Top 8 phone ring lights to buy 2024

If you are a blogger and looking for better selfies you can try ring lights for your phone. They can also level up your online video calls and selfies.

Ring lights can be marketed as selfie lights or vlogging lights, but they all serve the same way.  These services include a continuous, diffused light that flatters many different subjects.

  • Nanlite Halo 16C Bicolor and Tunable RGB 16in LED Ring Light with USB Power Passthrough

  • Neewer Ring Light Kit:18″/48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light

  • Inkeltech 21inch Ring Light with Tripod and Phone Holder

  • Rotolight LED Ring Light Kit for Content Creators, YouTube Videos and Makeup Artists

  • Raya Bendie-Brite Folding USB Bi-Color LED Ring Light

  • Sensyne 10” Ring Light with 50” Extendable Tripod StandBest overall

  • Fill light 14 Inches Ring Lamps LED Ring Light Makeup Light Selfie Annular LampBest expensive

  • XISAOK Selfie Ring Light Clip On USB Rechargeable 36 LEDBest price

A vast range of selfie phone ring lights can be used on multiple devices, and you will find the standout models in our best ring lights guide. No matter which model of phone you are using; the top 8 phone ring lights introduced here will improve the quality of your photos and videos, so read on for our top picks.

8 Best phone ring lights to buy

We have rounded up some of the best portable selfie phone ring lights so you can achieve clearer, brighter, smoother-looking calls and content on your device.

1. Nanlite Halo 16C Bicolor and Tunable RGB 16in LED Ring Light with USB Power Passthrough

This phone light ring is one the best options for phones, on the basis of its versatility and build quality. You get a huge number of settings at your fingertips since you are able to adjust the light’s color temperature, hue and brightness all independently. You will particularly be impressed by its ability to produce many different types of light, including vibrantly colored light, via the RGB settings, which is rare among other ring lights.

You can also adjust these options via 2 touch pads, dragging your finger over the pad to select the desired output. It’s an intuitive way to change the color of the light in a very subtle or even dramatic fashion. An optional remote is a really precise setting you might want to invest in just for $12.99.

The Nanlite Halo 16C is well kitted out, with a smartphone bracket, mirror, and carrying case all included. There is also a USB pass-through feature, so you can charge the phone while it is mounted in the center of the ring, plus built-in Wi-Fi so you can control it from other devices. This model is well made and you can count on its durability. All in all, its price is really worth it.


  • Adjustable color temperature and brightness
  • Professional design
  • both CCT and RGB color modes are included


  • touch pads are not as precise as knobs
  • Lacks a stand

2. Neewer Ring Light Kit:18″/48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light

If you are looking for a cheaper model armed with ring light with phone holder, The Neewer 18-inch ring light kit is a good option and is a really great value choice. It comes with 61-inch aluminum stand, Bluetooth receiver and carrying bag, plus it has a 360-degree rotatable smartphone holder. In short, it gives you everything you need to get started with a phone light ring.

It’s not quite as versatile as the last model, as the cheaper price might suggest. For example, it has a fixed color temperature of 5500K. Although it does come with two color filters (white and orange), which allow you to easily switch temperature from 5500K to 3200K. There’s also a stepless dimming knob, which lets you adjust the brightness.


  • Stepless dimming from 1-100 percent
  • Kit includes a 61-inch light stand
  • Includes Bluetooth for remotely controlling the ring light
  • ring light with phone holder


  • Color temperature is fixed at 5500K

3. Inkeltech 21inch Ring Light with Tripod and Phone Holder

This Inkeltech 21inch Ring Light is another great value option in our best phone light rings for phones list, since it comes with a large tripod plus two remotes and a carrying case. The ring light’s large diameter gives you plenty of room to position your phone, camera or other device and it also offers three hot shoe mounts, complete with metal inserts for screwing in the phone holder or other accessories. 

Its dual remote controls are particularly useful, allowing you to adjust the brightness and color of the light, without needing to be right next to it. However, it lacks the wide range in color temperature or an RGB mode that you’ll find on the Nanlite ring light above on the downside. Both the tripod and ring light itself could have a sturdier build. Yet, at this price, it is a good choice.



  • light and tripod built are weak

4. Rotolight LED Ring Light Kit for Content Creators, YouTube Videos and Makeup Artists

Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit is aimed squarely at content creators who spend their days making videos or streaming to YouTube and other platforms. This ring light with phone holder has a very reasonable price and does an excellent job in that regard.

One of the standout features of this famous brand’s ring light kit is that it comes with a mini tripod that can turn into an extended camera grip. That’s ideal for those who regularly switch between shooting in a studio setting and capturing footage out on the road. On the flipside, though you can change the light’s color temperature to an extent with filters, there’s no way to adjust the brightness level. However, if you are looking for something small and portable, this could be the right ring light for your phone.


