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How to get dark mode on Snapchat?

Nowadays, using different apps in social media is very common. You know that for doing your job you have to use these apps  according to your needs to get new information and skills.

In this article we want to speak about Snapchat, one of the common applications in social media and how to get dark mode on it. Firstly let me have a short explanation about Snapchat.

What’s Snapchat?

It’s an American application that has changed a lot during the past years. The Snapchat company keeps itself updated a lot and adds different options to the Snapchat.

There are two versions of Snapchat, one is for android mobile devices and other for IOS mobile devices.

One thing that catches attention in Snapchat is that every messages, videos or voices that are send in this mobile app even in android or IOS devices have shown for short time then they will be disappeared and  aren’t  available.

 What are Different features in Snapchat that we can use?

Firstly, the Snapchat company was focused on private photo sharing on Snapchat , but recently this company updates its apps and adds different features for its apps to make it more useful.

Some features that This company has added are sending short videos ,sending live video, and you can even add your story in this app.

How to get dark mode in Snapchat?

As I mentioned before, today different applications are used among people  and each application’s company has to update itself to have a high rank between other applications .

One of the features that are used in Snapchat is dark mode.

In this  article we want to tell you how to get dark mode in Snapchat so continue reading this part to get this information

How to get dark mode on IOS mobile devices for Snapchat?

  1. If you are using IOS mobile device open up your Snapchat and go to your profile
  2. Find the icon “star” on the left top of screen and it’s time to click on it.
  3. Go to settings menu
  4. From here go to my account section
  5. You can find a section with the name of app appearance so, tap on it.

App appearance can get you 3 different options such as: always light ,always dark and match system  and. You can get what you want by clicking on Always Dark Mode.


Knowing the difference between the three options of the app appearance button it’s very useful and important.

If you always choose the dark section you can get dark mode in your app and get what you want.

If you click on the always light section your phone settings doesn’t change and it still be like what it  was.

If you click on the match system section, the setting of your app becomes like your iPhone’s setting. I mean if your iPhone’s setting is in dark mode so your app will be like it and even if it’s on light mode Snapchat will become like it.

These explanations were for IOS mobile devices .

For turning on dark mode on android mobile devices continue reading  this article to the end.

How to get dark mode on android  mobile devices for Snapchat ?

For getting dark mode on an Android mobile device, you should know that it’s a little more difficult from IOS mobile devices.

You should set it by your mobile device, not the application itself, because Snapchat hasn’t released it to the public.

In most Android mobile devices, you can tap on Settings, then go to the display menu.

Now you can see the dark mode button, then click on it, again return to the settings menu and Scroll down the section named about phone.

Find the build information button so, when you find it, tap on it six times to activate your developer mode.

Go to settings menu again and choose the section named new developer option  and turn on force dark mode now you can get wh

t you want and your Snapchat  runs in dark mode.


This article was for teaching you how to get dark mode on both IOS and android mobile devices. I hope you enjoy reading this article.


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