6 best tire shines to buy for your car 2023

Make sure the tires of your car are equally clean after cleaning off all the mud and filth. There are wheel and tire cleaners that can assist get the mud off, but if you really want to go the extra mile, apply tire shine afterward. The greatest tire shine, which is frequently offered in spray or gel form, provides the tires on your car a wet appearance with a final high-gloss pop that makes them stand out.

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Whatever the case, a bottle of tire shine has plenty of room in your supply of car care supplies. It’s a great topper to an afternoon detailing session, like a cherry on top of a sundae, or perfect for a quick spritz to jazz things up when the rest of your ride is looking a bit unkempt. It’s the equivalent to wearing a nice shiny pair of shoes.

  • Chemical Guys TVD11316 Tire Kicker SprayableBest overall

  • Nexgen Tire Dressing Best expensive

  • Black Magic BM23 Tire WetBest price

  • Meguiar’s G190315 Ultimate Insane Shine Tire Coating

  • CARPRO PERL Coat Plastic & Rubber Protectant

  • 303 Wheel and Tire Cleaner

These are top six options for tire shines that will be available in 2023. From gels that will last a long time to sprays that are easy to use, there’s a choice for everyone on this list.

6 best tire shines to buy

We will discuss the best 6 tire cleaners here, along with their benefits and drawbacks:

1. Chemical Guys TVD11316 Tire Kicker Sprayable

This Chemical Guys product, which goes beyond the just-for-tires playbook, is touted as a tire shine spray but is also said to work on vinyl, rubber, and plastic car parts. In other words, it ought to properly restore the grayed-out plastic trim on your beaten-up Chevrolet Avalanche.

When properly applied, this spray-on substance is supposed to leave behind a wet appearance. The advertisement makes the humorous claim that this substance “won’t wipe off on your shoes whenever kicking a tire.” According to experiences, this dressing guards against further fading from sunlight.


  • Highly regarded
  • Easy to use
  • helps avoid attracting fresh dirt and dust


  • Reports of a cheap spray nozzle

2. Nexgen Tire Dressing 

The exceptional tire protection, Nexgen’s water-based tire shine treatment, is made using custom emulsions created by synthetic polymer coating technology. This tire cleaner enhances your detailing to the next level of perfection while nourishing and safeguarding tires.

In addition to your car’s tires, you may use this treatment on the trim and dashboards. Instead of leaving behind the greasy and excessively glossy sheen that lower-quality treatments do, this tire coating offers a natural shine.

Your tires may eventually develop cracks, fading, discoloration, and stains as a result of UV exposure. The tire shine spray, with its cutting-edge synthetic polymer covering that contains UV blockers, ensures that your trim is safeguarded.

Your car’s tires not only shine, but they also get their previous sheen back. Additionally nourishing the worn-out and deterring light dirt, dust, and debris, this tire shine gel keeps tires looking spotless for a longer period of time.

Nexgen Tire Dressing rapidly applies to your car’s tires to give them a polished appearance. Simply wipe on the product and buff it out for a rich, long-lasting shine.


  • Robust stuff and plenty of it
  • Lasts for a while
  • inexpensive


  • You should have your own spray bottle

3. Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet

The Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet is another fantastic option. This cleaner’s powerful mixture quickly gets rid of rust, brake dust, and road grime, leaving your rims looking brand new.

Additionally, this strong, foaming wheel cleaner contains an aggressive, fast-acting formula that penetrates the tops of your rims and tires to remove difficult soils like grease.

Additionally, the corrosion-repellent polymer in this cleaner avoids contaminant buildup and facilitates subsequent cleaning.

Additionally, the corrosion resistant polymers that this spray leaves behind help keep your wheels looking brand-new for longer by preventing rust and limiting contaminant buildup. It’s the perfect wheel cleaner for time-constrained car aficionados who want a mirror-like polish, to put it briefly.


  • quickly removes filth and grease
  • prevents corrosion and keeps surfaces cleaner longer
  • simple and effective to clean brown tires
  • affordable


  • not suitable to use when the rims are hot

4. Meguiar’s G190315 Ultimate Insane Shine Tire Coating

An impressive claim to offer for a detailing business is Ultimate Insane. Although the rubber in tires isn’t supposed to be glossy, Meguiar’s is one of the few tire treatments that actually achieves the “soaking wet-look”. It is an aerosol product, which makes application simple but necessitates the most cleanup. Additionally, it contains solvents, which some people may claim dries up and discolors tires. Meguiar’s stood out because it maintained nearly the same shine after two weeks as when it was initially applied. Although the gloss does wash off, unlike some other treatments, it leaves a gleaming black satin finish.


