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All you need to know about facebook business page

You should have a Facebook business page if you are a business owner. There are 1.8 billion active users on this platform, so You should have a Facebook marketplace page in your business toolbox.

A study on Quantum Marketer shows that Facebook business pages are so tempting that more than 200 million businesses use it. Why shouldn’t you?

Creating a Facebook business page is absolutely free of cost. Using this tool, you can present your business to a wide audience.

Even big companies use Facebook business pages to grow their sales. Every year, many small businesses turn into big sales funnels with Facebook business pages. That is due to the massive potential this tool has.

A Facebook business page is a FB public account that is used by small / Big businesses and famous people. Using this tool, they promote and share their services or products. It’s a more official way to connect with the audience. With a Facebook business page, you can boost your reach through Facebook ads as it can be connected to the Facebook ads tool.

You should know that creating a Facebook business page is so simple that everyone can do it. If you have a Facebook account, you are already halfway through so let’s complete this journey.

How to create a Facebook business page

By now, you know the importance of having a Facebook business page. Now it’s time to know how to create one. your journey starts here…

Having a Facebook personal account is required for creating a Facebook business page, but your personal information won’t be shown on your FB business page. A personal account is required because a business page is managed by the owner of a personal account who created the business page. Also, remember that if your personal account is hacked or lost, your business page will also be lost. In other words, your personal account is the key to your business page.

We assume that you have already logged in to your account, then you should head over to here.

Put your business information in the blank boxes on the left. Your business page preview will update live on the right side as you are writing your info.

Make sure your business name is memorable so people will find it easier.

After setting up your business page it’s time to put it in the right category on the next page.
facebook business page

You should write an appealing description for your business on the next page. This is the very first thing your audience reads after the name of your business.

It would help if you convinced the users to click on your business in less than 225 characters.

Once you’re done, click on “create page.”

You should write an appealing description for your business on the next page. This is the very first thing your audience reads after the name of your business.

You should convince the users to click on your business in less than 225 characters.

Once you’re done, click on “create page”

In the next step, you should upload a profile picture and a cover for your page’s banner.

Just like the description, the page banner should be visually attractive and eye-catching. So take your time before choosing a banner.

The size of your profile picture should be 170 x 170 pixels. Click on “Add Profile Picture”, once you’ve created a proper profile picture for your business page.

On the next page, you have the option to connect your Facebook business page to WhatsApp. You should type in your WhatsApp number and click on “send code”. After you receive the verification code, put that in the blank box and confirm.
facebook business page

How to create a business Facebook page without personal account

Facebook doesn’t allow users to create a Facebook business page without having a personal account. A personal account that creates a Facebook page is the owner of that page, and that is how the algorithm knows the real owner of the business page. So it’s impossible to create a business Facebook page without a personal account.

An admin runs all the business pages, and the admin is the personal account behind the FB business page.

How to delete a Facebook business page

Sometimes you want to start a new business, or you believe that a Facebook business page is not the right thing for you, and you want to delete your Facebook business page. If you are certain with your intention, you should go through the following steps to delete your business page:

  1. Only the admin who initially created the business page can delete it.
  2. To delete the page you should Go to your Page and click Settings at the top right.
  3. After you landed on the main page of your Settings, Scroll down, and click on the Remove Page option.
    facebook business page

Remember, If you sign in to your Facebook business page within 14 days, it will be recovered.

How to link instagram to facebook business page

The Combination of the most powerful marketing tools is a smart strategy to build a connection with your audience. If your audience interacts with your business across different platforms, they develop a sense of trust over time.

You will also save time if you link Instagram to your Facebook business page. This way, you can schedule your post on both platforms.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and click on “Pages” in the left menu
  2. Head over to “settings”
  3. Scroll down and click on Instagram in the left menu.
  4. On the next page, Click on “Connect Account”, and fill in your Instagram info.
  5. Now log into your Instagram account and go to your profile and Hit on “Edit Profile”
  6. Under Public Business/Profile Information, hit on “Page”
  7. Select the Facebook page you want to connect to.

You successfully connected your Instagram account to your Facebook business page.

How to block someone on facebook business page

If you find a specific person annoying you can easily block them  on your Facebook business page. to do so:

  1. Login to Facebook page .
  2. Find a comment from the person you want to block.
  3. Select their profile picture.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of their profile
  5. Select “Ban from Page”

How to change Facebook business page name

One of the best ways to stand out is to choose a great name for your business page. If you think that your current FB business page name is not that fancy, you can easily change it for absolutely free, and there will be no technical issues in the future.

To change your name, you should log into your Facebook business page. Under your banner image, you should see the three ellipses. Click the three ellipses and select “edit page info.”

Scroll down and click on “See All Information.” on the next page, you’ll be able to change your business’ name, username, and even category.


A Facebook business page is a free tool that can boost your sales and expose your brand to a much wider audience. This tutorial teaches you how to create a Facebook business page for free. If you want to accelerate the power of the Facebook business page, we recommend you connect it with your Instagram account, put great content out there on both platforms, and be in touch with your audience every day.

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