Verizon Pprepaid Sim Card: How to buy and activate one?

You might have heard about Verizon as a famous telecommunications company and its popular offers, such as wireless services, internet access, and television. Now, if you are wondering, does this U.S. large wireless communication provider offer prepaid sim cards? I suggest you keep reading until the end of this text and learn about the details of this topic, such as Where to buy a Verizon prepaid sim card?, and Verizon prepaid sim card activation.

Does Verizon have a prepaid card?

The definite answer is yes. This option is available for all Verizon customers and even other big network carriers. Fortunately, nowadays, Verizon’s prepaid plans also include Nationwide 5G access if you pay extra for Ultra-Wideband support. And the best point is that to change your contract plans to prepaid plans there is no need to use another phone.

What is Verizon prepaid sim card?

If I want to explain Verizon prepaid sim cards in a simple world, I should say that they are No Annual Contract Plans, in which you pay in advance for your services. Here, I should add that Verizon offers monthly plans with no deposits or credit checks. To know more about Verizon prepaid sim card types that help you save more due to loyalty discounts, read the below list:

  • 5G Nationwide coverage
  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Unlimited Text to over 200 international destinations
  • $5/mo savings when you enroll in Autopay
  • Plans $40 and higher are eligible for loyalty discounts

Where can I buy a Verizon prepaid sim card?

Like any other network provider, Verizon has retail stores to sell its services. So, if you like to buy a Verizon prepaid sim card, it is best to search for the nearest Verizon store close to your home and simply get a sim card by giving the ID card and some personal information, so that they can register it for you. Also, you can do all these steps through some famous online shops, like Walmart. But that is not the end, now you should learn about Verizon prepaid sim card activation, which I will talk about in the next paragraph.

Verizon prepaid sim card

How to activate Verizon prepaid sim card?

After you bought your needed Verizon prepaid sim card as I have explained above, which is not hard, you can use one of the below ways for your Verizon prepaid sim card activation.

  • Verizon prepaid sim card activation By Call

The first option, you can use is to activate your Verizon prepaid sim card by a call through the below steps:

  1. Keep your SIM purchase receipt safe and with you as it contains the information you need to call for activation.
  2. Open your phone and tap on the keyboard icon that you usually use to call a number.
  3. The Verizon activation number you should dial now is “8778074646”.
  4. Follow the instructions explained by the automated voice until finishing the activation process.
  5. Finally, you will receive an activation text from Verizon. 
  • Verizon prepaid sim card online activation:

If you are not a fan of calling and instead prefer doing your jobs online, you can use the below steps for an online Verizon prepaid sim card activation:

  1. Go to the Verizon official website.
  2. Then, you should enter your user ID and password and click to sign in. 
  3. Find the “My Devices” option and click on it to find your current device.
  4. Go down and find the “Activate My Phone” icon, then click on that.
  5. This time, you should find “Activate My Sim Card” and choose it. 
  6. Enter your phone number in the blank space, and press enter.
  7. Continue the online instructions and finish the Verizon prepaid sim card activation process.


Will Verizon give you a SIM card for free?

One of the best features of Verizon for its current users is that they can ask for a new Verizon sim card or replacement at no cost.

How do I start a Verizon prepaid plan?

To start a Verizon prepaid plan, you should log into Verizon Prepaid and activate your sim card and phone.


In the above text, you read about Verizon prepaid sim cards, how popular they are throughout the world, and how to activate them. Also, I have mentioned that you can buy Verizon sim cards online or from a retail store close to your home in different types and benefit from various services, such as unlimited talk and text, unlimited voice minutes, unlimited messaging, unlimited data rollover, and more. If you have any other questions about Verizon prepaid sim card activation, you can comment below here or visit the Verizon official site.

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