How to Find if an Instagram Account Is Fake?

Instagram fake accounts are the biggest problem of Instagram for many of us. Anyone who spends some amount of time on Instagram will face a fake Instagram account. It happens while many people cannot identify it as implying a fake Instagram account.

The central idea for fake Instagram accounts is the value placed on the number of Instagram followers an account owns. The complex manner of arranging those followers naturally. Some people prefer to get fake accounts with large follower counts. They look for a quicker approach to hold up to the competition.

Businesses and marks that associate with influencers advance in the influencer’s program and the level of support that influencer’s fans hold in them. Most companies are willing to spend top dollar to find influencers who are related to their trademark.

Though, some Instagram users are looking for apps to make fake instgaram followers. We would suggest you grow your account naturally using Instagram automation tools.

How to find if an Instagram account is fake?

Here, we suggest you some tips on how to find fake Instagram accounts.

  • Meaningless username
  • Take a look at the profile photo
  • Go through their posts.
  • Compare their followers/following counts and their activity level
  • Find if its followers are random.
  • Find when someone creates the account
  • Meaningless username (random alphabets)
  • Use thirld party app

In this blog post, we will explain each of these levels. They will help you find the fake accounts and get the real Instagram accounts related to your business.

  • Take a Look at the Profile Photo

Fake Instagram accounts try to represent a real account and get more followers. They will choose a profile photo, which attracts men or women often in a state of undress. They choose a picture and hope that this profile picture helps their account look more engaging and charming to those who see it. But if you look at their posts, you cannot find the person from the profile photo anywhere else.

They usually upload a picture of models or celebrities. Some of them might not have a profile picture at all. While all people who sign up with fake accounts try to create an organic page, it is good to look at the bio, too. It will often have unreliable words or an unusual background account.

  • Go Through Their Posts

Recently, you understand that a fake account will not have the character in their profile image in none of the other posts. If they consider a business in their bio, the posts regularly will not be described to that job. You will find these differences easily from a look through their Instagram page.

There is another useful point that helps you to confirm whether the account is fake or not.  Here, you have to be careful about how frequently that account shares some posts and the time outline of most of the created posts. Pay attention that, as these fake accounts who want to make and build fake posts to trade them need to reach their goal as soon as feasible, they will usually present the account and participate in several posts to make a populated account. But, you will remark that their activities are limited and often irrelevant or even completely unfamiliar.

  • Compare Their Followers/Following Counts and Their Activity Level

It is one of the most obvious signs that an Instagram account is not real. The easiest way is to resemble the number of followers of that particular account to the number of shared stories or posts. In this way, you will see a very nonsensical situation if the account is fake.

Strangely, a profile with only ten posts gains about 10K followers.

Another point that you have to pay attention to is the high number in the following section. Unreal Instagram accounts will usually peak out at the following at about 7,500.

  • Find if Its Followers Are Random

You always use your Instagram account to publish posts with colleagues and relatives and then extend them to other followers. So, when you notice that an account has a collection of accidental followers with no logical people commenting on their photos, it’s likely that the account is fake.

  • Find when someone creates the account?

People usually make fake accounts quickly and in large numbers, without holding much of a lifespan. It means that understanding how old the Instagram account is will help you indicate if the account is real or fake. Do not care that the account post many pictures or one, if he posted them all recently or throughout a short time, it will indicate the account is fake.

  • Use an App

Today, there are several tools or Instagram apps, which help you to determine an account is fake or not. You can find most of these tools without paying any money or comparatively cheap by searching in your phone’s app store. These apps utilize statistics and authentication technology to check whether an account is fake or real.

If you are in charge of a market and are unsure if an influencer you decide to run with has a real following, this is one of the most reliable ways to ensure they are the original deal.


You might see an Instagram account and question yourself how it was feasible to gain that numerous followers? No obligation to rack your mind because the solution might have to make with fake accounts. And as some bot accounts may not look like a great opportunity to the average user, they are more widespread than you might understand.

So, how can you find if you are visiting a fake Instagram account? In the above text, we explained six simple ways which can help you to understand if an Instagram account is fake or not?

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