Amazon Salary Levels: All 12 Levels Explained

Amazon is one of the most famous online markets in today’s world, and many people buy their needed products from this site every day. But that is just one side that most people see, and on the other side, many employers work for this huge company. So, if you are looking for a job in this company, I must say that you are lucky because there are different job levels at which you can get hired. To know more about the details of amazon levels or amazon salary levels, keep reading until the end.

amazon levels

What are amazon levels?

First of all, I want to discuss what amazon levels mean. Generally speaking, Amazon employees are divided into  12 levels based on their work experience, and the salary is also different. While level 12 is only for Jeff Bezos, other levels include more workers with different levels, such as CEOs, SVPs, VPs, directors, senior managers, managers, and simple support staff, FC workers. If you need more explanation about different amazon salary levels, like amazon level 6 salary, or even amazon level 5 salary, do not miss the next paragraph. 

What are Amazon Salary Levels? (Explained)

Previously you read what amazon levels mean, and now I want to go deeper and talk more about different amazon salary levels. So, keep reading and find information about all these 12 levels. But what you should consider is that the below numbers are just an average and they can change based on the type of job you choose to work in.

  • Amazon level 1 salary

If you want to work at Amazon level 1, you do not need much experience, and you should do simple tasks of Amazon staff. At this level, the primary salary you will receive is about $44,000 per year, and as you gain more experience, you will earn up to $135,000.

  • Amazon level 2 salary

While we do not know much about the experience and the ability you need to work at this level, the general salary at this level starts from 88,000 per year. And like all other levels, as you gain more experience, you can earn about $211,266.

  • Amazon level 3 salary

If you are searching for an Amazon job in level 3, you are almost at the beginning of getting the best-paying jobs at amazon. Because those who work in jobs from level 4 are in the group on Amazon’s best-paying jobs. Also, I have to add that employees of Amazon level 3 jobs earn about $125,897 per year and can raise to $243,000.

  • Amazon level 4 salary

Now that you have enough experience and gained about 1 to 3 years of experience, you can simply find a job in level 4 and earn about $166,000 in a year.

  • Amazon level 5 salary

Those who work at this level are in one of the high-paying categories and need 3 to 10 years of experience to gain these jobs. If you want to know about the amazon level 5 salary, I have to say that it is something about $200,000 in a year.

  • Amazon level 6 salary

This level needs more experience, something about 8 to 10 years, and obviously, you will earn more than lower levels. While the amazon level 6 salary will differ based on the type of job, just like all other levels, you will not earn less than  $200,000 as an Amazon employee who works in level 6.

  • Amazon level 7 salary

This level is among the professional amazon levels, and you usually need 10 years of experience to gain a position at this level. I should also add that level 7 employees are usually selected from those who have worked within the company. And basically, they will not earn less than $300,000 in a year.

  • Amazon level 8 salary

This level only includes jobs for directors, seniors, and managers who are among the most experienced Amazon employees and earn about $600,000 per year. Also, there are some specific jobs at this level that you can work in and earn more than one million.

  • Amazon level 9 & 10 salary

Like Amazon level 2, we do not have much information about those who work at this level, except that they are highly-acknowledged and experienced ones who do not earn less than 1 million dollars in a year.

  • Amazon level 11 salary

Only a few people can catch a job at this level who are CEOs and SVPs, and there is no exact number of their salaries. But what is obvious is that they do not learn less than one million and a half dollars in a year.

  • Amazon level 12 salary

As I have mentioned previously, the only employee of this level is Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder. While no one knows the exact amount of money he earns during a year, we know his net worth is about 142 billion USD now that I am writing this text. 

What does the compensation at Amazon look like with numbers?

Now that you know about different amazon salary levels, it is time to look at Amazon’s compensation number. The first point you should consider about compensation on Amazon is that it would differ based on the salary range associated with them. Also, I have to add that this number will change over four years. To understand more about what I am talking about, read the below date.

Imagine the Amazon stock price is $1,000/share, 100 RSUs, for example, $100,000 over four years. So, the Amazon compensation number will be like this:

  • First year: $120k base + $40k Sign on Bonus + 5% RSUs (5K) = $165k
  • Second year: $120k base + $40k Sign on Bonus + 15% RSUs (15K) = $175k
  • Third year: $120k base + 40% RSUs (40K) = $160K
  • Fourth year: $120k base + 40% RSUs (40K) = $160K


Highest paying jobs at amazon

If you are looking for the highest paying jobs at amazon salary levels, you can work as a senior manager, product manager, senior software engineer, senior solutions architect, or corporate Counsel.


Are you among those people looking for a profitable job at Amazon? If so, you should know that amazon levels and amazon salary levels are varied into 12 sections. The last one is only for Jeff Bezos, but you can find a job at other levels, such as amazon level 6 salary, amazon level 5 salary, or even higher ones based on your expertise and interest. To know more about the details of different job level salaries, read the above text. 

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    1. These are absolutely overinflated and incorrect. Example: An average level 4 person at Amazon makes about $50,000 a year.

    2. I work at Amazon, corporate, HR, and I am on level 5.

      Amazon tiers/levels

      Tier 1-4 = warehouse associates / hourly paid workers. Although, tier two doesn’t really exist, there might be a spattering of tier 2 positions. Most of warehouse HR & ERC are also tier 3.
      Warehouse worker = T1
      PA, HR, Hazmat coordinators, ICQA = T3
      Warehouse, safety specialists = T4

      Salaried workers
      Level 1 = doesn’t exist that I know of
      Level 2 = some low level IT/tech jobs
      Level 3= IT/tech workers
      Level 4 Non Manager = corporate HR/ERC team. This team is paid around $50,000-$55,000 a year.
      Managers = Level 4 to 12 (mostly levels 5-12). There are very few level 4.

      I have looked at the salaries of level 8s, and they only paid around 300,000 a year… Not 600,000 to 1,000,000 like this article suggests.

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