Top 10 original Xbox controllers to buy (2024 Guide)

If you own an Xbox console, you will eventually find yourself buying a new Xbox controller. Maybe you are trying to replace the control you got angry with while playing games or you are looking for an original controller for your co-op partner on your favorite game console. Regardless of the situation, adding another controller is an inevitable part of having a gaming system. In recent years, however, the market has been saturated with excellent Xbox gamepads, making it difficult to determine which one is the best buy. Another key point is that Microsoft has stopped making Xbox consoles, although the controllers should still be easy enough to get your hands on. In this article we will introduce Top 10 original Xbox controllers, so if you are looking for the best in the market, stay with us.

What is an original Xbox controller and what is it used for?

The Xbox Controller is the main game controller for Microsoft’s Xbox Home game console and was introduced at the 2000 Game Developers Conference. The first batch of Xbox that nicknamed “Duke” was the first controller with Xbox systems for all regions. Except for Japan, a smaller, redesigned version called the “Controller S” was sold in Japan and shipped with the console. It was later released elsewhere and replaced first-generation controllers worldwide by the end of 2003. The larger main controller remained available as an optional accessory. They are used to interact with Xbox games, apps and consoles. They are often used to jump between sections of the user interface, but depending on the game, they can perform different actions.

What is an original Xbox wireless controller?

Original Xbox wireless controllers are handheld regulators for gaming consoles that have no wires connected. Original Xbox wireless controller utilize remote innovation to empower game play to be less prohibitive, permitting players to sit basically anyplace in the room. They are accessible for all significant gaming control center and PCs. Perhaps the best advantage of an original Xbox wireless controller is capacity. This devices stay connected to the control center’s regulator ports, and the actual regulators have no wires to build up capacity units or become tangled.

Top 10 original Xbox controllers to buy

The followings are the newest models of Xbox original controllers:

  • Xbox Core Controller Xbox Classic Controller S-Type Wired Game Controller Original Xbox ControllerBest price

  • Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2

  • PowerA Enhanced Wired ControllerBest overall

  • Razer Wolverine UltimateBest expensive

  • Hyperkin Duke

  • Thrustmaster TMX Force

  • Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One

  • Xbox Adaptive Controller

  • Noa Store 2 LOT Black Controller Control Pad Compatible with Microsoft XBOX X System

  • Original Xbox Wireless Controller Special Edition Customized by DreamController Compatible

1.Xbox Core Controller Xbox Classic Controller S-Type Wired Game Controller Original Xbox Controller

When you consider buying an Xbox original controller, it is difficult to skip the Xbox Core Controller Xbox Classic Controller S-Type Wired Game Controller Original Xbox Controller. There are no extraordinary contrivances or extravagant highlights stuffed into this gamepad. It is only the ideal accomplice to your Xbox Series X/S. However Microsoft stayed with the natural and agreeable plan of the Xbox one age, there are, be that as it may, a couple of slight changes to further develop your experience while utilizing it with the most recent control center including recording interactivity, D-cushion use, and a superior hold. In addition, it turns out perfect for gaming on your PC or phone too.


  • Classic design
  • wired
  • Lots of accessories available


  • The simplest Xbox controller available

2.Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2

This model is one of the world’s most expensive controllers has proven popular enough to warrant a second version. Revealed at E3 2019, this new version builds on the original in almost every way — but we all know the biggest improvement is the shift to a USB-C port for charging its 40-hour battery. It can even double as a wired controller if you are particularly sensitive to wireless lag during an Xbox Game.

The Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 comes with interchangeable thumb sticks, D-pads, and paddles, and it has the ability to adjust the tension of its analog inputs for things like faster trigger speeds and weightier movement and aiming. They even redesigned the rubberized grip, a common point of concern in the original version. If you have ever wanted to toss your original controller in the trash and spend an extra $100 for some extra buttons, the Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2 is for you.


  • Insane battery life
  • Wired or wireless
  • Extra buttons for pro gaming


  • Pricey

3.PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

Sometimes, it is convenient to have a whole flight of controllers available when your friends stop by for a quick game. Instead of having to worry about them bringing their own gamepad, a super affordable option always on hand ensures no one misses any gaming. This model is the perfect option, as it is cheap but still offers a sturdy build that can hold up against any action you throw at it.

This controller looks and feels similar to the standard Series X option. The layout is almost identical, though it does weigh a bit less, as this is a solely wired option. There is even a built-in share button and mic mute switch for when the outside world gets a bit too noisy. Overall, the face buttons are highly responsive, and as a whole, it offers great functionality, so you will love this as a backup option or even your mainstay.


  • Mic mute option
  • First-party quality
  • Affordable


  • Just a standard controller

4.Razer Wolverine Ultimate

On the third-party side, this model offers just as many customization options as the Xbox Elite Controller, plus a little extra style for those interested in flashing lights. Bundled with interchangeable analog sticks and directional pads as well as remap able bumpers and triggers, you can create and save more than 500 different customized setups depending on the game you are playing, and the controller’s sensitivity levels can be adjusted to give you the same level of customization you would expect on a mouse. If you are a fan of vibration, you can increase it in both Impulse Trigger and standard Rumble engines, which makes you even more immersed in racing or shooting. Wolverine Ultimate also includes Razer’s Chroma lighting. Gives you great effects that can be changed based on your preferences or, if you are a streamer, based on the reaction of your audience.


