What jobs can you get with a business degree? (business major jobs)

In the previous year, many students got their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business. Now, they are searching for jobs to develop the skills they earned as a business-educated person. If you are graduating and need to find a job or want to change your job position to a new career in business, continue reading the whole text for some business major jobs.

What are business majors?

Before deciding about business degree jobs, you need to know more about business majors available to understand whether a four-year business degree is good for you. Here are some of the best business majors you can choose to study for a Business Degree.

  • General Business Administration and Management: This major has different concentrations like marketing, accounting, or finance.
  • Small Business Administration: This major prepares you to create a sustainable business plan, develop market strategies, and run a small business.
  • General Business/Commerce: In this field, you will learn the behind scenes of a successful business.
  • General Marketing/Marketing Management: After graduation from this major, you are prepared for a career in the creative, result-oriented marketing field.
  • Tourism and Travel Services Management: If you want to become a hotel or resort manager, catering manager, booking agent, or adventure tour guide, this major is the best.

Why Earn a Business Degree?

Before learning about international business major jobs, let’s see why people choose business majors to study. Here is a list of reasons why you should study for a Business Degree.

  • You can develop important skills that are always in demand in the workplace, like communication, critical thinking, leadership, management, ethics, and organization.
  • It offers you a broad and versatile basis to use in a variety of industries, such as finance, marketing, public relations, advertising, insurance, human resources, and accounting.
  • When you have a business degree, it provides you a competitive advantage over others who have no degree.

What are the skills business majors have?

One of the most popular undergraduate majors in the United States in recent years was business. While marketing, selling, organizational strategy, and “crunching” numbers are important parts of this field, before searching for jobs with a business degree, let’s see what business skills you need. Just search the below list to see whether you have these essential skills or not.

  • Communication

The first needed skill to be successful in the business field is the category of communication skills that include items like Active Listening, Advertising, Business Storytelling, Written Communication, Customer Service, and Digital Media.

  • Finance

Finance is the next essential skill that helps you to manage financial decisions. Some of the typical finance skills companies value are Accounting, Banking, Bookkeeping, Business Analyst, Business Development, and more.

  • Management

This skill makes you able to manage people and resources while you are considering everything. To be a good manager, you have to gain abilities like: Business Management, Decision-Making, Delegation, Executive, Human Resources, Leadership, and more.

  • Business Soft Skills

Moreover to all the above items, there are other soft business skills like Analytical Skills, Conflict Management/ Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Flexibility that you have to consider.

What do business degree studies graduates do?

If you want to know what jobs can you get with a business degree, it is not so complicated. The business courses make students familiar with the core business fields like accounting, marketing, human resources, and finance. So as a student you will learn a lot about business principles, marketing strategies, and laws and regulations governing corporations, which means Business graduate students can work as market research analysts, accountants, or management analysts.

What are the best business major jobs?

Previously I told you about business degree jobs, but if you want to know more about the best jobs with business degree, do not miss this paragraph. Below is a complete list of general business degree jobs.This variety means if you study business major, there are different jobs you can get with a business degree.

  • Accountant: If you like to use your financial knowledge around optimizing business resources, this job is a perfect choice.
  • Actuary: This role fits you if you enjoy detail-oriented business majors and quantitative analysis.
  • Business Reporter: If you are interested in the business and financial sectors, a business reporter might be a good job for you.
  • Business Teacher/Lecturer: This is a perfect position for those who like a career in education related to financial subjects.
  • Corporate Attorney: As a Corporate attorney, you need extensive knowledge of contracts, securities, bankruptcy, and mergers.
  • Financial Analyst: In this position, you have to make the best investment and resource suggestions to businesses or individuals.
  • Management Consultant: If you like to help others to manage their businesses more efficiently, this is a great position for you.

What are the business administration degree jobs?

In the last paragraph, I answered the question of what jobs can I get with a business degree, but if you want to know more about the business administration degree jobs, read this paragraph. Totally, a business administration degree trains students to become ready to work in positions like marketing, human resources, accounting, and management. While there are different jobs in this field based on your education and experience, most of them offer high salaries and strong job growth.

Here is a list of the most popular business administration degree jobs:

  • General or operations manager
  • Accountant or auditor
  • Industrial production manager
  • Human resource manager
  • Management analyst

How much do business major jobs make?

Generally, people who work in fields of business major get good pay. Based on the reports from Georgetown University, when you have a bachelor’s degree in the business field, you can make $66,000 on average. As the overall median salary of someone with a bachelor’s degree is $62,000, $66,000 is the perfect value. If I want to name three of the highest paying jobs with a business degree, I can mention to a human resources specialist with a $51,581 per year salary, an accountant with a $53,806 per year salary, an investment banker with a $64,520 per year salary, and so more.


Are you a graduate business major who is looking for a job? In the above text, I completely told you about what jobs can you get with a business management degree. Also, I mentioned essential details that you have to know, like the highest paying jobs with a business degree and other points about Business Degree.

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