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11 Ways To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed In 2024

Almost all of us check Instagram as one of the most popular social media platforms when we wake up every day. But what will happen if one day you face Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error? It’s a common issue that has plagued many users, leaving them feeling helpless and annoyed. But fear not! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to finally get rid of this irritating error once and for all? So, we have made the below list for you, and there we will talk about the reasons and the solutions of how you can solve this Instagram error.

instagram couldn't refresh feed

Why do I get “Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error?

Before anything, let’s find the reasons that might cause you to face the instagram couldn’t refresh feed error, such as:

  • Poor internet connection:

The first and most possible reason, no matter, you are using WiFi or mobile data, is a poor internet connection with low speed.

  • Instagram is Down:

Just like all other social media platforms, as an Instagram user, you might face errors because of an issue from the app servers. And to check this point, you can use services like DownDetector.

instagram couldn't refresh feed
  • An out-of-date app:

I should also add that it is necessary to always keep your installed Instagram app up to date because in many cases Instagram bugs are due to the app being outdated.

  • Wrong date and time:

As you might know, Instagram syncs the date and time with your phone settings, and if it has been incorrectly set on your device, it can cause issues, like not loaded Instagram stories or errors like “Couldn’t refresh feed”.

  • Using third-party apps:

Here, I should add that Instagram is very strict about those who use third-party apps as an automation tool to do Instagram actions, such as liking or commenting. So, that can be the other reason you get the “Couldn’t refresh feed” error, because the app thinks you are a bot and temporarily blocks you.

  • An issue with your account:

Couldn’t refresh feed Instagram am I blocked? This item is the last one I want to mention. Sometimes, you might face this error because your personal data has been stolen or your account is hacked by someone else, or disabled by the app.

Besides, if you log in on several devices at once or even use third-party tools to log in, it may freeze when updating the feed.

How to Fix “Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed”?

And now that you know all the possible reasons cause this error, it is easier to find a solution and fix this error. Check the below list and find the best one based on your case.

  • Change your internet connection source:

If you guess your problem is due to a poor internet connection, the best way is to change it from WiFi to mobile data or vice versa. Or you can get in touch with your service provider and ask for help from them.

instagram couldn't refresh feed
  • Just wait it out:

When you check Downdetector and know that the “Instagram can’t update feed” error is because of a problem with the app’s server, all you can do is wait until the problem is resolved.

  • Use your phone’s auto-update feature:

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, the best thing you can do to avoid issues from out-of-dated apps is to use an auto-update configuration. If you do not know how, follow the below steps based on your phone system.

Set up the auto-update on Android:

  1. Go to the Google Play Market.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Choose Connection settings and Auto-update applications.
  4. Enable the auto-update, and that is done.

Set up the auto-update on iOS:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Choose the App Store.
  3. Find the Automatic Downloads section.
  4. From there, tap on the Apps and App Updates option and enable it.
instagram couldn't refresh feed
  • Set your phone’s date and time automatically:

Like the previous option, you can choose to set your date and time automatically whether you are an Android or iPhone user.

Set your date and time automatically on iOS:

  1. Go to settings and choose the General option.
  2. Then, tap on Date & Time.
  3. And turn on the “Set Automatically” option.

Set your date and time automatically on Android:

  1. Go to settings and choose “Date & Time”.
  2. Turn on the Automatic toggle.
  • Try another device:

Also, it might be helpful to change the source you are using to connect your account. For example, if you are now using your mobile and you face this error, change it to desktop and try to log in through the Instagram website or vice versa.

  • Clear the app caches:

As you know, temporary files are saved in your phone’s memory as caches, and while they do not carry important information, they cause errors and issues like Instagram feeds not showing up. So, the best way is to delete them.

Clear Android device caches:

  1. Tap on the Instagram icon and hold your finger.
  2. Choose the About application tab.
  3. Then select Memory and click on the Clear cache button.
instagram couldn't refresh feed

Clear iOS devices caches:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Find General and choose it.
  3. Then select iPhone Storage, find the Instagram app, and choose it.
  4. Now there are two possible ways. First, you can click on the Clear cache button, or delete the app and download it again.
  • Contact the Instagram support team:

If none of the above ways were helpful or in case you are suspicious about an issue with your account, the best idea is to check your account for a hack by going to Instagram settings (profile → burger menu → Settings)> Security tab> Login Activity. Or contact the app support team and ask for help from them.

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Couldn’t refresh feed Instagram, am I blocked

There is no sure answer to this question but as I have mentioned above, sometimes that can be due to an account-related issue.

Instagram couldn’t refresh feed challenge required

While this case can be due to different reasons, one of the most possible ones is using a third-party app.

Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on one account

That can be a result of a wide collection of reasons from a poor internet connection, server down issues, app bugs and glitches, outdated apps, or wrong date and time.

Instagram feed not refreshing but stories are

If your Instagram feed isn’t refreshing but your stories are, it’s likely because you’re experiencing a glitch with the app. There are a few things you can do to try and fix this problem:


With this guide, you can now troubleshoot and fix the “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” error that may arise. Whether it’s logging out of your account or enabling airplane mode on your device, we’ve given you a few foolproof ways to ensure that all of your Instagram browsing goes uninterrupted. So if you’re ever met with an annoying error message preventing you from scrolling through timelines or exploring stories, remember our tips and get rid of them in no time!

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