The 8 Best Chrome Extensions for 2024

Have you ever had a time when you’re on your computer and it’s hard to focus? We have all been there at some point or another. Sometimes it feels like we are getting distracted by the tiniest of things, but this article can help you with that! Chrome extensions are the ultimate productivity tool you can use from your browser – they’ll make it easier for you to stay focused while being more productive.

How Do Chrome Extensions Work?

Chrome extensions are small programs that can be installed into the Google Chrome web browser in order to add new features or modify the behavior of the browser. Extensions are written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and they run in the background of the browser without requiring any action from the user.

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When a user visits a website, the extension will check to see if there is any content that it can inject into the page. If there is, it will do so. Extensions can also interact with the web APIs provided by the browser in order to access data and perform actions on behalf of the user. For example, an extension could automatically fill in forms on websites or generate passwords for new accounts.

Extensions are not required to be listed in the Chrome Web Store in order to be installed, but they must be signed by Google in order to run on Windows. Mac and Linux users can install unsigned extensions directly from their file systems.

How Can They Help Your Productivity?

Google Chrome Extensions are great productivity tools that can help you get more done in less time. By adding extensions to your browser, you can customize your browsing experience to better suit your needs and make your workflow more efficient.

There are a ton of different extensions available, so it can be tough to know where to start. Here are a few of our favorites that can help boost your productivity:

1. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot’s Sales tool connects your email inbox with your CRM. Instead of having to navigate back and forth between the two products, this extension allows you to transfer contact information from your email directly into your CRM. This saves employees time in their day-to-day workflow and retains valuable information about customers.


  • Time-saving extension for those who sales team who use HubSpot’s CRM
  • Easily transfer contact information from email to CRM
  • Free to use
  • Helps sales team keep track of valuable customer information
  • Inbox integration makes it a seamless process


  • Only compatible with HubSpot’s CRM
  • Can be confusing to install and set up
  • Limited features and customization options

2. Todoist

Todoist is a project management tool that lets you create highly organized and visually attractive to-do lists across all of your devices. What’s neat about the Chrome extension is that you can see your to-do list, or your team’s shared lists, and add tasks to it without having to open a separate tab, app, or device. You can use Todoist on any browser-enabled device like the desktop computer or laptop, tablet or smart phone.


  • Helps you stay organized and on top of your to-do list
  • Easy to use
  • Visual appeal makes it fun to use
  • Available on multiple devices
  • Can share lists with others


  • Not free to use
  • Some features require a premium subscription
  • Can be overwhelming if you have a lot of tasks to manage

3. Reply

Reply is a Chrome extension that is making it easier for sales people to find potential prospects and make connections. Reply finds one’s emails and syncs them with their CRM. Reply also helps professionals find the email of anyone in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The possibilities are endless when you have access to this information, from setting up a meeting to networking all in one day!


  • Quick and easy way to find email addresses
  • Automatically syncs with CRM
  • Connects with prospects immediately
  • Helps research potential prospects
  • Uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator


  • Only available as a Chrome extension
  • Limited to LinkedIn for research
  • Syncing may not be perfect

4. StayFocusd

Time management has never been easier with StayFocusd! StayFocusd can help you develop healthy habits and focus on the most important tasks. You can set your time limit and budget to specific sites, so you won’t be distracted while completing projects. StayFocusd also offers many neat features such as the Require Challenge which asks you to complete a set of tasks before going back to social media


  • Helps users stay focused by budgeting time on websites
  • Highly customizable
  • Neat features like the Require Challenge
  • Easy to use
  • Blocks distractions


  • Can be difficult to set up
  • Not always effective in blocking distractions
  • Limited time limits

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is the all-in-one application that manages your daily tasks, complex projects, and remote teams. With this software, you can manage your to-dos, plan projects and work together with your teammates in one centralized hub. Working on more than one project that demands your attention? ClickUp can help you stay on top of all your projects, without the need to constantly switch between tabs. This extension offers six powerful tools, speeding up your work and giving you a more efficient way to manage tasks.


  • All-in-one productivity platform
  • Consolidates work into one centralized hub
  • Manages everything from daily to-dos to complex projects
  • Trusted by teams of all sizes
  • Rich set of customizable features


  • Not free
  • Learning curve
  • Limited integrations

6. LastPass

With LastPass, you only have to remember one password: your LastPass password. This saves your time, headaches and increases the security of your personal data. For those with a lot of accounts – from social networks, bank accounts and credit cards – losing track of passwords can be a nightmare.


  • Saves time by autofilling passwords
  • Increases security of personal data
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Free


  • Not all websites are compatible with LastPass
  • You could forget your LastPass password
  • Some people may not trust storing all their passwords in one place

7. Add to Trello

Add to Trello makes it easy for you to capture content from the web and keep your Trello boards up-to-date. Just click the “Add to Trello” button on any web page, choose which board you want the card added to, and give your card a title. When you’re done adding links, just close the tab and they’ll be in your Trello inbox waiting for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving
  • Intuitive
  • Customizable
  • Free


  • Limited integration options
  • No dedicated mobile app
  • Some features require a paid subscription

8. Extensions Manager

Extensions Manager is a clean and easy-to-use extension that shows you all of the extensions operating on Google Chrome, including ones you have installed or deleted. You can easily see what’s running in your background and hide any that are automatically appearing. Extensions Manager also helps you keep your browser clean by shifting all of the icons to the top right-hand side of your screen.


  • Extension management is a breeze
  • Hiding extension icons is very useful
  • You can see all the extensions you have at a glance
  • Very lightweight and fast
  • Free!


  • Not available for Firefox or other browsers
  • Limited options for managing extensions
  • No way to completely disable an extension


Google Chrome extensions are a fantastic way to boost your productivity when working online. With so many different options available, there’s sure to be an extension out there that can help you with whatever task you’re working on. Do some research and find the perfect extension for you, then start reaping the benefits of a more productive workflow. Your future self will thank you!

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