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Facebook is a popular American platform with over one billion users worldwide. With a free account on Facebook, you can share pictures, articles, photos, and videos. You can also connect with people you know and you do not know on this platform. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and his colleagues, Facebook gained enormous popularity in its first years of emergence. A lot of people spend quite a lot of time on Facebook every day. The users have been wanting Facebook to roll out the dark mode. In this article, we examine the harms of looking at the screen for a long time and we present the dark mode as a good and more user-friendly alternative that can save you tears.

The damages of high screen time

News has it that an average American spends almost 7 hours and 11 minutes starring at digital screens. We start scrolling up and down our social media accounts when we go to bed at night and during the day, we go to work and look at our computer screens for 8 hours. This amount of screen time can damage our minds and bodies in many different ways.

It can give us blurred vision, make our eyes hurt, and lead to long-term and serious problems. The blue light that these screens give off sends signals to our brains that are similar to daylight. That is why they can interrupt our sleep cycle and in turn our skin and eyes. When we look at the screens before bed, we wake up more tired the next day and it takes longer for us to enter Rapid Eye Movement state.

Why use dark mode

The dark mode is a mode that turns the white surface into a darker color palette consisting of black and grey. Nowadays most applications offer a dark mode feature. Facebook is no exception. A lot of users have reported that since they have been using the dark mode, their eyes hurt less and are more sensitive. It also reduces your device’s battery use.

Some scientists believe that dark mode gives off blue light as well and can interrupt the sleep cycle. Plus as the eyes hurt less while using the dark mode, users may spend more time in front of their screens and hurt themselves. Just beware of this fact while switching your white screen.

How to enable dark mode on Android

Follow this step by step guide if you want to enable this feature:

  1. Open the settings on your mobile phone
  2. Tap “About Phone”
  3. Select “Software Information”
  4. Tap “Build Number Option” five times
  5. Now you must be able to see “Developer Options” in your settings
  6. Open “Developer Options”
  7. Now you can see “The Dark Mode” in the list and you will be good to go

Dark mode not showing on Android

Sometimes this feature may stop working for no reason. There was a time that people even thought the company had removed this capability from the application entirely. That was, however false. 

To bring back the feature, find the Facebook icon on your mobile phone and long press. Choose “App Info” and force stop. Now restart the application and find the dark mode in the settings and privacy menu.


So many people spend a lot of time on Facebook. This gives them headaches and red eyes. A temporary solution for these problems is to set Facebook on the dark theme. In this article, we provided you with a step-by-step guide to enable this feature easily.

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