Who Called Me From This Phone Number? (8 Tools To Find Out)

Nowadays, almost all of us use our phones to make business or casual calls and contact our family and friends. And everybody believes that this technology is making everything easier for us. But what will you do if you receive a phone call from an unknown number who you do not know why is calling you? Here we are to help you at this point and show you a way to find who that unknown number is and avoid scammers/hackers on the other end of the line. So, keep reading until the end of this text and learn about the best answer to “who called me from this phone number”.

who called me from this phone number

Can you know who called you from a phone number?

Who called me from this phone number? Is it possible to find it? Here, I should state that you are so lucky because the answer is positive, and you can use reverse telephone technology to directory access a collection of telephone numbers and associated customer details. If you do not know what the best reverse phone lookup services are and how to use them, do not miss the rest of this text.

8 Best reverse phone lookup services to Find Who Called You

Now, it is time to introduce the best tools, known as reverse phone lookup services that you can use to get rid of unknown numbers and their frustrating and risky calls. The below list includes the best eight lookup services to help you easily find the answer to the “who is calling me from this number” question.

  •  CocoFinder
who called me from this phone number

Be sure that CocoFinder should be the first and definite option you can use to benefit from its free reverse phone lookup feature. Also, I should add that this service is so simple to use, and you need only type in the digits of any phone number you want to find its owner and let the directory do its job.

  •  Spokeo
who called me from this phone number

The next option I want to introduce here is the Spokeo website, which offers a high-quality algorithm and a wide range of legit sources. It means there is a high chance of tracking down any mysterious callers. While its free version includes plenty of accurate details like age, address, and relations, you can pay and use its most effective features.

  •  PeopleFinders
who called me from this phone number

You might have heard the name of PeopleFinders, as one of the best phone reverse lookup services with a powerful dictionary constantly updated with new data from public records. Only, you should pay attention that this system only works in the US, and to use its full features, you should pay for its more professional versions. 

  • Truecaller
who called me from this phone number

If you prefer a system, which you can use to track a call immediately from your phone, you can use Truecaller as a service with an accompanying mobile app. Whether you want to use it on a desktop site or mobile phone, you should register with an email and phone number, then you can use its free high-end capabilities.

  •  Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is one of the most simple to use and straightforward online directory tools, which you can use to gather even private information about any phone number owner you want for free, such as social media, public records, name, address, pictures, and any other public and legal available data.

  •  CellRevealer
who is calling me from this number

Who is calling me from this number? To find the answer, you can try a website like CellRevealer. The customers of this service are happy with its basic and free phone tracking capabilities and believe they are very reliable. Moreover, this system works as a notice board, where you can find scammers or telemarketers introduced by other users and quickly make a note to avoid them. 

  • Spytox

Also, you might like to use Spytox as a free and legit reverse phone lookup site because it is easy to use and efficient to find enough data about any caller with an ample source and dictionary with many accurate details.

who is calling me from this number

The last option I want to introduce is ZLOOKUP, a great option to find phone number owners and investigate callers. This free reverse phone lookup tool is so simple to use, and you should only type in the number you want. Then the directory searches to find databases and retrieve a name and other useful information.

What Is A Reverse Phone Lookup?

Previously, I talked about the best eight services you can use to find the answer to who is calling me from this number, and from there you might have understood what a Reverse Phone Lookup service is. But to make everything clear, I should state that reverse phone number lookups are services that help you find out who called you from a number in a short time and without any effort only by entering the phone number. Generally, people use these services to find out who called them, identify spam callers, verify their identity, and avoid phone scams.

What are the reasons for using reverse phone lookup services?

Various Reverse Phone lookup services are different in details like this, but the basic purpose of all of them is to help you find useful information in different fields, like:

  1. Phone owner’s information, such as first name and last name, age, background report info
  2. Contact information, such as other phone numbers, current addresses, and past addresses
  3. Relatives & associates, such as family member names, phone numbers, and addresses
  4. Phone number information, such as spam caller, landline, cell, or VOIP, and phone carrier.


Who called me from this phone number? It is what we talked about in the above text, and now you know the best reverse phone lookup services you can use to reach this goal. If you still have any questions not answered above, you can share them below in the comments or check the official sites we have linked in the above text.


Can I find out who a phone number belongs to?

Of course yes, you can use Reverse Phone lookup services and find who the owner of a call is.

How can I check if a number is spam?

Again, the best and most simple way is to use a professional reverse phone number lookup service.

Can I Google search a phone number?

While it is possible, there is no guarantee you will find trust and reliable information.

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