How to find someone on Instagram (search tool)

Instagram Search Tool

Instagram search tool is a software through which users can find other users, people, name, username, image, post, hashtags, profile or all other topics. Instagram search tools help user to narrow down their research for specific purpose such as making connections with specific users, or use it for their business objectives like influencer marketing or brand awareness.

To find people on Instagram use tools like Instagram search in which you find people, usernames, users, posts and image by entering hashtags or keywords, and location.

How to find people on Instagram?

Instagram search bar is part of Instagram app that users can find other users, usernames, profile, hashtags, image, places, and post by entering the keywords. Though, Instagram itself has explained some way of search on their app. 

However, search on Instagram is limited and you might need some extra tools to search deeper on it. The picture bellow shows the search bar on Instagram mobile app, and in a second I would show other tool to a better search on a great social media like Instagram.

To find people on Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram app or Instagram on desktop
  2. Tap on the “magnifier icon” – search icon in the button of the Instagram home/profile page
  3. Type in any name or keyword you know in the search bar
  4. Switch between different categories of “Top, Accounts, Tags, Places”. 
how to search on Instagram

Instagram would show you the close results to your search. Instagram uses the information in the bio, name, website, and profile data to show you the results.

Therefore, if you want people find you better, you can add clear and precise information in your Instagram bio. this helps users to find you faster.

But the question is, how users can benefit from Instagram search bar?  

Imagine running a business, now you need to find who is influencing the community in your filed of work. These influencers may talk about your brand and you can promote the business through influencer marketing strategies.

Easily find those influencer using Instagram search bar tool, which is included in some social media management tools. You can sign up and go to dashboard to do Instagram search. 

Instazood Instagram search tool

Instagram search tool is an Instagram feature in which you can find posts, users, hashtags and so on. this tool divided into four main categories of searching users, tags, image & videos, and username.

Following is the explanation of each categories

Instagram search user

Enter the keywords or Instagram hashtags and generate Instagrammer who have used these hashtags or words.

To use Instagram search user, you should:

  1. Sign up to the software online
  2. Create an account Go to dashboard>hot client
  3. Go to the setting
  4. Enter the hashtags, and turn on any filters you need
  5. Find the result in the feed

It’s quite safe and secure! You can refresh the page to get the newest results.

If you are looking for top posts, this tool would help users to narrow down their research and grow their personal brand or business.

If you couldn’t see the results, wait for a couple of minutes until software finds the posts for you. or change the setting.

Instagram user and hashtag search tool

With the help of social media search tools you can find users who have posted specific hashtags or content.

Find hundreds of users and browse through their posts and react to their posts or contact them through Instagram direct message (DM) within the software online


If you are wondering How to search by phone on Instagram here’s your answer find instagram by phone number

Instagram search tags (hashtags)

Generate most popular or relevant hashtags on Instagram using hashtag generator tool, and not only you can generate hashtags but also those who have used those hashtags are in from of you!

Instagram tag or hashtags search helps users to get the new trends on Instagram and use them in their posts and content. It will automatically increase the number of reach, impressions, and ultimately more followers and users to users’ Instagram feed.

Using new hashtags, you are sending signals to Instagram that the account is up-to-date and the probability of showing the content on Instagram feed will be increased.

Instagram search images and videos

Enter the topic of the image you are looking for, and browse from millions of post using social media management software and Instagram search tools.

But how you can take benefits of these actions?

One idea is to find images or videos, and report them (share with mentions and tags) to the Instagram feed.

So, in just few minutes you would find a week’s posts and get more followers and engagement by posting more and more to the Instagram feed.

Instagram search post and user

Instagram search username

There are three different discussions about Instagram username search. Indeed, your aim is important. Are you looking for new usernames, to use in the account, or any other username that are similar to your account? or even looking for those who have used the username. for example, looking for any specific people or Instagrammers.

For each of them, you should use different way. For example, to generate username that haven’t been used before you can use some tools. Search the google for generate Instagram username.

If you are looking for the usernames (or even names) who have posted about fashion, for example, go and use the above Instazood tool.

Someone may look for specific profile on Instagram. In case they are blocked by someone and they are going to make sure about it.

For this, you can go to the Instagram website itself, and search the name or username in bar on top of the page.

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