How Can I Be a Famous Instagram Gamer in 2024?

Be a Famous Instagram Gamer in 2019

Gaming niche has grown so fast on social media that no other niche has grown so. There are a lot of gaming channels such as YouTube and Twitch that encourage people to spend time on them.

Most people stick to one game for a long time because they find it exciting and they can’t leave it easily, then it may go viral in a short time that everyone may play it.

As an Instagram gamer, you should upload some videos showing the game and its platform. You should know that people search for games both on game websites and Instagram to find the new game or their favorite one. You should follow these tips to be a famous Instagram gamer:

How can I be a famous Instagram gamer on Instagram in 2021?

1. Screen record:

It is recommended to avoid recording the screen record without your sound because most people will ignore it at first seconds. Instead, record videos on Instagram game accounts while you are talking. Also, you can use a video editor to edit Instagram game videos if you want to seem like a professional Instagram gamer.

2. Get specific with Instagram gaming hashtags:

You can use a wave of hashtags for particular gaming posts, and there is no limitation when it comes to Instagram gaming hashtags. But don’t overuse gaming hashtags, use hashtags that are related to Instagram gaming.

3. Engage with other Instagram gaming Influencers:

For being successful as an Instagram gaming influencer, it is better to check other influencer’s Instagram gaming account and find out how they have become gaming influencers and what is the secret. But keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that you should copy their gaming content! Don’t do it at all because your Instagram gaming account should be unique. So, you should get ideas from other gaming influencer’s gaming account.

In addition, leaving comments on other gaming influencer’s accounts is a helpful way to be seen, but don’t advertise your Instagram gaming account all the time and avoid looking spammy.

4. Use popular gaming hashtags

Knowing which hashtags to use on your gaming posts, helps you to reach the right audience, and can get you more post views. A fantastic Instagram post may be left unseen without using the relevant hashtags.

We have gathered the general gaming hashtags, gaming publisher hashtags, gaming platform hashtags which is at the end of the blog.

5. Use the Console & Equipment’s hashtag You use

Instagram gamers or users may look for special gaming equipment or console to play with or to watch the gameplay, so they will easily see your post. Here is a hint:

#playstation #xboxone #gamingchair #gamingheadset #xbox #playstationplus #sonyplaystation #playstationexperience #ps4 #xboxlive #xboxcontroller

6. Don’t Forget To Tag Users

Tagging your other channels, or platforms such as YouTube is an effective action to take. Also, you can tag other users and cooperate with them.

Why is Instagram gaming doing well on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms these days with a billion user which encourages the publishers to advertise mobile game developers. Now let’s go through the reasons:

  1. Easy download
    Instagram users and gamers get attracted by the most attractive ads mostly, which makes Instagram gamers to tap on them, then they are redirected to “App Store” or “Google Play.”
  2. Early adoption
    Gaming companies introduce the games on Instagram with lower price and make it viral.
  3. Gaming and Instagram are visual
    Before installing a game, Instagram gamers and users get attracted by the quality and the color; if it is well done, it causes more engagement.
    Also, game publishers release in-game screenshots to encourage Instagram gamers to give it a try.
  4. Instagram helps you to reach your targeted audience
    Most Instagram users are young, so advertising for the game apps would work. The main key to be successful as an Instagram gamer or a game company is building an audience.
  5. Instagram helps female players to find games
    Game publishers design games for both males and females to build a more powerful platform. Happily, advertisers on Instagram highlight female games as well as games that males play.
  6. Instagram users engage with brands
    Instagram users engage with brands as well as their families, friends, celebrities, etc. on Instagram, and they easily share, like and comment on posts. Then Instagram gamers and users can make a brand popular.

Who are the most famous Instagram game influencers?

  • Felix Kjellberg (19.6m follower)

He is a Swedish star of gaming business which is known as PewDiePie. He is one of the biggest gaming influencers with 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

He is most known for his “Let’s Play” from the horror genre. Also, he shares comedy content on YouTube.

Sean Mcloughlin is known as the most energetic video game commentator, that’s why he has chosen the Jacksepticeye nickname for himself.

In 2013, PewDiePie mentioned him in a post, and he has become popular for his comedic-play-throughs video games and vlogs since then.

Another name of this famous game influencer is VanossGaming, who is mostly seen with an owl mask. Sometimes he cooperates with other popular gamers like SeaNanners or Syndicate.

Moreover, he has a lot of followers, and his posts get many likes. You may have seen his YouTube profile, which has 24 million subscribers.

Daniel Middleton who was formerly known as Diamond Minecraft earned $16.5 million in 2017, which was the highest-paid YouTube star with 11 billion views.

Alia Lia Shelesh is the first female gaming influencer who is known as Sssniperwolf. She began to be a female gaming influencer by plying Call of duty, Halo, and Far cry. Now she is active on YouTube and shares different video games and vlogs.

Also, she had partnership with cosmetic and fashion brands too.

  • Alia (2.6m followers)

Alastair Aiken is the British gamer who is another Call of Duty gamer.

Tom Cassell who is known as Syndicate started his YouTube channel (The Syndicate Project) with games such as Halo, Modern Warfare 2 and call of duty.

What are the popular Instagram game hashtags?
general gaming hashtags Game publisher hashtags Gaming platforms hashtags

All in all

The game and app developers who were the starter of the game advertising on Instagram could gain users fast, and they were benefited from the lack of competitors. But nowadays it is so much hard to stand out among all the gaming competitors.

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