6 Best Pokemon Emulators For iPhone (Play Pokemon on iPhone)

Pokemon is a name known to all of us, and even those who don’t play have heard of it at least once. Pokémon is a series of role-playing video games developed in 1996 that shaped much of our childhood. So, the worst news is that you can not play it anymore because you have an iPhone or iPad. But here, I want to tell you how to use the Pokemon emulator iPhone and easily play this game like before.

Can You Play Pokémon On iPhone/iPad?

The sure answer is yes, you can play Pokémon on your iPhone or iPad as there are some of them for free download on the App Store. And for the rest of the classic Pokémon games that are not usually available for direct download, it is a good idea to use the Pokémon emulator for iPhone or iPad. If you do not know what a Pokemon GO emulator iPhone is, how to find the best one, and how to install them, do not miss the text below.

pokemon emulator iphone

6 Best Pokemon Emulators For iPhone

As you search for the best pokemon emulator iPhone, you will find a long list of available emulators, which makes it hard to choose the best one. But there is nothing to be worried about because here we have gathered a list of the 6 best options to help you enjoy playing Pokemon on your iPhone.

  • Delta:

The first option I want to introduce is the famous Delta emulator for iOS, which is an all-in-one option that allows you to emulate many Nintendo systems, like video games from Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64, and Super Nintendo. So, the next time you wish to play old-school Pokémon games, remember this emulator’s name.

  • DolphiniOS:

The next option is DolphiniOS, a fully open-source emulator, which you can use and easily play GameCube and Wii games on your iPhone or iPad. So, if your iOS device has an A9 processor or newer, it might be a good idea to try this open-source option and benefit from its new updates.

  • Provenance:

And the third popular item is Provenance, a famous iOS & tvOS multi-emulator frontend, which supports various Atari, Bandai, NEC, Nintendo, Sega, SNK, and Sony console systems. The most important option about this emulator is its features and enhancements, like the ROM browser and Native API Integration.

  • Happy Chick:

Also, you can use Happy Chick as one of the best emulators with more than 18 different systems, which you can use to play any game you wish. Among the best features of this emulator, I can mention that it fully supports users for safe states, offers automatic game backup, allows you to play them on different devices, as well as stores saves and configurations in the cloud.

pokemon emulator iphone
  • GBA4iOS Emulator

The fourth option is the GBA4iOS emulator, developed in 2013 and attracting millions of players and virtual game launchers from around the world because of its easy installation and user-friendly interface. Also, I have to add that using GBA4iOS is equal to playing older Pokemon franchise games on iPhone and iPad.

  • Game Play Color Emulator:

Whether you want to play classic Pokémon games on your iOS, saved games, offline games, or 8-bit audio, you can use the Game Play Color Emulator. This emulator has many great features that attract users, such as Google Drive integration, allowing you to save ROMs or cover art in the GDrive.

How to Install pokemon emulator iphone on your device?

No matter which of the above pokemon emulator iPhones you choose, you can find them from the link mentioned on each of their names, and follow the instruction which is basically the same:

  1. Choosing the Install/Open/Download button.
  2. The app will ask for installation, and you should choose Yes.
  3. Start installing and wait until the end.

Where to Find Emulator for iPhone?

Now that you know about the best emulators to help you play even classic Pokemon on your iPhone, it is time to learn more about different ways you can find any of them, such as:

  • Install the pokemon emulator from a third-party app:

The other method is to use a third-party app, like AltStore, and Cydia Impactor which is the home for apps that push the boundaries of iOS. This option is the best to simply Download Delta by only launching the app.

pokemon emulator iphone
  • Install the pokemon emulator from an Alternative App Store:

The next option is to choose an alternative App Store, like alternative App Store, like,,, or, watch ads and follow the onscreen instructions to freely download any emulator you want.

  • Install the pokemon emulator from BuildStore:

This method is just like how the alternative App Stores I have mentioned above work, with a little difference that you need to pay about $19.99 per month to register your device, and then you can download any emulators at no further cost. Also, BuildStore regularly backs up and runs revoked options much quicker than anywhere else.

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  • Are emulators safe for iPhone?

If you check where it comes from before downloading, and be sure about its source, the answer to the above question is yes, emulators are perfectly safe.


In the above text, we talked about all the different ways to help iOS users to play even classic Pokemon games on their iPhone or iPad, which is downloading an emulator from third-party apps like AltStore, Alternative App Store like, and even BuildStore. Also, it is possible to simply use the above-mentioned links and download them from their official website.

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