6 best electric portable blenders to buy in 2022

Even while you’re on the go, the best portable blender will enable you to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Even the corded models of the best cordless blenders listed here are small and light enough to be ideal for travel. The best portable blenders are ideal for travel, whether you need a smoothie to cap off a trek or are heading directly from the gym to the office.

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There are many portable blenders on the market, but the models you’ll find here are ones that personally examined. Therefore we can tell you everything you need to know about their use, portability, and most importantly, their blending ability.

  • WSSBK Portable Blender for Handmade Fruit or Vegetable SmoothieBest expensive

  • Comigeewa Portable Blend-Er Juicer CupBest price

  • PopBabies Portable Blender, Personal Blender

  • BlenderX CORDLESS PORTABLE Blender 20oz

  • Breville Fresh and Furious Blender

  • Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece SetBest overall

The best portable blender for you can be one that is incredibly light so you can fit it into your work bag easily, or one that is still powerful enough to prepare more than simply protein shakes

6 best electric portable blenders to buy

These are the top 6 portable blenders we picked:

1. WSSBK Portable Blender for Handmade Fruit or Vegetable Smoothie

The majority of portable blenders have a sizable base and blending cup on top, similar to their full-size counterparts. However, this particular model has a special cup-style construction; although it appears to be a typical to-go bottle, the blade is really located on the underside of the lid. This eliminates the need to carry a separate container to put your smoothie into and enables you to drink directly from the cup.

Using a 300ml capacity, this travel blender can be charged with a USB cord. Because it is lightweight and leak-proof, you can store it in your purse without concern. Before leaving the house, simply fill the cup with your preferred ingredients. When it’s time to drink, double-press the button to start the blender. To fit your style, the product comes in blue and white finishes.


  • Good cup style
  • Easy to use


  • Pricey

2. Comigeewa Portable Blend-Er Juicer Cup

With two differences, the Comigeewa blender’s streamlined form is very similar to a bullet blender. It has a push start button and the ability to blend cordlessly. Ice and spinach are both crushed and ground up by the strong motor. When the flip-top lid is attached, the cup transforms into a travel cup with the option of removing the motor base, which is advantageous for anyone who wishes to reduce excess weight and bulk. This is the closest to a typical blender’s performance that you’ll find among portable blenders. Space is the price to pay for strong performance. The mixing cup and motor base take up some space when they are combined. This model is a great option if you want to mix and move.

A different choice might be more suitable for you if you want to travel daily with the full unit. The greatest candidate for this model is someone who wants to avoid the inconvenience of laboriously slicing frozen fruit and intends to remove the motor base.


  • High blending performance
  • Great design
  • Blends large pieces of fruit


  • Bulky
  • Pricey

3. PopBabies Portable Blender, Personal Blender

The PopBabies Portable is one of our favorites since it has exceptional portability. Numerous practical and user-friendly mobile features are incorporated into this blender. You can drink without the motor base attached thanks to the removable jar and the strong handle, which both provide a secure grasp. It is simpler to prevent overfilling because to the bold measurement lines that show both ounces and milliliters. The push-start button is simple to use, and it can quickly mix smoothies, juices, or your morning protein drink. If you utilize the provided tray, you can even smash ice.

This paradigm, meanwhile, is not without problems. The blade cannot be separated from the cup, to start. As long as you don’t lose the cup, you won’t ever lose the blade, thus this isn’t really a problem. The bottle is very challenging to clean. As soon as you finish your beverage, flush it with water to resolve the problem. Hours of ignoring the issue will make it necessary to use a brush to get the gunk out. The practical design has a lot to offer those who are constantly on the go, provided you are more diligent about cleaning.


  • Detachable bottle
  • Bold measurement lines
  • Steady handle
  • Includes funnel accessory for easier loading


  • A little bit bulky
  • Not easy to clean

4. BlenderX CORDLESS PORTABLE Blender 20oz

The BlenderX Cordless is the ideal portable blender for those looking for one with additional features. This blender is by far the most potent of those evaluated, effortlessly slicing through frozen fruit and smashing ice with ease. We like that you can make greater quantities of frozen drinks thanks to the larger container capacity. Wherever your events with friends take place, this is perfect.

Despite the performance, the cost is difficult to accept. For less money, you may find a regular blender that performs equally well. A bigger, bulkier size goes hand in hand with more power. The makers threw in a special drybag designed in the shape of a sling to get around the size.