  • Shiniest product we tested
  • Top-level durability
  • Heavy spray fills in details
  • inexpensive


  • Long dry time
  • Aerosol gets product everywhere

5. CARPRO PERL Coat Plastic & Rubber Protectant

Even though it isn’t the shiniest of the bunch, CARPROPerl emerged as a winner after testing. It is a safer option for individuals worried about solvents drying out their tires because it is water-based. Environment-friendly products are those without solvents. Even with less sheen, it still offers a very deep black finish. It costs more, but being water-based has advantages as well. If utilized in that fashion, the pricing makes more sense because this can be diluted up to a 1:5 ratio for various surfaces. Surfaces coated with PERL will require less cleaning and keep their brand-new appearance for a longer period of time.


  • Water-based formula is better for tires and the environment
  • UV protection
  • Can be diluted in different ratios for a variety of surfaces


  • Several levels down on the gloss scale compared to competitors
  • After a wash, it is completely gone
  • 3 times the cost of some competitors

6. 303 Wheel and Tire Cleaner

To help maintain your wheels and tires, use this 303 wheel and tire cleaning. The 303 Wheel & Tire Cleaner’s strong foaming composition effectively removes dirt and debris, leaving behind immaculate wheels and tires.

Additionally, because it does not include any corrosive components, you can use it on whatever tires you choose to clean.

However, this 303 Wheel & Tire Cleaner is the perfect choice for anyone who want to keep their wheels and tires in brand-new shape. This cleaner accommodates many types of wheels in addition to performing properly.

Prior to rinsing the wheel and tire with water from the hose, spray the cleanser onto them and let it sit for two minutes. Use a paintbrush to next apply the substance to the dark-colored tires. The strong cleaning abilities of this tire cleaner will undoubtedly clean the tires and make them look beautiful.


  • very convenient to use
  • contains no corrosive components
  • suitable for use with all types of wheels
  • can give wheels and tires a facelift
  • effectively removes the black spots on the tires.


  • Not suitable for cleaning the tire of mud stains

Is it good to put tire shine on tires?

According to Tire Reviews, the sidewall of the tire can be protected from exposure to impurities by applying tire shine or dressings, however this protection only lasts a few days. It is recommended to maintain them clean by not letting grit and debris from the road on the tires for a lengthy period of time.

How to apply tire shine?

It’s time to start working once you’ve acquired tire cleaners. You may therefore easily clean the dark tires by following these instructions.

  1. Scrub the tires and wheels with a brush and dry cleaning solvent.
  2. Use water to clean the tires. Things will go more smoothly if we have the garden hose.
  3. Take into account utilizing a tire cleaner designed specifically for the job or make your own by mixing one teaspoon of dish soap with one gallon of water. Spray the cleaner, then let it sit for the required amount of time according to the directions.
  4. Use a tire brush to thoroughly clean the tire sidewalls wherever browning has appeared. Be careful not to use a strong brush as this could damage the tire. Steel-toothed brushes have the ability to pierce rubber and let air through.
  5. To clean the tires and rims, use a garden hose or pressure washer. Please make use of them to get rid of filth as much as you can in between washings. You’ll feel at ease letting the washer’s water drain into the yard because tire cleaners are frequently eco-friendly. Then, if necessary, begin again.
  6. Lastly, clean the tires and wheels.

Where can I buy cover all tire shine?

Almost all tire dressing and shine products on the market use silicone as a delivery system. The shine you see is a thin layer of silicone that is resting on top of the rubber, much more transient than the clear coat that covers the paint of your automobile. Aerosols and thick gels are just a couple of the delivery options available to users, and chemistries can either be solvent- or water-based.

Although these products will offer some level of ozone and UV radiation protection, their primary purpose is purely aesthetic. Even the most costly model we examined cost significantly less than a single tank of gas, despite the fact that costs can fluctuate dramatically.

Considering the above mentioned points, Amazon would be the best choice while choosing a tire shine.

In conclusion

Your car’s tires are most vulnerable to damage from scratches and road debris. Car tires are also prone to accumulating filth, mud, oil, and other contaminants. Consequently, you should routinely wash your car. But doing so takes time and money, and occasionally it won’t clear your car’s wheels of oil, dirt, and filth.

Tire cleaners can help you prevent regular car washes and pointless expenditures. In that case, this article will help you choose the best tire cleaner for the tires on your car.

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