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How to Choose the Right Privacy Management Software?

Since an increased number of businesses are operating online and most sensitive data related to customers and companies is also stored online, having privacy compliance software allows businesses to stay in compliance with laws such as GPDR and HIPAA.

Every country has its data privacy regulations and, therefore, different requirements. For instance, CCPA has made it mandatory for websites to allow site visitors to opt-out of cookies. Therefore, you may have to use the CCPA cookie consent solution.

If you breach the law, it will tarnish your reputation in the market, and you may also have to face hefty fines and penalties. Hence, to help you choose the right privacy management software, you should ask yourself several questions. Read below to know!

How to Choose the Right Privacy Management Software

1.    Does It Provide a Detailed and Clear Picture of Your Entire Data?

In order to properly manage and control how your data is collected, stored, and processed, you must have all the company’s data structured in one place. That’s why it’s vital for you to look for a privacy management tool that lets you locate all kinds of data.

From cloud systems and apps to internal networks, an efficient tool can significantly help you keep track of the entire data in your company.

2.    Does It Provide Advanced Reporting and Analytics?

Before making a decision, you must assess if the privacy management software provides a comprehensive dashboard that features a detailed overview of your data, such as data subject access requests, response rates, and whether you’re being compliant with the applicable law or not.

All of this will significantly facilitate you in making your compliance with data privacy laws a breeze and managing your business operations more effectively. The advanced reporting and analytics section will allow you to share the data ecosystem with your employees for added effectiveness.

3.    Is It Easy to Use?

One of the essential factors when choosing the right privacy management tool is to consider its user-friendliness. If the learning curve is higher with the tool, you and your employees will have to spend a plethora of time, which can be instead spent on a better purpose.

In other words, investing in unintuitive software will simply make compliance with data privacy more complex. Furthermore, the right platform should also integrate with your current programs in a cinch to streamline your privacy processes.

4.    What Kind of Customer Support is Available?

You never know when your privacy management platform malfunctions. Therefore, having reliable customer support, which provides email and live chat support, will help you quickly find a solution to a problem.

In addition to fixing a bug, customer support can drastically facilitate you in implementing a new process or making changes to the current one.

5.    Can Privacy Management Software Effectively and Quickly Handle Data Security Problems?

Last but not least, the right privacy management tool should let you deal with data privacy risks instantly and effectively. It should allow for automated processes like replacing, changing, or erasing the data in case of data corruption or inaccurate records.

This will not only help you save time but also money while ensuring that you keep adhering to the data privacy laws and regulations. 

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