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Threads from Instagram, the New DM app

Threads from Instagram the New DM app

As its core objective, Instagram has always been looking through easier and quality communication between the circle of friends and family.

Threads from Instagram (a new standalone Facebook-owned Instagram messaging app) is another step towards the goal. This Instagram messenger creates a visual/textual connection between a circle of close friends in a more secure and private space.

The Threads app is directly connected to the base application’s Instagram stories and Instagram direct message (DM). Read with us to find out more about Threads form Instagram.

Can’t find and Download Threads for Instagram?

Treads from Instagram is a new app, and sometimes people complain about not finding Threads on online market. Having in mind that this app is free, let us explain how to find it for iOS and Android.

  • Download Instagram Messenger for iOS

There are a lot of applications that are named or start with “thread” on AppStore. So, give up laziness and type “Threads from Instagram” completely, then the app will show up.

Another way to download the Instagram DM application is from this AppStore link.

  • Download Instagram messenger for Android

It is a real pain that people won’t be able to find Threads from Instagram in the first 1000 lines of the Play Store, even if app’s name is typed completely.

Instead of searching for the app, search for Instagram. Go to Instagram download page, scroll down and in a section labeled as “More by Instagram” find Threads from Instagram.

If you are reading this blog, this link to Play Store also works. Forward it to your phone and download Instagram’s Threads right from there.

Can’t forward the link to phone? Then add Instagram’s Threads app to the “Wishlist.” It will appear in the “Wishlist” of mobile’s Play Store. Note that the phone and the browser in use must be logged in using the same email.

How to Setup Instagram’s Threads App?

After successfully downloading and installing the Threads from Instagram app, take these steps to get the app running:

#Step one: Sign in to Threads from Instagram

Run Threads and choose a sign in method; either sign in with an Instagram account that is already active on your device or sign in with another account.

#Step two: Pick Your People

If you have already made a list of “Close friends” on Instagram base app, they will be displayed here, otherwise search for friends in search box and add them to the list. When all friends are added, tap “Done.”

#Step three: Customize Home Camera

Either “Skip” this step or tap on “Customize Camera.” In this step place and rearrange up to 8 of the “most messaged to close friends” at the bottom of the camera and make it easier to send them messages.

#Step four: Auto Status

Picking status will let friends know what you are doing or up to. For Auto status to be working, tap “Turn on” and give Threads permission to access the device’s location, battery level, audio record, photos, videos, and files.

Threads will automatically set the status for the Instagram account, even when you are not using the app. Alternatively, set the status manually by picking an option among those provided.

Tap “Done,” and all is set.

Connect with Close Friends on Threads from Instagram

Close the Instagram messenger app and run it once again. The first thing that appears on the phone’s camera. Tap to take a story and send it to friends. It reveals the emphasis Instagram puts on the connection between friends and also creating stories.

Create stories in Instagram Direct message app
<strong>Send your close friends the stories right ahead<strong>

Alternatively, tap the “Home” icon to go to close friends’ chat list. On the home screen of Threads from Instagram, on the top left side, there is the setting icon. This setting will let you do a variety of things, such as arranging the close friends’ list, picking status, customizing the camera, creating groups and hidden groups, etc.

Get in touch with friends and send them stories

The groups created in Threads from Instagram will also show up in base Instagram Direct Message inbox, with all the chat and threads discussed.

Also, the stories published by the Instagram messenger app will show up in Instagram main app, with a “close friends” label on top.

A final thought…

Facebook had recently announced that they are looking for ways to integrate Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram DM into one standalone application. Threads from Instagram might be their first step towards this goal. But the “from Instagram” phrase at the end of its title might mean otherwise!

The main question is, with Facebook being filtered in some mostly crowded countries, how will this decision come out? Will Threads for Instagram last long enough to stabilize its position, or it will end up as the previous Direct Message App from Instagram? Only the test of time can reveal the answer!

What do you think about this app? Have you installed Threads from Instagram yet? Please share with us your most precious experience regarding the new Instagram messaging app.

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