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How to go live on Discord?

Any streamer wants to get more audience for what they already are doing on live. In fact, many gamers also love to be seen by many of their friends.

Although Discord is famous for its text and voice chats, you can also use Discord’s voice channels to host live streams. We will show you how to go live on Discord and use it properly, so please read the article until the end.

How to stream on Discord

Now it is time for Discord members to learn using Discord live on the account very quickly. Note that if you are using macOS, you might have to enter the “Security & Privacy” menu to get permission from Discord to record your screen.

  1.  Open Discord on your Android, iOS, macOS, or windows. Note that you should use an installed app rather than Discord’s website
  2.  Next, join a voice channel that you are allowed to stream in it. After that, see if “Video” or “Screen” are clickable at the bottom of the window. If you are using the mobile app, you will see the button with the icon of video camera
  3.  Now, you will see two options of “video” and “screen” at the bottom of the screen. These options mean that you would like to stream video from your webcam or share your computer screen. If you are using the mobile app, you can click on the video camera icon, and your screen will start to be recorded.
  4.  In this case, if you click “Video,” your webcam will turn on, and you will begin streaming. But if you select “Screen,” you have to choose the window you want to share. You can broadcast everything on your screen at once, or just specific windows.
  5. On the next level, you will choose the resolution and frame rate of your streaming screen. Remember that if you select high resolutions, your internet connection must be strong enough with increased bandwidth.
  6.  If you are using your computer or laptop for streaming, you will also see an option for “Sound.” By toggling this option to the right, you stream sound from your computer as well. People will still be able to hear your microphone as well.
  7.  Finally, you only need to click “Go Live” when all settings are okay.

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How to add a game to Discord go Live

Sometimes you can start streaming on Discord, but your desired game isn’t automatically giving you access to the “Go Live” icon. In this section, we will show how you can add the game manually;

  1.  Click on the cog icon in the bottom left of the screen to open settings
  2. Next, open the “Game Activity” tab on the left and click on the “Add It” option.
  3.  Finally, select your game, go back to your server, and click the “Go Live” button above.

How to join a Live Stream on Discord

If you want to spectate other people’s streams on their, such as your close friends, you should also join the same channel. To watch a Live stream of other Discord users, follow these easy steps:

  1.  Firstly, launch your “Discord” through its Desktop app or its browser version.
  2.  Next, you have to check if someone is already streaming. If someone is streaming in the voice channel, you will see a “LIVE” icon in red color, right next to the user’s name.
  3.  Now, you can click on the name of the live streaming person to join it automatically. Alternatively, you can click on “Join Stream.”

Finally, you can move the mouse over the live stream to change the location and size of the viewing window.

How to add Overlay to your live stream

With the Discord Overlay widget, you can quickly start your stream without exiting the game’s full-screen mode. Follow the steps to add Overlay to your stream;

  1.  Launch a game that you want to play
  2.  Next, click on your Overlay hotkey
  3.  Select the game displayed over your user bar. The streaming window will pop-up
  4. Finally, click “Go Live.”

When you start streaming, all the settings will appear on the Overlay tool. With this tool, you can manage settings, invite other users, and end the streaming session.


Thank you for reading the article. In general, Discord is not just a platform for gameplay or in-game communication. It offers much more in addition to text chats, voice calls, or video calls. With the “Go Live” feature of Discord, you can now stream your gaming sessions or share your computer screen with others.

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