What is Redress Number? (Do You Need One?) [2024]

If you are a frequent traveler, you would be familiar with the hardness of travel security screening. And everything will be more difficult when unfortunately you have the same name as someone in the U.S. But there is nothing to worry about because below you will understand what is redress number, and how it helps passengers to avoid unnecessary screenings.

what is redress number

What is redress number?

Before explaining what is redress number, let’s find the exact meaning of redress, which is not hard. In simple words, redress means setting correct or remedy, but in the air travel context, it refers to travelers’ ability to explain their exact identity to the TSA and enhance their security checkpoint experience at airports. So, the redress number is a certain seven-digit identifier issued by the TSA, especially for you to prove your identity and prevent any misidentification. Also, it would be helpful for the TSA when they want to identify individuals needing additional screening.

How do I get a redress number for travel?

If you think it is better to get a redress number for yourself, you can do that in two ways:

  • Submit an inquiry through the DHS website:
  1. Visit the DHS website
  2. Complete the online form by providing some information about the travel experience you had issues in.
  3. Submit your personal information and documentation, such as the government-issued photo ID. 
  4. Then, you will receive a Redress Control Number which you can use to track the status of your redress inquiry.
what is redress number
  • Mail the applications to the DHS address:

Pay attention that in this way, you might wait longer to receive your Redress Number because the processing time of your redress number will probably increase. But if that is your chosen way, you should send your mail to the below address:

DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (TRIP)

601 South 12th Street, TSA-901

Arlington, VA 20598-6901

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How do I use a redress number?

Now that you received your redress number, everything will be easier. For example, if you are wondering how to use this number, I should say that it is much easier than you think and the only thing you should do is enter your redress number in the field you see when you want to make a flight reservation, or adding that to your frequent flyer profile on the website when you are choosing your airline.

Do you need a redress number?

Basically, most people do not need to get a redress number, but if you are among those passengers usually pulled from the regular TSA security line for additional screenings, it is best to get one. However, there are other reasons than multiple occasions of being subjected to a secondary screening that you should be careful about, such as:

  • When you can not print a boarding pass online
  • In cases where you can not easily get a boarding pass from the ticket kiosk
  • When your boarding was rejected or your boarding process was delayed
  • If you are on the no-fly list
  • If you are denied entrance into the United States
  • You have been told that your fingerprint is incorrect or of poor quality.


How long does a redress case take?

After the DHS TRIP receives and verifies your application, you should wait about 30 days, which might be a bit less or more.

What is the difference between redress and known traveler?

Known Traveller Number is a beneficial and fast-tracking tool, but the Redress Number is more helpful as a damage control system.

How many digits is a redress number?

As I have mentioned above, it is a 7-digit number.

Can foreign nationals apply for a redress number?

Of course, yes. Foreign nationals and non-US citizens can also easily get a redress number. 

Is a redress number the same as TSA PreCheck?

No, TSA PreCheck is another kind of travel program used to expedite the security screening process for known travelers and is not affiliated with the redress number.


The above text is a complete description of what is redress number, who needs it, how to get it, and how to use it. If you read the text and you have any other questions not answered there, you can visit the official site of DHS, and you will find it there. Also, you can contact us by sharing your comment below.

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