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What are the best Instagram followers app? (Top 10)

If you’re on your way to creating a big Instagram account with thousands of followers, you are going to have a hard time managing them. If you don’t keep track of who has unfollowed or followed you, you will have trouble growing your account faster. Things get even more severe if you are working with a business account. Professional Instagram admins have a close track of their followers. With the Instagram app, you can’t find out who has followed or unfollowed you. For now, you’re going to need an Instagram follower tracking app to do it properly. Instagram insights will give you only a number of followers and unfollowers over a certain period, but if you want more details, you will need a third-party app ( an Instagram follower tracking app).

Many of these apps do the same thing, but some of them are free and the others are paid. Overall all that matters is you as an admin will have a much better edge over your competitors if you use these apps the right way.

What is an Instagram follower tracking app?

Generally If you want to know how many people follow or unfollow you, you take a look at Instagram insights, but with insights, you can never know who just unfollowed you. Instagram doesn’t let others know who unfollowed them, but with the best Instagram followers app that we are about to talk about, you will know how many people have unfollowed you and who they are exactly. This way, you can decide whether to unfollow them or send them a DM to convince them to follow you again (depends on your strategy).

These apps can be helpful to all the users who are obsessed with their followers but in my opinion best Instagram followers tracking app is a necessity to Instagram business pages because each follower is a potential customer. It’s a good idea to do your best to keep your follower as long as you possibly can.

Why use an Instagram followers app?

When it comes to social media, we need constant feedback from our audience. Many comments under our posts, the others DM us personally, but most followers don’t say or do anything. So how are we supposed to get feedback from them? Well, their action tells a lot about what they think about your page. Let’s say you just uploaded a new type of post, and after that, there was this massive audience unfollowing you. Now you are getting bitter feedback about your post using Instagram insights. With insights, you only can know how many just unfollowed you. Still, with the use of the Instagram follower tracking app, you know who exactly just unfollowed you to go and talk to them and ask for their opinion or even apologize.

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Top 10 best Instagram followers app

Now it’s time to know what is the best Instagram follower app.

  • Follower Analyzer

This app is for you if you want detailed information about your Instagram followers. You can see the unfollowers and people who are unwilling to follow you back. You can also get to know the new followers and friends you share with the other followers you already have. Not only that, you can see who hasn’t liked your posts yet. If you want to know which one of your posts got the most likes, comments, and tags, this app will provide you that status too.

  • Followers for Instagram!

Suppose you are an iPhone user (no Android). In that case, you can easily find out who has followed or unfollowed you with this app. Sometimes, some people follow you, but you forget to follow them back. This app will let you know who you aren’t following back. This way, you will keep your followers interested. This app is free, but you need to pay if you want premium features. For example, if you want to know who is blocked or want to see your followers’ deleted comments, you need to buy the premium version.

  • Followers Insights for Instagram

If you want a 5-star super popular Instagram follower tracking app, you should pick this one right away.

This app has many features, some of which are free, but there is an in-app purchase.

With this app, you can:

  • You can connect multiple IG accounts to this app
  • Usually, Instagram doesn’t let you know who has blocked you with this app, you can find that out
  • Unfollow the unfollowers
  • Get to know the inactive users and people who spy on your account
  • Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram & Fake I.G. Clean

If you hate inactive followers, you can remove them with this app. Some believe the inactive followers will slow your progress down because they don’t take action upon your posts, so Instagram will pick this as a negative reaction and promote your post less. Many of these inactive users are bots that will damage your account or scammers Who create fake accounts.

to sneak into your page. With this app, you can unfollow the unfollowers up to 60 per hour. This app is only available for iOS.

  • Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram

This app is very generous because they have included many useful features in the free version, such as reports on your post performance and engagement. You can also Schedule your posts and find out who your unfollowers are.

One of the craziest features of this app is it determines who are the most active followers so you can create a better relationship with them (best for marketers)

  • Tracker for Instagram

It’s a straightforward iOS app that allows you to track your followers. You can also get to see your most liked and commented posts. If you want to know how well your followers are engaged with your posts, this app is definitely for you.

This app is free, but if you want to have advanced insights, Ghost followers, blockers, and the best fans, you need to pay $9.99 per month.

  • Unfollow Users for Instagram

This Instagram follower tracking app is free and very simple. Right on the homepage, you can find the people who are not following you back, and you can unfollow them one by one or ten at a time.

  • Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

This app has a lot of five stars on Google Play because the included features are very useful to the users. The features are easy to follow and unfollow, shout out available to all users, finding your ghost followers, followers, and unfollowers.

  • InstaFollow

This Instagram follower tracking app is a perfect match for your primary needs. You can track followers who aren’t following you back and the users you are not following back. with a single tap, you can unfollow people

  • Crowdfire 

This one is quite big. You can use it for both Instagram and Twitter and get a lot of Analytics on your phone about your posts, engagement, followers, inactive followers, and unfollowers.

This tool is a perfect match for the professional marketer. Normal users can also use it, but it takes a while to get its hang.


If you’re serious about growing your account, whether you want it or not, you’re going to need one of these apps because you want to get rid of your ghost followers, who will slow down your growth. Using these apps, you can build better relationships with your best fans and grow a little community from the hard die followers.

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