Spotify Receiptify: How to Get a receipt of your most played Spotify tracks

receiptify spotify

Today, everyone, of course, youth knows Spotify and uses this digital music service to access millions of songs. If you are a Spotify fan, you might have needed a tool to collect your Spotify data and create receipts for your top favorites. The good news is that Receiptify Spotify is exactly what you want because it allows you to compile your Spotify data and make receipts of your top 10 songs from the past month, six months, and all-time based on your preference. Also, you can use it to share your music preferences on social media. If it seems interesting to you and you want to know more about this new technology and how to get a receipt for your favorite Spotify tracks, don’t miss the text below.

What is Receiptify?

We all know Spotify as a popular application for usage-based viral phenomena such as cebergify, Wrapped, Spotify Color Pallet, Pie Chart, and Zodiac Affinity. And the latest trend which is getting traction on social media is Receiptify. This super cool website can be magical for those music lovers who want to share their favorite songs on their Instagram stories. The site’s creator, Michelle Liu, started this amazing idea from an Instagram account called @albumreceipts, which compiled an album’s tracklist onto a mock-up receipt. If I want to explain the meaning of Spotify Receiptify in simple words, the most familiar example is a  purchase receipt. This plugin is designed to convert your most played or listened-to Spotify pieces of music into a receipt. 

receiptify spotify

How does Receiptify work?

You might be wondering how Spotify Receiptify works, which is not hard to explain because now you know this service’s goal. So, let’s start with this point, Receiptify gathers all the music tracks you’ve listened to (like the previous Spotify trends) on Spotify, crunches the numbers, and then presents it as a receipt. It could be interesting to notice that this tool creates three types of receipts for you, such as:

  1. A snapshot of your last month’s music
  2. A summary of your top hits in the previous six months
  3. An overview of your favorites of all time

It is worth noticing that Spotify API backend uses advanced algorithms to recognize songs played in a user’s library. Also, this open-source tool, in which you can find the code from their website’s “About” section, retrieves all data from legal and official sources.

How to Make Receiptify of Spotify?

Previously, you read that Receiptify is a third-party tool that allows free and premium Spotify users to convert their most played songs into an aesthetic receipt format. But now you might be wondering how you can exactly drive this feature, which I will explain here. Whether you are an experienced Spotify user or a new one who wants to get the most out of Receiptify and its unique music-sharing capabilities, just follow the below steps:

  •  Access the Receiptify Website:

At the first level, go to the Receiptify Website by pressing the link or searching the address on your favorite search engine. Then log into your Spotify account.

  • Agree with Terms & Conditions:

After logging in, you will see a set of terms and conditions, which you should go ahead and press the ‘Agree’ button if you are comfortable with them.

  • Select Preferences:

At this level, you should use the API-integrated platform and generate receipts for your top 10 or 50 tracks, artists, genres, and searched albums. Also, you can choose one of the songs from the previous month, the last six months, or even your favorite songs.

  • Get your receipt image:

Finally, you should tap the “Download Image” button. And instantly download your distinctive Spotify playlist of the most played songs to your device.

I hope you can easily do this process and share it with your acquaintances effortlessly.

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In the above text, you read about Receiptify Spotify, what it means, how it works, and how you can use it to make a receipt image and share your favorite songs on other platforms in only four simple steps. If you read the above text and still have a question not answered, you can check the Receiptify official site mentioned in the above text, check the About section, or contact the support team. Also, if you comment on your questions or experiences below, you will make us happy, and we try to find the best answer for you.


  • Is Spotify Receiptify free?

The answer is yes, this website is ad-supported and free.

  • Is Receiptify Safe?

If you are worried about its safety, be sure Receiptify is one of the most secure platforms you can use.

  • Does Receiptify only work with Spotify?

No. Receiptify works with other platforms like and Apple Music.

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