Amazon Delivered to Wrong Address? Here is What to do in 2024

amazon delivered to wrong address

Are you a fan of online shopping? If so, Amazon is one of the best options to find all you need worldwide. While there are many advantages to this purchase method, there are also some disadvantages, like when Amazon delivers your order to the wrong address. If you have faced such an issue and don’t know what is the best to do in this case, we are here to help you. Just keep reading until the end of this text and find all you need to know about the details of the “Amazon delivered to wrong address” issue, such as why it might happen and what you should do if it happens.

Common causes of Amazon delivering to the wrong address?

First of all, let’s find out the most common reasons why Amazon might deliver orders to the wrong address, with the hope that you can watch out for them to avoid this problem. While it might happen due to different causes, there are some common ones, such as:

  1. Wrong apartment number:

In this case, you should look for your Amazon order in your neighborhood houses because the probable reason is that you entered the wrong apartment number or Amazon failed to print it correctly. For example, “31” instead of “13” is one of the samples.

  1. Not complete street directions:

If you just enter an incomplete street address, like “Main Street” instead of “West Main Street”, the delivery man may mistakenly deliver it to the right house number but on East Main Street. The problem of misspelled addresses can also be in this category.

  1. Delivery driver errors:

Sometimes, while you write the correct address and apartment number, the delivery driver gets confused and gets your package to the wrong address because of tiredness, being a stranger in the place, or many other reasons.

  1. Stolen Packages:

Although it is hard to believe, it may be true in some cases. Therefore, it is very valuable to check the video surveillance cameras installed in your home to see if someone has stolen your package from your property.

amazon delivered to wrong address

What to do if Amazon delivered to wrong address?

Sometimes, you may check your order status on Amazon, and it says Delivered, but you don’t receive anything. So, you guess it might delivered to the wrong address, but what should you do in this case? The best point is waiting 48 hours to see if your package arrives. According to Amazon’s Help & Customer Service page, your package may be named as Delivered, but you get it after 48 hours. If not, you can try the below methods based on your situation and preferences.

  • Ask your neighbors:

The easiest part is to call your neighbors or ring their bell to ask if they received any Amazon packages addressed to you.

  • Use your homeowner’s association (HOA):

If you’re a member of a homeowner’s association (HOA), social media pages, groups, or building societies, you can post about your lost package and let others know if they can help you find it.

  • Walk around your neighborhood:

While it might seem logical, you can walk around your neighborhood or apartment building to see if Amazon has wrongly left your package on the doorstep of another house or apartment.

  • Check your doorbell camera footage:

If you have one, it’s best to check it and see if someone has stolen your package from your door. Otherwise, you can check other CCTV cameras in your neighborhood or area.

  • Contact Amazon Customer Service:

To track your lost Amazon order and find out if it was sent to the wrong address or another problem caused this issue, you can contact Amazon customer service by following the steps below and asking all your questions:

  1. Go to the Amazon site and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on Account & Lists.
  3. Select Customer Service from the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Select the item from the list that Amazon shows on the new page asking “Do you need help with a recent item”?
  5. If the package is not listed in Amazon’s most recent items, click Help with another item.
  6. Select the item from the list on the new page that appears, or if you still can’t see the desired item, click Show more items.
  7. Once you find the item, click on it and a new menu will appear.
  8. Choose the option that suits your situation or concern.
  9. Select the “The entire package is missing” option from the next menu that appears.
  10. Select “I need more help”.
  11. A new page will appear asking if you want to request a phone call or chat with an Amazon customer service representative.
  • Try the Amazon Shopping app:

It can be useful as the app will show notifications and images of your lost package showing where the delivery personnel left it.

  • Contact the appropriate courier for more information:

This option certainly isn’t for everyone and only works if you’re sure Amazon used a third-party courier service like USPS, UPS, or FedEx to deliver your package. So, you can contact them and ask for more information.

amazon delivered to wrong address

How can I return an Amazon package I didn’t order?

On the other side, some people receive Amazon orders wrongly. If you are one of them and don’t know what to do with this package, read the below steps and find out how to return an Amazon package you didn’t order.

  1. First, you should make sure the package was a delivery mistake by asking other family members to see if they ordered a thing or your friends to see if they want to send you a surprise gift. (Also, make sure that it is not part of a scam where scammers intentionally send unsolicited packages to people.
  2. If none of the above cases was true you should report the package using Amazon’s Unwanted Package Report online form.
  3. Or you can keep the package and personally contact the recipient using his name on the package and phone number or email address. 

Can I request a refund on lost Amazon packages?

The good news is yes. you can contact Amazon and ask for a refund or a replacement for your lost Amazon packages unless this happens to you routinely.

  1. Sign in to your Account
  2. Select “Orders”
  3. Choose the order with the missing package
  4. Click on “Problem With Order”
  5. Select “Request a Refund”
  6. Under the drop-down, choose a reason for a refund.
  7. Click “Submit”

Pay attention: if your package has shipped from a third-party vendor, you should contact the seller, not Amazon. 

The Amazon package days delivered, but you don’t have It

If I want to say something more than all the reasons and probable solutions I have mentioned above to find your lost Amazon package, it is good to add Amazon help from their official site. It asks customers to wait 48 hours because packages may be delivered up to 48 hours before arrival. But if nothing happens after 48 hours, you can choose one of the above-mentioned solutions or contact the Amazon help center within 30 days of the expected delivery and ask them to help you.


Above here, we talked about the reasons that might cause you to face a missed Amazon package, such as when amazon delivered to the wrong address and other possible cases. Also, we mentioned the best ways you can find your order, such as calling neighbors, contacting the Amazon help center, using the Amazon shipping App, and other options. Moreover, if you want to get a refund for your lost package but don’t know how, there is a complete guide above here. But if you still have any questions not answered, you can comment below, and we try to find the best answer for you or visit the Amazon Help Center official page.


  • Who is responsible if package is delivered to wrong address?

There is no specific answer to this question. As I have explained above, sometimes you write the wrong address, or it may be mistyped on your package. Also, sometimes the driver might miss your address.

  • If amazon delivers to wrong address can i keep it

Here, the answer is yes. Based on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) you are not legally required to return an item that was accidentally sent to you.

  • Is it illegal to keep someone else’s packages?

While it is not illegal, it is not moral. A better idea is to find the right, if you can, or contact the Amazon Help Center.

  • Does Amazon Hold Sellers Responsible When Items Are Sent to the Wrong Address?

If you buy your item from a third-party seller, not directly from Amazon, the answer to this question is yes. You should contact the seller to find your lost package.

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