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As you know Instagram is one of the most popular application in the world. The fans of this application are increasing every day because it is so practical in every field. Most people use it for their business (introducing their business, advertising and etc .). Posts and stories could be very effective for both business owner and costumer.

You can also find the user that you are searching for, by profile through image search Instagram. You can connect with people who are similar to you in different cases such as job, education, interests. Photo-sharing platform provide many photos of everything that you are searching for. For example if you are looking for autumn cloths, you can easily get a lot of result by writing this hashtag in the search box. This was an example, for other things you can do it in this way.

Instagram is not like Facebook that provides unique Image ID for images and you can reach a profile of a user. Instagram emphasize on privacy of users and you can not easily find a user through a photo because Instagram  encrypts images and their digital imprints highly over FB’s servers.

In fact Instagram doesn’t provide simple way for finding original uploader of a picture. In this paper we will introduce some ways for finding a user through Instagram Reverse Image Search. There is no guarantee for finding exact user by these methods but they can guide you to get the better and more reliable results in fewer search. Keep reading to see the methods for image search Instagram.

What should we do to Reverse Image Search Instagram?

In this part we will talk about some methods for picture search which are powerful and simple.

  1. Google Image Search: One of the methods for image search reverse Instagram, is google image search. The way of use is as follows: at first go to image.google.com, then select image icon and upload a picture from your device. Select the enter and done button to see the result related to picture. You will reach the user profile and other information related to user if that image is from Instagram.
  2. Social catfish: In this method, image metadata and facial recognition used for finding social profile. This technique is so accurate and make you sure that all the results you get are the best and cover information related to Instagram.
  3. Tin eye: Another tool for reverse image search Instagram is Tin eye. To find the pictures related to image and other information such as sites which image is from, …. upload the image. It is possible that you get the location of the image. This method try to use some special algorithms to find the information of the image. Perceptual hashing is one of these algorithm that is based on creating hash of image.
  4. Bing: Way of use Bing is such as Goole and Tin eye. It is enough to go to bing.com and choose the image by clicking on image icon and see the similar result and needed information. There are other ways to choose the picture; you can drag and drop the image to search box and in another way you can write URL of image. All images which are uploaded in this site will be deleted automatically. This site hosts images anonymously and other users can not discover the image.
  5. Sauce NAO: It doesn’t have a beautiful interface and ease of use but it can show you a manageable result. For image search it is enough upload image and click on get sauce. All the result will be shown.
Frequently Asked Questions about reverse image search Instagram

 How can I find an Instagram profile with a photo?

Choose one of methods and result will be shown. You can see Similar images by URL, so if you click on URL,  you visit Instagram image. If you can not visit, means user profile is private. you can also get more information about instagram profile picture here.

 What should I do if someone else uses my photo?

As mentioned Instagram has strict rules about privacy. If your post or image stolen by other users you should do steps below:

Step1: Contact with owner of the account and want them to delete the image. Maybe you want them to pay credit for stealing image.

Step2:  If you don’t  like connect with user, report the user to Instagram. You can do it from help centre. Show all details about stolen image such as URL to your original upload. This user will get warning or account ban from Instagram.


There is no accurate way to find the source of image Instagram but mentioned methods use meta or digital photo imprint to narrow down the search parameters and results. We hope that this post was useful for you and can answer to your questions.

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