The 10 Best Office Management Softwares In 2023

When you are here, I guess you are an office manager looking for a way to do your tasks and duties more quickly and easily. If so, you should know we are here to help you find the best office management software. No matter, you are running a large or small company, be sure that by using one of these well-implemented Office management systems introduced below, you can increase the level of your business and productivity.

What is office management software?

Before I want to talk about the details and features of the best 2023 Office Management Software, let’s shortly describe what it means. Basically, they are tools that help business managers do their critical business processes more simply, such as crucial day-to-day tasks and responsibilities in the workplace. If it seems interesting to you, keep reading and learn more about their importance and the list of the ten best items of the software.

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10 Best Office Management Software

Now that you know what office management software is, it is time to introduce the list of ten best items that help you to perform your business’s vital processes.


No matter how extended your business is, be sure to use Hive as an excellent option to streamline administrative processes in your workplace. Generally speaking, this software is famous for its great features, such as:

  1. Document and video proofing
  2. Approval workflows
  3. Project templates
  4. Flexible project hierarchies
  5. Seamless agile management


There are three types of pricing programs to use this tool, such as:

  1. Free account: great for light project management for small teams.
  2. TEAMS:$12Per user/Per month
  3. ENTERPRISE: for teams that need extra support, and enterprise security with different costs
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The second option I want to introduce here is Basecamp. It is a refreshingly simple project management tool that fundamentally tries to reduce complexity and makes your management tasks much more joyful and less of a chore. Among its features, I can mention to:

  1. Unlimited projects
  2. Loads of storage space
  3. Invite guests for free
  4. Every single feature and tool
  5. Innovative client access
  6. Rock-solid uptime reliability
  7. 24/7/365 top-notch support
  8. Complimentary classes


It is offered in two types, both with a free period as a test:

  1. 15$ per user/per month (only bill for employees)
  2. 299$/ per month, billed annually (unlimited users)
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The third sure option is Slack, which helps you Connect with the right people and automate all your tasks. If you are wondering why people choose Slack as their productivity platform, read its features below here:

  1.  Making remote work easier 
  2. Knowing team availability
  3. Setting reminders
  4. Getting notified
  5. Voice and video call 
  6. Apps and integrations 
  7. Privatization of channels


And if you are wondering about its pricing plans, I should say that it is divided into four types:

  1. The free Type
  2. The Pro Type: USD 3.62/mo*
  3. The Business+: €11.75/mo*
  4. The Enterprise Grid: you should contact their team for the exact price
office management software

Meta’s Workplace

Meta’s Workplace is a popular social networking program that enables its users to communicate and share files in real-time with features like:

  1.  Video conferencing and instant messaging
  2.  Access Controls/Permissions
  3. Action Item Tracking
  4. Active Directory Integration
  5. Activity/News Feed
  6. Agenda Management
  7. Alerts/Notifications


If you want to know about the price of using this office management system, I should say that their core plan price is 4$ for each person and in one month, and if you add options, like Enhanced Admin and Support or Enterprise Live, you should pay two extra dollars for each item.

office management software


The fifth option is Tauria, a master platform that helps you facilitate your teamwork without causing any trouble in individual privacy. This office management system is mainly famous for its great features, such as:

  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Watch Together
  • Reactions
  • Recording

And if you want to know about its price, I should say that there are two plans, such as:

  1. Starter, which is free forever
  2. Pro, which is $ USD 9.95 per user/per month
office management software


The next popular office management tool is Evernote, which helps you make notes, create to-do lists, and save articles. Among the best features of this software, I can mention:

  1. Web Clipper
  2. Templates
  3. Spaces
  4. Integrations
  5. Notes Sync
  6. PDF & Doc Search
  7. Search Handwriting
  8. Document Scanner
  9. Notebooks & Tags


Also, I should add that you can choose to use this platform among its three different pricing plans, such as:

  1. Free plan
  2. Personal: $8.99/month or $80/year billed annually.
  3. Professional: $10.99/month or $109.99/year billed annually.
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Also, if you are among those managers looking for a well-developed suite of software for managing projects and offices, you can try Teamwork and benefit from its valuable features, such as:

  1. Activity Dashboard
  2. Activity Tracking
  3. Ad hoc Reporting
  4. Agile Methodologies
  5. Alerts/Notifications
  6. Approval Process Control


It is offered through different payment plans, such as:

  2. STARTER: $5.99user/mo
  3. DELIVER: $9.99user/mo
  4. GROW: $19.99user/mo
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This multi-functional software is an ideal CRM solution, project management tool, and office inventory management. If you are still not sure if it is suitable for you or not, read the below features of Bitrix24:

  1. Replaces all your current SaaS solutions
  2. Free forever for unlimited users
  3. Easy to migrate your data from other systems
  4. Integrated with all your favorite services and apps
  5. Used, loved, and trusted by 12,000,000+ users worldwide
  6. 100% flat fee: predictable costs, no per-user pricing


And about the price of using this office management system, I should add that you can use it:

  1. For free
  2. The basic plan for five users and USD 49/mo
  3. The standard plan, for 50 users and USD 99/mo
  4. The professional plan for 100 users and USD 199/mo
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Proofhub is the next option that is used by thousands of users around the world. This all-inclusive platform is suitable for managing projects of any size by providing great features, such as:

  1. Robust capabilities
  2. Intuitive design
  3. Reasonable flat rate price


It is offered in two price plans, such as:

  1. Essentials: $45 /month (billed annually)
  2. Unlimited Control: $89 /month (billed annually)
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And the last famous option known as a profitable free office management system is ClickUp. To find out more about its features and price, read the below list:

  • Efficient dashboard view
  • Customer-centric updates
  • User-friendly layout
  • Cost-effective


As you read above, ClickUp is a cost-effective tool, and its price plans are like this:

  1. Free
  2. Unlimited:5$ per person/ per month
  3. Business: 12$ per person/ per month
  4. Business Plus: 19$ per person/ per month
  5. Enterprise, which you should contact the team and ask for its price
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Importance of using an office management software

If you are still not sure about choosing one of these office management systems, it would be good to read this paragraph and learn how these tools would benefit you, such as:

  • Creating workflow and transparency.
  • Keeping everyone in the company on the same page through increased coordination and communication.
  • Help to minimize costs by optimizing the use of resources.
  • Increasing time efficiency by automating tedious repetitive tasks.
  • Providing scalability so you can effectively grow your business and operations.
  • Improving security and compliance, making your workplace a safer and more productive environment.
  • Reforming your office management with a digital solution can help create a brand image of innovation and efficiency.

What are the 5 basic activities of an office management software?

Finally, I want to talk about the five basic functions of office management software, which are not hard to find after this complete description, such as:

  1. It helps leaders make the best plans and visions to find new ways to delight their consumers.
  2. Also, it is helpful for those managers who take care of maintaining order to increase the level of clarity, balance, structure, and consistency.
  3. Moreover, they are great at helping employees understand all business needs by allowing greater visibility on projects that everybody is involved with.
  4.  The fourth worthful point is that these tools help you build an effective strategy and encourage your employees to communicate, easily.
  5. Finally, it helps your team manage deadlines easier and ensures to deliver projects on time.


In the above text, you can read all details about the best office management systems, how they can be helpful for your business success, and how to choose the best one based on your budget and needs. If you have any more questions about the above-mentioned office management software, you can check their linked website or contact their support team.

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