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Does Facebook Notify Screenshots 2023?(Story, Post, Message)

Have you ever tried to take a screenshot of Facebook posts, stories, or messages? Of course, when you are using a phone to check your Facebook account, it is as simple as pressing two buttons. So, it might terrify you what happens if someone takes a screenshot from your Facebook photos. Does Facebook notify screenshots? Does Facebook messenger notify screenshots? If you are wondering what the answer to these questions would be, keep reading and find the best responses with details.

does facebook notify screenshots

Does Facebook notify screenshots?

While Facebook provides a default system to save some kinds of posts, such as photos, taking screenshots would be a great and simpler idea. The only left point is about Facebook screenshot notifications. Does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story? While the alert when someone takes a screenshot is a privacy measure, the bad news is that Facebook does not notify you if someone decides to take a screenshot of your page. If you would like to know more about the details of this topic, do not miss the below paragraphs.

Does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story?

All Facebook users know that Facebook stories will disappear after 24 hours, so taking screenshots is a great way to save them forever. And here the main question is “does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story?”, and the most direct answer is NO.

Technically, finding who takes screenshots is not possible for this social media platform as the possible situations would vary, like when users run it in a browser. So, here our suggestion is not to share anything that might cause you to regret it later.

Does Facebook notify when you screenshot messages?

If you are worried about your Facebook message and does Facebook notify screenshots of them, I should say that in case we talk about old-fashioned Facebook, the answer is again no, the social media site originally does not have any feature to notify users if someone takes a screenshot of their page content, such as messages. 

But everything would be different for those who use Facebook Messenger. Does Facebook messenger notify screenshots? Here, the answer is yes. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg states that “you get a notification if someone screenshots a disappearing message.”

Does Facebook notify screenshots of profile pictures?

Now that you know the truth about Facebook screenshot notifications of stories, messages, and content, you might ask what will happen if someone wants to take a screenshot of my Facebook profile picture. While many believe that it is a great weakness of this giant platform, the answer is negative. Again, in this case, Facebook does not offer any no privacy feature to notify you if anyone takes a screenshot of your profile picture.

does facebook notify screenshots


Social media sites that notify you of screenshot

Unfortunately, Facebook and most other similar apps, like Instagram and  Twitter can’t understand the screenshots and notify you.  Only, Snapchat is the one that notifies you if someone takes a screenshot of your conversation, snap, story, profile, etc.

Does Facebook notify if you save a photo?

As I have mentioned above, all photos posted on Facebook will be immediately embedded with a saving function. But the worst point is that this powerful and responsive social media site does not send notifications when you save a photo. 

Is taking a screenshot from Facebook messenger illegal?

Generally speaking, taking a screenshot from a private message is not moral and legal because that is considered a copyright violation. 

How to take a Facebook screenshot?

Taking a screenshot of Facebook posts or profile pictures with a phone is just like what you do to take screenshots in other cases. But if you are using windows or a PC, the best way is to run professional screenshot software, like Screen Recorder.


Does Facebook messenger notify screenshots? Or does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story? Generally speaking, Facebook screenshot notification is a commonly asked question by social media users, and many believe that it is one of the worst points of this giant platform. As we previously talked about, the old version of Facebook does not notify screenshots of photos, posts, stories, or messages. And the only positive answer is about Facebook messenger screenshots, which based on Mark Zuckerberg, the app will notify you.


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