What is TextUs and What Does it Do? (Pricing ,Features and more)

When you are looking for a business communication platform, they typically consider several factors to ensure the platform meets their specific needs and requirements, such as channels and features or scalability and flexibility. If they are also important for you and you are looking for a business communication platform or service that facilitates communication between you and your customers, and typically offers various tools and features to streamline and enhance communication processes, do not waste time, keep reading and learn more about textus.


What is TextUs?

TextUs is a business communication platform that enables companies to connect and engage with their customers and team members through text messaging. It provides a streamlined and efficient way to communicate using SMS (short message service) and MMS (multimedia messaging service) texts. Also, it is used for professional use cases and offers features tailored to enhance business communication.

What does TextUs do? (TextUs Featues)

As you read above, TextUs is a communication tool designed for businesses to streamline and enhance their messaging and text-based communications with customers, clients, and team members. In another world, it enables businesses to send and receive text messages from a computer or mobile device. It offers features such as group messaging, templates for quick responses, automation for scheduling messages, and analytics to track message performance. The below list includes some of its key features:

  • Two-Way Texting: TextUs allow businesses to send and receive text messages with customers and team members, facilitating real-time and interactive communication.
  • Templates and Automation: This platform provides templates and automation capabilities to streamline repetitive tasks. Users can create pre-designed message templates and automate communication workflows, saving time and effort.
  • Team Collaboration: It supports team collaboration by allowing multiple users to access and respond to text messages from a shared platform. It provides features for internal communication and among team members.
  • CRM Integration: This service integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing businesses to sync text message conversations with their CRM data. This integration helps provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions and enables more personalized communication.
  • Analytics and Reporting: The platform offers analytics and reporting features to track and measure the effectiveness of text message campaigns. Users can gain insights into message performance, response rates, and other metrics to optimize communication strategies.
  • Compliance and Security: TextUs prioritizes compliance with data protection and privacy regulations. It provides security measures to protect sensitive customer information and ensures compliance with industry standards.

TextUs Pricing

TextUs offers several features designed to enhance business communication, and the price of using each of these features would be different. But generally speaking, it has the following pricing plans:

  • Starting from: $250.00/month
  • Pricing model: Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available

To know more about the updated details of this point, always you can check the Textus official site information.

Benefits of using TextUs

Using TextUs as a business messaging platform can provide several benefits for organizations. Here are some potential advantages:

  1. Improved Communication Efficiency:

TextUs allows businesses to engage with customers, clients, and team members through text messaging, a fast and convenient mode of communication. It enables quick and concise interactions, reducing the need for lengthy phone calls or back-and-forth emails.

  1. Higher Response Rates:

Text messages have high open and response rates than other communication channels. By leveraging TextUs, businesses can increase the likelihood of their messages and respond promptly.

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience:

TextUs enables businesses to provide a more personalized and convenient experience. They can send automated reminders, notifications, or updates, keeping customers informed and engaged. Additionally, quick response times and easy accessibility can contribute to a positive customer experience.

  1. Centralized Messaging Platform:

TextUs offers a centralized platform to manage and organize text-based communications. It provides features like contact management, message templates, and analytics, allowing businesses to streamline their messaging workflows and track the effectiveness of their communication efforts.

  1. Integration and Automation:

TextUs often integrate with other business tools and software, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, applicant tracking systems (ATS), or helpdesk platforms. This integration allows seamless data synchronization, automated messaging workflows, and efficient collaboration across different systems.

  1. Team Collaboration:

TextUs can facilitate collaboration by allowing internal messaging and group conversations. It enables teams to coordinate tasks, share information, and collaborate effectively, especially when quick communication is crucial.

  1. Compliance and Security:

TextUs often provide security measures and compliance features to protect sensitive information. This platform can include features like data encryption, user authentication, and compliance with regulations such as TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) or GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

What are top 3 TextUs alternatives?

TextUs is one of the best business text messaging platforms that allows organizations to communicate with their customers and teams via text messages, but I can provide you with its three popular alternatives that were well-regarded at the time:

  1. Zipwhip:

 Zipwhip is a text messaging software designed for businesses, which enables organizations to send and receive text messages using their existing landline, toll-free, or VoIP phone number. It also offers features such as group messaging, auto-reply, message templates, and integrations with CRM systems.

  1. Haymarket

Haymarket is a team messaging platform for improving customer service and team collaboration through text messaging. It provides features like shared inboxes, scheduled messages, message templates, and analytics, and also integrates with popular CRM and helpdesk tools.

  1. Avochato:

Avochato is a text messaging and live chat platform for businesses. It offers two-way messaging, group messaging, automation workflows, message templates, and analytics. Moreover, Avochato can integrate with CRM systems, helpdesk software, and other business tools.


  • Does TextUs offer an API?

Yes, it offers an SMS API, which is a RESTful API to help you integrate your TextUs messages and contacts with your CRM or any other tool.

  • How to unblock messages on TextUs?

You can unlock a conversation on Textus and it will again appear appears in the User’s open filter and the user will be in your list of contacts.


Previously, you read that TextUs is a business text messaging platform for organizations to communicate with customers with features such as group messaging, automation, templates, and integrations with other systems. If you want to know more about its effectiveness in business communication and how it improves customer engagement, check the official site.

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