Top 6 bubble guns to buy for 2024

One can contend that bubbles make the ideal toy. Children and adults of all ages find them to be intriguing. They are affordable and simple to use. Kids can enjoy the fresh air outside thanks to bubbles. There is no cleanup once the bubbles pop since they are gone. Having more bubbles is the only thing that could make them even more enjoyable.

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The role of a bubble gun is here. With the pull of a trigger, a bubble gun toy, a plastic, battery-operated toy, releases a stream of bubbles. The untidy dip-and-blow method of producing a few bubbles at a time is no longer necessary. The greatest bubble cannon allows you to quickly create hundreds of bubbles.

  • Ceestyle Bubble MachineBest price

  • Uscallm 32 Holes Bubble Machine gunBest expensive

  • JOYIN 2 Bubble GunsBest overall

  • JOYIN 2 Bubble Guns Kit

  • Homily Bubble Machine, Bubble Gun

  • Dinosaur Bubble Gun Machine

It’s critical to comprehend how bubble guns operate, what their numerous characteristics are, and how much they cost before making a purchase. To achieve that, reading a buyer’s guide from a reliable source is the greatest option. Furthermore, having an objective top-products list can be useful for letting you know which models are the best ones to purchase. Once you have these resources, you can buy with confidence since you’ll know where to look for high-quality items at bargain prices.

Top 6 bubble guns to buy

The list below comprises the best 6 bubble gun toys to buy:

1. Ceestyle Bubble Machine

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This eight-hole bubble pistol produces more bubbles, which are more colorful and entertaining to play with. Since the design and shape are distinctive from standard models, you will stand out from the crowd and get people’s attention.

Bubble Guns are composed of non-toxic ABS plastic and feature a child-safe design that prevents leaks and spills. Ceestyle Bubble With a simple full bubble blower set, you can start having fun right now. It is sufficient to merely screw the bubble solution bottle onto the bubble blower toy’s base and start shooting. No sloppier dip-in solutions. High-quality plastic used in its construction for children guarantees the toy’s greatest longevity.

This toy’s intriguing and distinctive appearance design fosters children’s imagination and inventiveness. This bubble shooter is a fun and interactive toy that your kids can carry around with them and will keep them occupied for a long time. Machine is suitable for kids to carry about and use for bubble tracking.


  • Good value for money
  • Good design and operate
  • High durability


  • Heavy for little kids

2. Uscallm 32 Holes Bubble Machine gun

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To make safe bubble toys for your children, the gun employs soft sponge blades. The child will experience extreme heat when she is exhausted. The bubble generator can be used as a tiny fan to provide a soothing breeze.

It is convenient, safe, and safe to use. The bubble machine contains vibrant lights, and when you pull them, a burst of vibrant bubbles is released, creating a stunning and surreal effect. With easy, create a great environment. For you and your family, funny.

32 bubble holes make up the Uscallm 32 Holes Bubble Machine Gun, which can spew out hundreds of bubbles each minute. It is the greatest summer outdoor and indoor action toy thanks to its vibrant colors and innovative patterns.

Kids will love receiving this bubble maker as a gift on any occasion. Birthday parties, carnivals, weddings, baby showers, Halloween, barbecues, Christmas, and other events with a bubble theme are just a few examples.


  • Modern
  • Wide range of uses
  • Very Funny style


  • It does not work well

3. JOYIN 2 Bubble Guns 

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The JOYIN 2 Bubble Guns are ideal for family games since they enable both young and old children to engage interactively and don’t forget the 6 batteries. The package also comes with 4 pots of bubble mixture, so you’ll have plenty to last you from the time you open the pack.

These are perfect for summer playdates, picnics, and enjoyable walks because they are lightweight and simple to carry.

Little engineers will be delighted by the fact that these fancy bubble guns light up and have a see-through body in addition to being fancy bubble guns. We advise trying these out in the dark outside at dusk for the full sensory experience.


  • Portable
  • Cool light-up design
  • appealling to a wide age range


  • high battery consumption
  • Needs to be rinsed after every use

4. JOYIN 2 Bubble Guns Kit

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The two packages of the Joyin Dolphin Bubble Machine Gun are the ideal size for little hands. This bubble blaster rifle comes in a variety of pink, blue, and yellow color combinations and is fashioned to resemble adorable aquatic creatures. Four little 1.7oz bottles of bubble solution are included with each set of two bubble guns. Pull the trigger after removing the lid and screwing the bottles into the bubble cannon, then leave! Hold onto the provided bottles until the solution runs out since you can easily refill them with more bubble solution to enjoy many more hours of entertainment.

Each bubble cannon uses two AA batteries and a trigger that is controlled by hand. The trigger is soft and sensitive enough that even young children with weak hands should be able to use it effectively. Additionally, the trigger has a “lock” feature that, when activated, allows you to shoot bubbles continuously without having to keep your finger on the trigger. For young children who might lack the coordination to keep their finger on the trigger, this function is ideal.


