Top 7 social media tracking tools for every business

Social media monitoring tools are crucial to go ahead in the marketing field with the aim of monetizing. Instead of taking time out to get to know social media tracking tools, go through the context to get the best of social media monitoring ideas, to grow your business.

Today, a data-driven approach can lead us into the right social media tracking strategies to appear in different social media platforms better than past and compete with other top social media brands. But why compete? And fight on what? Are two key factors we come to consider with social media monitoring tools.

In a short sentence, Social media monitoring tools can measure the social media presence satisfaction rate.

If you want to break limitations in the current social media marketing level and shift away to social media analytics tools as a tremendous growth on your social media life, why not thinking of the best social media monitoring tools to surpass competitors than ever.

Undoubtedly,  we already know and do a variety of marketing tasks and efforts to market, the products, services, and humanize our brand figure in the existing social media marketing world.  But now it is time to keep the social media business with the help of monitoring tools. Here is how

What are social media monitoring tools

Social media monitoring tools are known as social media listening tools that monitor brands’ social media accounts. They analyze and up tracking social media search, activities, and competitors to let you get an informed decision by considering factors such as customer reactions, mentions of your brand, hashtags, and keywords following, etc.,

Also, Social media listening tools are available with different social media names and efficiencies to monitor brands’ social media channels practically.

Discovering your customers’ conversation to do necessary actions in response to their expectations and needs to gain a massive reputation as a result of this social listening and analysis.

Though to get more followers on Instagram there are some other tools like Instagram automation which can help you to speed up the Instagram actions of following, like, comments, and direct messages.

What are the best social media monitoring tools

I leave no stone unturned to provide you with the list of the best social media monitoring tools to take some of the weight on your shoulders and help you not to miss the time and money.  Here I am going to mention some of the useful features of social listening tools.

#1 Iconosquare

(Social listening made easy)

Iconsquare social listening tool

One of the other best monitors on social media is Iconsquare which covers real-time engagement with your audience and tracks what’s being said on your posts. It helps you with the backlog of monitoring tasks for (Instagram and Twitter) to build your social brand as well as possible.

Iconosquare mention tool:

  • Keep track of tagging and mentions of your brand
  • Plan and moderate conversations across your Instagram and Facebook accounts
  • Schedule and publish content automatically
  • Respond to mentions and comments in real-time
  • Spy multiple competitors social media accounts to find relevant topics
#2 Crowdfire

(The customer service tool your team had been waiting for)

Crowdfire social listening tool

Crowdfire monitors your just Twitter account as well as works as a management social media tool that increase engagement and growth in the social media network. You can discover the competitors’ posts’ content by monitoring mentions, comments replying.

  • Track every mention, comment in your team inbox
  • Send replies to all the mentions with images, videos, and gifs
#3 Agoraplus

(Listen without overload)

Agorapluse social listening tool

Agoraplus, another social listening found useful as a social management tool with powerful built-in capabilities, serves you with scheduling, monitoring, engagement, and social media analytics tools. It delivers every specific functionality in supporting different social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube).

This application monitoring tool contains:

  • Brand monitoring with relevant search results and conversations
  • Content discovery by adding or setting filters
  • Take actions on your monitoring feed
  • Customize the content by labeling them
  • Manage every conversation, comment, message in a social box
#4 Buffer

(Provide amazing customer service on social )

Buffer reply tool

Buffer comes with the idea of social media customer care, replying to social conversations, supporting their requests, to create an outstanding experience on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter from one shared inbox. It also includes a social media scheduler to post each social media account content whenever you want.

It enables you with:

  • Speedy customer support
  • Personalized responses
  • Seamlessly corporation with your team
#5 Keyhole

(Social Mention Tracking in Real-Time)

Keyhole mention

Keyhole is another tool of monitoring analytics with so many features of tracking the data of your social media accounts to grow the brand audience and brand awareness organically and authentically. Used as a social mention tracking  for branding  and measuring  the public relationship besides improving customers complementary of the services they receive 

 If you want to follow or track the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube platforms, you can seek for it.

  • Manage your brand reputation effectively
  • Control  the negative pints of views before it goes public
  • Find customers who talk to you on social media and replying them
  • Reach on trending topics
  • Supply a service closer to your customers’ needs
#6 Sprout Social

(Inform your business strategy with social listening)

Sproutsocial listening tool

Sprout social introduces to you as full social listening platforms to dominate all customers’ insights and conversations to build a self-image of the brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This user-friendly social platform integrates abilities to minimize the time consumption of the marketing efforts and make the marketing strategy well enough.

Helps you with:

  • Identify the weaknesses and strengths of your business bu discovering audience attitudes
  • Collect honest feedback to monitor your products and services’ qualities.
  • Compare Competitors marketing activities and performances by tracking share of voices
  • gives you an instant rundown of what your brand’s health
#7 Awario

(Real-time social media monitoring and analysis)

Awario social monitoring

The seventh-page monitor tool that fetches the data of news, blogs, forums and web to provide real-time audience engagement is the social media listening tool that monitors the keywords on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit. A suitable monitoring Reddit tool covers both real-time and historical data.

  • Monitors competitors to evaluate your social media performance
  • Find the similarity of people’s selected products by its social selling module among social listening tools

Take advantage of discovering  backlinks, unlinked mentions to turn them into links, and guest blogging opportunities

In conclusion
With the importance of marketing that brings a collection of social media marketing ideas, it is up to you to move on with any social monitoring tools to maintain a consistent brand personality. All of the social media trackers are really beneficial growth tools to snowball the progress and build the brand identity and awareness based on your need for social media monitoring platforms. Go for it, and I hope I have exected my duties well.

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