How to pin a comment on Facebook live and post?

Pinning comments is a very useful feature for any social media platform, and Facebook is  exception to that. For example, if you are doing a live broadcast where you have a promotion that you want to send to users, and the sales person does not always say that promotion during the livestream. Here, we want to learn how to pin a comment on Facebook live and posts to keep a important comment or message right in front of our audiences’ eyes.

How to pin a comment on Facebook live?

You can pin a comment on Facebook live using a comment itself if you are an admin of a Facebook page. you can only pin a comment on Facebook, but there is no difference if you want to swap in and out. To pin a comment on Facebook live:
  • Tap the comment when you see it during Facebook live
  • Select Pin this Comment
To remove a pinned comment from Facebook live:
  • Tap X on the pinned comment
  • Select any comment you want to pin
  • If a user deletes a comment that is pinned, the comment will be removed.
  • If Facebook live ends, you will not be able to unpin any comments that were pinned while you were live.
How to pin a comment on Facebook live

How to pin a post on Facebook?

If you are an admin of a Facebook page, you can pin a Facebook post on the top of timeline. However, this option is not available on Facebook personal page. To pin a post on Facebook page timeline:
  • Open the Facebook app
  • Login to your account
  • From the home feed click the flag icon on the left menu
  • Select the page you want to apply the changes
  • Find the post you are going to pin it
  • Tap three dot icon on top if the post
  • Select pin to top of page
If you pin a post, the pin icon will appear in front of the post which is set to the top of timeline. If you want to remove the pined posts, simply tap the three dot icon on top of the posts, and select Remove Pin. Conclusion Pinning Facebook comments is an easy thing to do and now you know how to keep your comments at top of your Facebook posts and live videos and your information will always be kept to share with users when you live stream Facebook.

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