  • Batteries are included
  • nice packaging


  • Poor design and quality

5. Homily Bubble Machine, Bubble Gun

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If you want bubbles that are really strong, get the Homily Bubble Machine Gun! The size of this bubble machine gun necessitates the use of two hands. Kids may control the direction the pistol is pointed by using a second rotating handle situated on top of the gun in addition to the handle in the back where the trigger is located. You’ll need to buy the 3 AA batteries individually if you’re presenting this as a gift because they are not included. It does. But a tiny screwdriver is included to make opening and closing the battery compartment easier.

You may either press it sporadically or hold it down for a sustained stream of bubbles thanks to the multiple operation trigger.

Over 7000 bubbles are sprayed every minute with the aid of the fan, and the gun’s separately operated switches can play music or activate shooting noises. The gun’s muzzle also illuminates. Two little bottles of bubble solution that fit in the bottom of the Homily Bubble Machine Gun are included with the device. Keep the refillable bottles around and fill them up with your preferred bubble solution. This bubble gun will provide kids with hours of outdoor entertainment.


  • Dynamic music and lights
  • Environmental and pet friendly
  • highly durable


  • High price

6. Dinosaur Bubble Gun Machine

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Your child can blow both huge and little bubbles with this bubble blower’s two bubble wands. This bubble blower also creates a constant stream of bubbles. Shoot 600+ bubbles per minute by dipping the bubble wand into a plate of bubble solution.

Two eight-ounce refills of bubble solution are included in this container. Children can use the fan because it is composed of non-toxic ABS and features soft sponge rotor blades. Additionally, the anti-slip handle and leak-proof seals avoid messes while playing and extend the life of the product. Two AA batteries are needed, which are not provided in the toy package.


  • Low-noise motor
  • Easy grip
  • Affordable price


  • no consistent bubble production
  • Some parts are flimsy

What to Consider when buying a bubble gun?

It is critical to take into account a few criteria while selecting the best bubble cannon for your requirements. What volume of bubble solution does it employ? Is it suitable for use with homemade bubble solution? Do you require any other features? What sort of trigger are you looking for? Durability and cost are further crucial factors.


Your unique needs and tastes will determine the ideal bubble gun for you. Choose a bubble gun with a big reservoir if you want one that uses a lot of bubble solution. If you intend to use a homemade bubble solution, make sure it is compatible before making a purchase.


Children may benefit greatly from the added elements that some bubble blowers include, such as lights and music. Others offer a variety of settings so you can manage the production of bubbles. Some individuals favor buttons as triggers, while others think a pump-action design is more user-friendly. The bubble gun that best suits your needs and budget will win out in the end.

Age suitability 

The majority of bubble gun machines have a 3 yrs+ appropriateness rating, as you’ll see. This pertains to the fact that, due to small and moving parts, you should never leave your 0–2 year old child (and possibly somewhat older children too) alone with a bubble machine. But that doesn’t mean smaller kids can’t love bubble machines; you just need to watch over them constantly and keep them away from curious hands.

What is a good bubble mixture?

A good bubble mixture must meet at least these 3 qualifications:

A bubble solution recipe required to have relatively simple ingredients in order to meet our first requirement. Nobody wants to waste time searching all over town for a single ingredient to manufacture homemade bubble solution. We instantly disqualified a recipe from our tests if it contained anything like specialist soaps or difficult-to-pronounce compounds.

These homemade bubble solution recipes used affordable ingredients. Making your own bubble solution can increase the expense, which is already high.

The bulk of products required to have recipes that were simple to prepare and didn’t require many extra processes. That recipe was off limits if it required specialized mixing tools or multiple precautions to avoid a bizarre chemical reaction.

In the end, we sought out homemade bubble solution recipes that were straightforward, affordable, and simple to prepare.

What liquid is used in bubble gun?

You can quickly and easily make your own bubble solution when your bubble gun runs out. The following ingredients are all that are required:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 4 tablespoons of dish soap
  • 2 tablespoons of corn syrup

Mix 1 cup of water, 4 tablespoons of dish soap, and 2 tablespoons of corn syrup gradually to create bubble solution.

Although this is a great beginning point, you should keep in mind that you can experiment with the recipe to see if you can create even more resilient bubbles by including extra dish soap or corn syrup.

In conclusion

The use of bubble machines at birthday celebrations or just to liven up the backyard is highly recommended. These machines make hundreds of bubbles per minute with ease.

Avoid disappointment by finding the best bubble machine for you. Some feature a big tank, forcing you to dump a lot of extra solution. Others are too small, requiring frequent replenishing.

Find one that is the ideal size for your requirements while also paying attention to durability. Then keep in mind to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and use the recommended bubble solutions.

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