yes, Disconnect.

Cancel Twitch prime subscription from Amazon Prime [If you do not want to cancel Amazon Prime membership]

Sometimes, you have connected the Twitch account to Amazon Prime. But now, you want to cancel your Twitch subscription. Here, the best way is to disconnect the Twitch account from Amazon. It will directly stop all the features of Prime on Twitch. Also, in this way, you can keep the Amazon Prime Membership.

  • First, login into Amazon Prime. On the top menu, find the Account & Lists and choose it.
  • Search the Digital content and devices, and choose Twitch settings.
  • Tap on Unlink Account.
  • Confirm Unlink this Twitch account and finish.

How to Cancel Twitch Prime 30 Days Trial

If you do not like Twitch, the best choice is to cancel the prime membership as early as possible. Because if you do not make it early, Amazon will charge you for the service you do not like. Pay attention, you will cancel the Amazon Prime membership in this way. But if you want to keep the Amazon Prime, first disconnect the Twitch account from Amazon.

Follow the below steps to cancel Twitch prime:

  • First, log in to your Amazon Prime account.
  • Choose Account & Lists.
  • Find Your Prime Membership and click on that.
  • Search End Membership and Benefits”.
  • Click End My Benefits and finish.


Twitch Prime is an amazing premium experience on the video-game streaming service. You can connect it with an Amazon Prime membership and use it for bonus games, exclusive in-game content, and more. If you want to learn more about its subscription, the cost of Twitch subscription, and how to cancel it read the above text.

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