The greatest candidates for this alternative are those who don’t mind spending more money on a portable blender that can easily break ice.


  • Terrific blending performance
  • An ice crusher
  • Powerful motor
  • Larger cup size


  • Expensive
  • Heavy to carry
  • Bulky
  • Not USB compatible

5. Breville Fresh and Furious Blender

There was little evidence of fibrous kale or spinach in the green smoothie option, which produced a smooth and creamy texture. The usual smoothie button on this blender will give you a smoothie of juice-bar excellence in a minute. In our tests, this blender made a really fine margarita in addition to pureeing soup to a velvety smooth consistency. The jar and lid of the Fresh and Furious are dishwasher safe, and cleaning them is simple. In spite of the fact that the jar only holds 50 ounces and has a slight tomato sauce stain, we noticed very few defects during our tests.

The Breville 3X Bluicer Pro is another effective blender from Breville that exists in the market. This model yields a smooth and creamy soup as well as a strawberry green smoothie devoid of any kale. The portable blender bottle offers the option to juice with it even though it is somewhat expensive.


  • Green smoothie setting
  • Carafe and lid are dishwasher safe
  • Great smoothie results in testing


  • Low capacity

6. Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

This customer favorite is essentially a more compact, less potent, and reasonably priced NutriBullet. The 12- and 16-ounce cups are ideal for single servings of smoothies, dips, and more, and the entire blender is relatively small. In contrast to some of the narrower cups we tried, they are nevertheless incredibly simple to wash. When using a sponge to clean, you can fit your hand within the cup, and the shallow blades feel safer for your hands to be around.

Most of portable blender bottle tests produced decent results, especially for a blender of this size and cost. Although we could still taste some celery fibers and berry granules, which is to be anticipated, the smoothies were consistent and drinkable.

The travel cover has a flap that moved while we were sipping the smoothie, making it a little awkward to drink from.


  • Takes up very little space
  • Easily washable cups


  • Cannot blend ice or berry seeds

Can portable blender blend ice?

Simply put, a portable blender bottle is a scaled-down, lighter variation of a standard kitchen blender. The majority of blenders are not made to fit in backpacks or rucksacks. They sit stationary on a kitchen counter and are made to process big quantities of food.

Smaller and lighter portable blenders are available. They are much lighter to carry and much simpler to pack into your suitcase this way.

Reduced power is also used by portable blenders. They mostly use three techniques for this and they are operating methods include using batteries, low-voltage electricity, and USB-charged batteries.

They are therefore incredibly useful when traveling to remote, rural areas or other nations with variable socket voltage.

A portable blender nevertheless has enough of force even though it lacks the power of a food processor, blender, or liquefier that is large enough to be used in the kitchen.

Depending on the components you have on hand, portable blenders can be used to prepare various sorts of smoothies, sauces, soups, and juices.

And when it comes to crushing strength for ice, it depends on the model you choose, but the majority of these top 6 models can do it.

How to Pick the Right Portable Blender?

You need to take the following factors into account when choosing a portable blender:


When it comes to a good personal portable blender bottle, portability is essential, but most of the time you are simply carrying the blender cup, which should be light. If your blender doesn’t stay put on your counter while you blend, look for stronger blending systems (or suction cups); otherwise, you might need to hold it down.

Jar capacity

A 16-ounce cup seems to hit the sweet spot between being large enough to hold a meal-sized smoothie and being too light to carry, even though our top picks include options between 12 and 32 ounces. Many personal blenders come with a few different cup sizes to accommodate your various needs, whether you prefer to blend anything from a tiny amount of salad dressing to a sizable protein smoothie.

Cup style

Consider the quantity of food you combine for meals. If it’s a lot, you should take a bigger portable blender into consideration. Another crucial element is the number of people using the blender. If you don’t want to blend the food for each person separately while traveling with one or more people, you will need a larger cup.


Blenders with higher wattages are designed to handle harder-to-blend foods, such as drinks with ice. However, it’s crucial to remember that higher wattages don’t always yield better results. The cup’s design and the ability to pulse aid in blending as well.


The most expensive kitchen blenders will have motors that provide power in the range of 700W. The motors of portable blenders will be less powerful, with some only producing 125–150W. This does not exclude them from creating the ideal smoothie for you, though. You must test it and establish expectations for it. To handle the ingredients you use and the frequency of your blends, you must find a motor with sufficient power.

Clean ability

Make sure your personal blender can go in the dishwasher if you’re short on time and don’t feel like cleaning it with a bottle brush.

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