Why is Video Editing Important, and How Can It Help Your Business?

Videos are a very important part of the entire marketing ecosystem. You must invest in videos if you want your business to survive in the digital space we all are a part of. Hence, it would help if you tried to understand the importance of video and what it brings to the table. There are different kinds of videos out there, and you get a window to experiment with all of these forms of videos.

However, you cannot upload the video that you shoot. Raw footage is unfiltered, and most of the time, it is not even visually appealing. Therefore, you need access to a video editor to prepare your video content for different digital platforms. The tool will help you in enhancing the appeal of the video and will also help you in making relevant corrections to it.

This guide is for you if you are new to video and video editing. It will shed some light on the importance of video editing and the benefits that it can bring to different businesses.

Importance of Video Editing

You cannot avoid editing the video when using video content to promote your business or run a campaign. The video editing process is important as it blends different images or scenes within the video to give a seamless experience to the viewers. Video editing is important because you cannot upload raw footage after shooting; it will just be another clip on your smartphone.

If you want the audience to interact and engage with your video, you must make it exciting and engaging. Also, when you share a video across platforms, you must make it visually appealing. Video editing becomes even more important if you are creating a short film.

You cannot shoot the entire movie in a go. Hence, you would need a video editor to stitch all the footage together and make certain color corrections to give a feeling that it was recorded together. The process adds flow to the videos. e

Now that you know why video editing is important let’s understand the different elements of video editing.

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Elements of Video Editing

There are different elements of video editing. You must be aware of them before you start using a video editor. You must know how to access these elements and use them if you want to have a well-edited video. Some of these elements include:

  • Have the Rough Cut

Before you start editing the video, you must have the rough cut of the video that you want to edit. If several clips make the final video, you should combine them using a video editor to create the rough cut. Use the editor to cut the videos and splice them together to begin the editing process.

Now that you have the rough draft of the video, you can begin with the editing process. The editing begins quite early if you have different videos combined into one.

  • Picture Lock

Once you have the rough cut ready, you need to reach a picture lock stage where you finalize all the frames of the video and shuffle it according to the layout or sequence of the events you want to show in the video. As soon as you place the shots in their right position, you can lock the video.

Picture lock is an important step before you start making major edits to the video. Post the application of the picture lock; the video is ready for editing. You can add visual effects to the video to enhance its appeal. You can also add different filters to the video to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Sound Effects

The sound of a video is a very important aspect of the video editing process. Sound is not just limited to adding background music to the video. First, you need to adjust the sound of the video or remove it completely if it is just some noise in the background. However, if you need the sounds playing in the background, you can amplify them using a video editor.

You can add the dialogues externally too. You must ensure that the video timings are in sync with the dialogue file you add to the video. However, if you are creating a product video or any other video that does not require dialogue, you can add a music piece that blends well with the video. You can also add a voiceover to your video, but you need to record it separately.

  • Visual Effects

Now that you have a fresh video, you need to map out places where you would like to add visual effects. If you have added some visual effects during the pre-production phase, you can check if they need any improvement. However, if you did not add any visual effects earlier, you can make the addition now.

You can add animations and callouts during this phase. These features are available on the video editing platform. If not, you can easily import these elements to the editor you use for the video edits.

  • Color Correction

When you shoot the video in parts, there are chances that the video colors will not be in sync with each other. Therefore, once you join the footage, you must try to identify the frame that has a perfect blend of colors. You can then alter the color of all the other frames to match each other.

Color correction is very important if you want a flow in your videos. Also, the quality of all the shots should be at par, as it might affect the viewability of the videos. You should try to watch the complete video once you correct the colors.

  • Intro and End

Every video should have a beginning and an end. Hence, it would help if you worked on adding the credentials of the people who conceptualized the video and contributed in any form during its creation. You must also add a proper conclusion to the videos so that the video does not end abruptly.

You can add end credits in a way as stated above. The static thumbnail of your video is critical, and you must ensure that you add the best still from the video as the thumbnail so that people click on it.


The video editing process might seem a bit intimidating at first. However, when you take a step-by-step approach to understand the process and address all the elements involved, you will create an impactful video for your followers.

If you want your video to bear any results, you must add a call to action on them. This will drive your viewers to your business, and you will also generate revenue by creating personal and engaging videos. You should have a video marketing strategy that includes some good video editors who can help you with the process.

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