Shopping and Dining in Leicester: A Retail and Culinary Paradise

When people hear about a shopping trip, perhaps their first thought is about big, often useless spending. Dig a little deeper, and you realize that it’s a nice vacation idea. Shopping is a proven recreational activity, also called retail therapy because of its positive effect on mental health. In fact, 61% of shoppers always buy something to raise their spirits. Plan shopping and dining in Leicester with us and enjoy exploring stores or malls. Click here to learn about preparation and correct shopping without any regrets. In this article, we highlighted information about popular spots that are worth adding to your route.

Shopping and Dining in Leicester

Luxurious Leicester Dining

  • The Case Restaurant and Champagne Bar

Fine dining in Leicester starts here – The Case is a beloved spot for locals and tourists both. Restraint’s popularity is explained by the variety of menus, counted on different dietary preferences and tastes. The establishment prepares meals only from seasonal fresh products and presents modern British food with eclectic notes from around the world. The atmosphere is close to the traditional one: the interior and views out are creating it. This restaurant has a children’s menu and a private room for parties of up to 12 guests.

  • San Carlo Leicester

San Carlo is part of a famous Italian restaurant group, widely spread across the UK and beyond. Also counting numerous honours, there is no excuse to pass over that restaurant if you enjoy Italian food or are an inveterate foodie. The location is perfect – the establishment is surrounded by centre attractions, such as Curve Theater and Leicester Museum Art Gallery. So you are welcome to end your cultural work there and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with your family or friends.

  • Kayal

That one is known for its fragrant cuisines that belong to South India and Sri-Lanka and also have a great historical background. Kayal is the first authentic Kerala seafood speciality, which conquered the hearts of the British almost in 20 years of work. Healthy dishes and a pleasant atmosphere will make your dining experience awesome.

Best Leicester shopping spots 

Leicester Market

The 700-year history shows that the market is one of the largest in the whole of Europe. This is an amazing place for shopping, they say that it’s impossible not to find the thing you want to buy. The choice of stuff is extensive:

  • Fresh products
  • Meats
  • Seafood
  • Baked Goods
  • Cheese
  • Household Items
  • Plants
  • Clothing
  • Jewellery
  • Accessories

Moreover, if you are a lover of unique handmade items, it will be a mistake to omit this point. Leicester Market is an amazing place, where you can explore local culture and make a special purchase. The colourful atmosphere and pleasant prices make every shopping there a delight.

Fosse Park

Look for brands you love in Fosse Park which includes over 30 stores, including H&M, New Look, Nike, and Primark. Shopaholics may stay there for hours, and you too: free parking and food options are available. Student discounts are also present and stated on the site, so give yourself the pleasure to shop without restrictions. Parking is quite spacious and free without time limits (except Mcdonald’s, no longer than 90 mins), so don’t worry about where to put your vehicle. 

Be careful with the type of transportation, because taking lots of packs back to the apartment, especially together with friends, may be complicated. Shop trips should be complicated without an auto. Consider car hire for 9 passengers and forget about worrying where to hold all those bags, meanwhile having enough space for the comfortable road. If your trip is by car, you are free of baggage fees at the airport. Choose flexibility with self drive minibus hire Leicester: pick up at a suitable location and use all advantages starting from technical characteristics and ending with prices for every wallet. Find the cheapest deal quickly, car-aggregator site provides an automatic comparison in minutes. In summary, a 9 seater car hire will give you convenience, cost-effectiveness, versatility, comfort, and actually, freedom.

Highcross Leicester

The glamorous shopping complex in the heart of Leicester will never fail to impress and take at least two hours to observe and make a few purchases. Except for stores that include clothing and technique retailers, you will find cosmetics, home staff, banks and services, footwear, jewellery, sports, and leisure equipment, etc. It is impossible to leave with empty hands going through the mall. And by the way, don’t forget to visit toys and gift stores in the end. 


For sure, now you are more motivated to plan a trip. Prepare to enjoy everything – Leicester will meet expectations. This city has something special for everyone. Good luck! 

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