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Where is Code Generator on Facebook 2022?

As one of the most famous social media platforms, Facebook also has one of the most robust security protocols for the user to keep them safe from cyber penetrators. Therefore, any Facebook user is almost sure their data, photos, and videos will never be robbed and used as a blackmailing tool.

In this post, we will explain what is the Facebook code generator, where we can find it, and how to use Facebook Code Generator bypass.
where is the code generator on facebook

What is the Facebook Code Generator?

As you know, many social media platforms and websites use the 2FA (two-factor Autenthication) feature to boost their host and customers’ security. Facebook Code Generator is a  new security feature for your Facebook account used with two-factor authentication.

When you activate code generator Facebook, your phone will randomly create a unique security code that you can use it to verify your identity when you log into your account from a new device or browser. If you don’t have access to the text messaging (SMS) feature or you have no Internet connection, Facebook Code Generator will operate on your device. You may also decide to use it to reset your password if you ever need to.

Where is Code Generator on Facebook?

Finding Facebook Code Generator is too easy; to reach to Code Generator, just follow these steps;

  1. First, go to the Facebook app and log in with the user credentials. We assume that you have already activated the two-factor authentication.
  2. Next, click on the hamburger icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down the screen and click on the “Settings & Privacy” option to expand it. From the listed options, search and select “Code Generator.”
  4. You can find a six-digit code on the screen. Make sure you have used it within 30 seconds of its generation (it can be 60 seconds on some devices). Note that the code automatically expires if not used within the given time.
  5.  Every time you request a code from the Facebook Code Generator, it gives you a new and fresh one. You should not share this code number with any people.

Where is Facebook Code Generator on iPhone?

If you are using iPhone or any device with iOS (such as an iPad), you can also benefit from the Facebook Code Generator. To find Code Generator Facebook on iPhone devices, follow these steps;

Step one: Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad device. You will be taken to your Facebook home page.

Step two: Next, click on the “Menu” icon in the lower-right corner of the screen

Step three: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Settings and Privacy” tab to expand those options. Choose “Code Generator” in the expanded list.

Step four: Finally, you can see a screen displaying a 6-digit number, which will be changed every 30 or 60 seconds. Write down or copy this 6-digit number for your use.

How to Sign in to your Facebook using Code Generator

Now let’s how we can sign into our Facebook account with the help of Code Generator Facebook. Follow these steps;

  1. First, open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. On the main page, click on the hamburger icon in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Next, scroll down the screen and click on the “Settings & Privacy” option to expand it.
  4. From the options on the list, search and select “Code Generator.”
  5. Now, you can see a tool run through new security codes every 30 or 60 seconds.
  6. Finally, you can use that code to log in to your Facebook from another unidentified device.

If your generated code gives you an error on your device, you need to go back to the Facebook Code Generator and click on the “My code doesn’t work” option. As a result, a pop-up will appear and ask you to put your code again or reset it. You can tap on the” Reset” button to get a new code.

Can’t access Code Generator to log in to Facebook, what to do?

In some cases, Facebook Code Generator is not working and seems to fail to generate efficient codes. To solve the problem or, in other words, get rid of Code Generator Facebook, we have some available solutions here;

  • Text confirmation code

This is the most straightforward method you can choose; if you have access to the phone number you used in the two-factor authentication process, you can tell Facebook to send you a confirmation code on your phone.

To do that, click on the “Need another way to authenticate?” link from the login page, and then choose the “Text me a login code” option and wait for the text.

  • Facebook recovery codes

You have an option to store a set of recovery codes as a backup after enabling two-factor authentication. If you lose the Facebook Code Generator’s function, you can use one of these recovery codes to log into your account.

  • Identity confirmation

You can also send a request message to Facebook for identity confirmation. To do that, click on the “Need another way to authenticate?” link from the login page, and choose the “Get More Help” option from the menu. Facebook will guide you through restoring your account.

By default, Facebook will ask you to provide an email address and send a copy of your ID, which can be a passport, national ID card, or any other legal papers. After providing the required information, Facebook will restore your account as soon as possible.

Facebook Code Generator bypass (How to do it?)

Many people nowadays are looking for Facebook Code Generator bypass because of reasons such as they have lost their mobile phone or they have lost their SIM card, or their phone is broken. If one of these reasons is valid for you, you can bypass Code Generator Facebook.

The methods for bypassing the Code Generator are the same as we explained in the “Can’t access Code Generator …” section (text confirmation code, recovery codes, and identity confirmation), and you can also use them here. Otherwise, you can turn off the 2FA feature so the authentication code will never be needed.


Thank you for reading this post. In general, you can turn off the Facebook Code Generator whenever you want, but it is better to keep your account’s safety guaranteed. If you need more information about Facebook Code Generator bypass, you can visit the Facebook help center and ask your questions.

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