  • Extra buttons and customization options
  • Gamer lighting


  • Expensive

5.Hyperkin Duke

This model definitely is a gold from the past for those who loved the original Xbox controllers growing up and were a fan of the more ambitious design choices like clear paneling. This Xbox original controller is made with the classic Xbox button layout but is completely compatible with the Xbox One and includes vibration feedback. There are also some little features that can play the original Xbox animated startup when you first turn the controller on. This original Xbox controller is yours If you are looking for a classic experience to capture some of the magic of video games past on your Xbox One. It is only the outing through a world of fond memories that you have been searching for.


  • nostalgic
  • Licensed by Microsoft
  • No need for batteries


  • Very bulky compared to modern models

 6.Thrustmaster TMX Force

Without a doubt, racing games are best played on a proper wheel setup like Thrustmaster’s TMX Force Feedback. The reasonable price along with the ruggedness and feel of its components will impress anyone hitting the virtual open road. There is an insane amount of realistic, responsive force feedback that is tuned with a good belt-pulley system. If you are concerned about precision, the wheel has a non-slip grip and 900° rotation. Your favorite driving games feel a whole lot more immersive and even a bit more challenging with this wheel plugged in.

This xbox original controller has only two pedals, so you will be shifting gears with the attached metal paddle shifters, similar to those found in a real high-performance car. The button layout and styling match that of a racecar rather than a standard Xbox controller. In addition, in addition to using it with the latest Xbox, the wheel works seamlessly with your PC. This modestly priced racing set-up has everything that most could want in order to reach the finish line.


  • Different gaming experience


  • Expensive

 7.Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One

One of the best ways to fly an aircraft is with Thrustmaster’s T-Flight HOTAS One. This versatile flying stick is simple enough for novice pilots to learn how to use it quickly, but experienced veterans can still appreciate it. You just plug in, use a realistic, ergonomic joystick and throttle to soar in the air.

T-Flight HOTAS One offers a solid and efficient design. There is not going to be a giant eye in the middle of your living room. The wood and throttle are smooth and precise. In addition, when you use them, you can easily find 15 different buttons and switches needed to perform actions in your game. There is even a share button to capture views of your scenic flight. Best of all, it is reasonably priced, especially for a HOTAS Flight Stick, and you can use it with your Xbox Series X / S and PC.


  • Good quality
  • All buttons are clearly labeled
  • Resistance is manually adjustable


  • Some parts are not designed like a real flight stick

8.Xbox Adaptive Controller

Playing on a traditional controller can be an extremely difficult or even impossible task for players with physical disabilities. The Xbox Adaptive Controller aims to serve this group of players by providing a fully customizable hub for accessibility devices. Every button on the standard Xbox One controller is represented by an input port on the side of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and users can use a 3.5mm or USB device to control these functions in whatever way serves them best. If more than one person in your household uses the Adaptive Controller and they have different needs, you can also customize profiles and switch between them on the fly. The controller comes with a 9-foot cable to charge its battery, and it is compatible with Windows 10 PC games.


  • Very customizable
  • accessibility
  • Wired, so no need to worry about batteries


  • A little bit bulky

9.Noa Store 2 LOT Black Controller Control Pad Compatible with Microsoft XBOX X System

Periodically, Microsoft offers special editions of its Xbox controllers for fans who are looking for something a little extra. The 2021 design that features red, gray, and black camo is lovely. It’s a nifty design that goes well with just about everything and includes all the latest controller upgrades like textured grips on the triggers and bumpers, a hybrid D-pad, a share button, and more. Noa Store 2 LOT Black Controller Control Pad Compatible with Microsoft XBOX X System has its own pros and cons coming here:


  • Cheap
  • Not heavy


  • Low quality
  • Buttons are loose

10.Original Xbox Wireless Controller Special Edition Customized by DreamController Compatible

This controller appears similar to your typical core controller, but it packs a whole lot extra to help you make your best plays. Four effortlessly to use customizable paddles are on the backside. A switch near the triggers makes them actuate like a mouse click for an instant trigger. This faster response time can give you a huge advantage in shooters. This model, with four interchangeable thumbsticks, you can find the best feel for you. On top of the awesome buttons, thumbsticks, and paddles, the overall design of the model is something to marvel at. You will not get fatigued during long gaming sessions thanks to its lightweight, ergonomic build. It should be added that the grips on the rear of the handles will keep your hands firmly in place during even the most heated moments. Moreover, when you order Original Xbox Wireless Controller Special Edition Customized by DreamController Compatible, through the DreamController website, you can choose the colors on virtually every aspect of this gamepad. However, when using wirelessly, you are going to need those annoying AA batteries.


  • Well-colored
  • Wireless
  • Compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, Xbox Series S/X, and, PC Windows 10 devices


  • You have to be careful about batteries

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In conclusion

From original Xbox wireless controllers to wired Xbox original controllers, you are the one who opt. the options can be categorized based on your budget, style, game and console. We tried to cover most of your needs about choosing the right controllers in article, so you can compare and choose wisely.

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