What are the Best Instagram Caption Generators?

When you use a picture for your Instagram post, you can enhance it by telling a story and presenting context. So try to use Instagram captions to complete your Instagram posts. You might not know how to do it, but do not worry because you can use different Instagram caption generators.

Here, I tell you what an Instagram caption is. Also, you can read about essential tips for writing a caption and find the best Instagram caption generator for yourself.

What is an Instagram Caption?

You can use an Instagram caption as a written description of an Instagram photo to give more meaning. In writing an Instagram caption, you can use different emojis, hashtags, and tags in your writing.

Essential points to write Instagram captions

  • Ask for something

If you see the most engagement posts, you will find out that they ask for something in their Instagram caption. For instance, you can ask your audience to tag their friends who might like this post. By asking for something, you invite people to talk, share, or buy more.

  • Be careful about the Instagram caption character limit.

In each Instagram caption, you can use about 2,200 characters, that is about 330 words. Try to use this world as best as you can. Because if you want to share a story, 2,200 characters are enough for good communication.

  • Try to use emojis

When you have a sizable and loyal audience, it is time to use emojis in your Instagram captions. You can use these tiny hints to send your message without directly stating anything.

  • Brainstorm good Instagram captions

You can find the best Instagram captions if you write some ideas first, then choose one. It is good to make a shortlist of ideas, browse hashtags, or find puns for your keyword.

After that, you have to think about what tone you like to use for your caption. Do you want to use a heartfelt story or a funny one?

What is an Instagram caption generator?

An Instagram caption generator is a website or an app tat helps you generate captions for your Instagram posts or stories with just a few clicks.

These apps are divided into two categories. The first one generates random captions, but  the second type of caption generators give you captions with special categories or keywords. With such apps, you would not have to worry about what to write as your caption to attract audiences’ attention.

What are the best Instagram caption generators?

Now that you know about a good Instagram caption, it is time to introduce some of the most favorite Instagram captions generators. Some of these references are AI writing apps that compose captions, and even you can use them for your Instagram bio, while others help you improve your captions by adding hashtags or planning content.

  • Jarvis

The first option is named Jarvis. It is an AI writing wonder with more than 52 writing formats that you can use for social media content. You can use its Photo Post Captions template for generating short, appropriate, and actionable Instagram content to attract more audiences.

A perfect option about Jarvis is that you can change the tone of your caption from witty to inspiring. This Instagram caption generator does it for you just if you let the AI know.

You can differ Jarvis’s language to more than 25 languages and create as many captions as needed in less than a moment (this caption includes emojis and hashtag suggestions, too).

If you wish to have a caption for other social media networks, try Jarvis’s Pinterest Pin Title & Description.

Pricing: There are starter, Pro, and Boss Mode plans that cost $29, $109, and $119 in a row. Instagram Caption Generator

  • Preview app

The next option is Preview, a popular social media content planner and Instagram caption generator. With this tool, you can use more than 3000 pre-written caption formats, prompts, and CTAs. After you choose one, you can customize it as you wish. While it does not write creative captions for you, there are many script options you can choose among them.

You can use this Instagram caption generator to plan as many Instagram posts as you like for free. The special point is that you can use this platform to plan Reels and Instagram Stories or set up Swipe links in progress. Also, you can set your content to post at particular times and see its Preview automatically.

If it is hard for you to find relevant hashtags, do not worry because Preview will search and hand-select hashtags for your post. The app also suggests photo editing and analytics for both iOS and Android phones.

Pricing: There are Pro and Premium plans which cost $6.67 and $12.50 in order. Also, there is a free plan that you can use as a trial.

 Instagram Caption Generator

  • TagWag

It is a professional online tool as it analyzes your Instagram photos and generates different kinds of captions. Also, you can choose your favorite caption manually by opening the app and searching among different caption categories like selfie captions or motivational captions.

While manual captioning looks better than an automatic option that generates irrelevant or unspecific captions, the categories of manual captioning are also limited.

Also, you could explore their database by searching their store of hashtags to choose one that relates best to your image. While you can not use TagWag on a wide range of browsers, you can use it on iOS and Android apps.

Pricing: You can use this app for free.

 Instagram Caption Generator

  • Caption AI

If you choose to use Caption AI, it means you have access to more than 15,000 different captions. It is a free Instagram caption generator that only Android users can use. You have to upload the image of your choice, and the app will scan and generate the captions. It also offers some relevant hashtags that you can use.

While it seems appealing, users report that sometimes it’s captions are out of context, or the app crashes suddenly. It would be better to use it for Instagram personal pages, not business ones.

Pricing: You can use it without paying. Instagram Caption Generator

  • CaptionPlus

If you have an Android phone, you can use another tool named CaptionPlus. Also, you can use this Instagram caption generator and hashtag source on your browser. You should not upload your photo to use this tool, and you can search your favorite caption among different categories and choose the one that suits your content.

There is just one weak point that almost all captions are “inspiring” quotes by well-known poets or public bodies. As they are previous written captions, you can not use them to make any call-to-actions or even conversational phrases to communicate with your audience.

Pricing: This app is free to use.

Some more options to use as an Instagram caption generator:

  • Insta Tag

As its name implies, it is a hashtag generator that suggests different captions too. You can scan among instatag captions and find the one that you are interested in. More than copying hashtags and captions and using them for your Instagram posts, you can use this tool to share captions with your loved ones.

  • Captions

You can use Captions as a good generator to find the best copy-paste Instagram caption and choose the best one for Instagram and Facebook posts. Like many other Instagram caption generators, Captions suggests a wide range of sections such as Couple, Beauty, Attitude, Funny, and more. There is a helpful option to find captions by Category & Tag and filter them by Latest & Popular.

  • Caption This

Caption This is another tool that offers millions of captions for Instagram and Facebook photos in a wide variation of topics such as Cool Captions, Love Captions, Party Captions, Selfie Captions, Funny Status, and so on. Furthermore, you can find different featured posts and advice to enhance your feeds.

  • Caption expert for Instagram

Caption expert for Instagram is another tool that is available for both Android and iOS users. If you decide to use this app, you can use a wide variety of categories and choose among them. Another interesting feature is that you can save your favorite captions and use them at a later date. On this application, you will find captions for different events and moods, and there is a separate column that enables you to attach your emojis to the text.

  •  Capshun

There you can find over 50,000+ captions and choose from a wide diversity of choices and select the caption that perfectly represents your post. Fortunately, Capshun is a free-ad app, and you should not see any annoying ads all the time. Both Android and iOS users can use this app.

  • Caption Writer for Instagram –

Caption Writer for Instagram is perfect for someone who wants to innovate their captions creatively with over 2000 fonts. You can choose the right caption for your picture or video among 50+ different categories. Also, you can write your caption and save it to use another day. Only iOS users can use these opportunities.


If you do not know how to write inspiring captions for your charming photos or videos on Instagram read the above text. There you can read about important points of writing Instagram captions. Also, we introduced some of the best Instagram caption generators that you can use in this way.


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