  • Stepless dimming from 1-100 percent
  • Comes with a light stand
  • Bluetooth control system


  • Fixed color temperature

5. Raya Bendie-Brite Folding USB Bi-Color LED Ring Light

The 5. Raya Bendie-Brite Folding USB Bi-Color LED Ring Light is another fair option for anyone who is looking to get out and about with their ring light. it’s small, lightweight and best of all, folds in the middle so you can easily carry it in a small bag.

It’s a pretty good performer, too, particularly given that you can find it for less than $40 online. It offers a decent amount of versatility. One of the good options is that you can customize both the brightness and the color temperature of the light. In addition, mounting options include both a flexible phone holder that fits most smartphones and a ball head that screws onto a tripod, though you will have to supply that separately. 

It also has touch-sensitive control pads for changing the settings, but in our testing these were not quite as precise as other models in its class.


  • Lightweight, portable and folds for easy carrying
  • Touch controls


  • It’s Built is not as sturdy as other pro-level models

6. Sensyne 10” Ring Light with 50” Extendable Tripod Stand, LED Circle Lights with Phone Holder

The actual light itself is decent quality material. Nothing super flashy, but it has a 1/4th inch screw on the ring itself to mount a camera or mic inside of it. Unfortunately, the ring is too small to fit most DSLRs.

The tripod is very high quality with a fluid head at the top to make sure it’s property balanced. The stand is overall quite sturdy and the phone grip can be adjusted to be snug to any phone. The tripod is a bit wide and bulky to use on top of a desk, but if you place it behind your desk (ideally) or off to the side you can still get good results with it.

The Sensyne Ring light has adjustable color temperature and brightness using the capacitive buttons on the ring. The following are both night and daytime shots at maximum brightness using the 3 different color presets.


  • easy to set
  • easy to use
  • affordable


  • Bad customer service

7. Fill light 14 Inches Ring Lamps LED Ring Light Makeup Light Selfie Annular Lamp with Stand Phone Holder

This model is made by a unique design of Bi-Color temperature with a wide dimming range from 0%-100% and a total number of 384PCS LED beads. It is easy change the color temperature and the brightness easily with 2 separated dimming knob. The ring head is 180° adjustable to meet different shooting angles.

This model is Suitable for Make-up artists / Video Shooting / Selfie Lovers / Live streaming / Studio filling light etc.


  • Lightweight, portable and folds for easy carrying
  • Touch controls


  • Poorly made

8. XISAOK Selfie Ring Light Clip On USB Rechargeable 36 LED Camera Phone Fill Light Whiten Beauty Slimming Photography Lamp

This model is made of high-quality ABS and PC, sturdy, firm, lightweight, wear-resistant, and durable. XISAOK Selfie Ring Light is small, compact, and portable with no need for a battery. It is lightweight for carrying. Rechargeable with a USB Cable and you can use the selfie light while charging. It has 3 modes of light brightness, with a clamp design. You could simply press the switch to adjust the brightness of the light. Also, you can adjust the ring light for various uses such as taking selfies, make-up, fill-in light, as a night light, etc.


  • Comes in 3 shade levels and 10 levels of brightness
  • Affordable
  • Versatile lighting


  • Short life span

Where to buy the best phone ring light?

If you want to buy the best phone ring light you should consider a retail store that offers a vast range of models. The best among the online shops with this feature is Amazon. You can compare different brands and choose the one that suits your needs.

What is a phone ring light app?

In order to provide even illumination for whatever you are shooting, you need to know and save the light intensity in different situations and positions. Phone ring light apps provide a simple solution to get the light intensity of your led light ring and save it to the database as numerical values.

This application can work for any other light source. While utilizing a ring light, you might get disappointed when you change a setting on the light. Suppose you diminished the splendor by 25%: what a large number will do is autocorrect the exposure.

Therefore, in spite of the fact that you have changed the brilliance level, your telephone has autocorrected itself and made the picture appear as though nothing’s different. Thus, you might need to consider downloading a supportive of style photograph or video application on your telephone that will permit you to physically set exposure settings. This will permit you to then make changes in accordance with the ring light and really see the outcomes.

In conclusion

Ring lights are becoming more and more popular these days and for good reasons. In the age of amateur filmmakers, budding photographers, and home-grown content creators social media influencers, it’s crucial that we have access to high-quality, dependable, and portable lighting for our creative projects.

In this article, we tried to introduce you to a nice wide range of selfie phone ring lights for cell phones which suit a number of different situations, as well as a number of different budgets. So, that you can find the ring light for cell phones which will work best for you.

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