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How to make money on Instagram: Does Instagram pay you?

Based on the latest statistics, more than 1.704 billion users work with Instagram. Instagram started to work as a photo-sharing app, then it changed

into a business platform. Today millions of people use its selling power, like service providers, nonprofits, and dropshipping eCommerce business owners. If you are asking yourself how to make money on Instagram, continue reading.
how to make money on instagram

Can you make money on Instagram?

The answer is yes, you can make money on Instagram. Today, you can find many people who earn their whole living costs through Instagram alone. As you know, they are Instagram influencers with millions of followers, which brands like to pay them to get their products featured. For example, they post pictures of their lifestyle, pets, daily workdays, sports, arts, and more to earn their living. If you have more than two million followers on your account, you can probably earn more than working full time.

How many followers on Instagram to make money?

Now that you know about making money on Instagram, it is important to know how many followers do you need to get money on Instagram. There is no exact answer to this question, while it depends on other factors. The next item as important as the follower number is your audience engagement. Most brands like to work with influencers who cause them the best feedback based on the marketing budget they pay. So no matter the number of your Instagram followers is 1,000 or 1 million, a high engagement rate is important to make money from Instagram.

When do you start making money on Instagram?

Before you start to earn money on Instagram, you have to consider many variables. One of these important factors is to choose the right time to earn money through Instagram. Pay attention that if your followers are under 1,000 followers, do not count on any money on Instagram. If you increase it anywhere between 1,000 and 25,000, you are in the category of being a micro-influencer. Now, you can start your work on Instagram and earn money as a Micro-influencers between $10 to $100 for each post.

How to make money on Instagram?

After all, it is time to discuss how to make money from Instagram. If you want to know how people earn money from Instagram as a photo and video sharing app, continue and read about the business models to make money on Instagram:

  • Act as an influencer and earn from sending sponsored posts. In this type, you use your page full of followers to promote any kind of product.
  • Work as an affiliate and earn money from selling other people’s products by getting a cut. Today, many people make money from Instagram through affiliate programs.
  • You can become a Virtual Assistant to an Influencer. Do tasks like filtering sponsorship requests, running ads, identifying fake followers, and more.
  • If you are a creative person, you can sell your Instagram caption services to other small business owners who do not know much about Instagram business.
  • If you can take high-quality pictures, it is time to sell your poster photos and other virtual products.
  • Sell your physical products, whether you make them yourself or buy from suppliers. Stock some inventory and start conventional eCommerce retailing.

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How much money can you make on Instagram?

Everybody knows that an eight-year-old boy on Instagram makes $26 million yearly. While it is true that you can make money from Instagram, the question is how much does Instagram pay.

Most of us are not like that young boy, but we can be “micro-influencers” with the range of 6,000 to 10,000 to make money on instagram

While the average rate of deals can vary based on different marketing agency companies, I make a list of the average prices.

  • If you have less than 2,000 followers, you could earn about $50 per post.
  • With 2,000 – 10,000 followers, they might pay you about $75 to $100 per post.
  • If your followers are 10,000 – 100,000, the paying price might be $50 to $250 per post.
  • As you reach your followers to 100,000 – 1 million, you could earn $500 to $1000 per post.
  • Finally, if you got more than 1 million followers, you might earn $1,000 per post.

How do you get paid on Instagram?

As you know, Instagram does not pay you for having followers, but you can form a partnership with a company and make money through Instagram. Here, I explain how to get paid for Instagram posts by being an influencer.

  • First, you have to find Your niche, which means finding the type of content you like to post more or finding brands you want to work with.
  • Now, you need to grow your Instagram account to find more brand partnerships and get paid better.
  • Most people who get paid well on Instagram have great media kits. You can use the media kit as a resume for your brand.
  • While people make money through Instagram with different numbers of followers, you have to set a logical price to offer based on the number of your followers.
  • After becoming a micro-influencer, It is time to find brands to contact. Go out and find the brands which might need your content to become more popular.

Does it seem hard to find out how to get sponsored on instagram? Do not worry because we are here to tell you all the details of this point. tap the link above and learn more about Instagram sponsorship details, the best apps, and so on.

How much do Instagram influencers make?

Now, you know how to make money on Instagram, but if you want to know the average money Instagram influencers make, continue reading.

Totally, an Instagram influencer would earn $2,970 per month. But this price might significantly differ among accounts based on the number of followers. For example, holders of accounts with between 1K and 10K followers make money at a 22.99% rate, while accounts with 500K to one million followers earn at 68.75% rate.

Also, this amount differentiates between fields of expertise. While most influencers make $31 per hour, a beauty specialist could double it, with $60 per hour. Also, some superstars can reap as much as $187 per hour.


If you are an Instagram fan, who spends hours searching it, read the above text to see how to make money off Instagram. Here, you can find interesting information such as how much do Instagram influencers make.  Also, we answered some of the most important questions like how do you make money on Instagram, or how many followers to make money on Instagram.

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