How Might Your Team Benefit from IT Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation has been a very popular kind of outsourcing over the last several years. Regrettably, there are still a lot of misunderstandings about staff augmentation that keep companies from benefiting from this smart and strategic strategy that helps them to expand swiftly in certain areas. It’s common practice to redistribute responsibility within an organization to fill in the gaps, however, doing so just eliminates current positions without having the desired consequences.

How Might Your Team Benefit from IT Staff Augmentation?

What Exactly is Team Augmenting?

Team augmentation, sometimes referred to as staff augmentation, is growing internal teams by bringing in external IT personnel. This may be one engineer to fill a skill gap in the local development team, a small group of experts working alongside in-house staff, or even a completely remote team devoted to your unique requirements. With this engagement strategy, you may choose specific individuals depending on the needs of your business and project. 

What are the Advantages of Adding IT Staff?

When finding permanent employees is difficult or increases the overall cost of maintaining the workforce, IT staff augmentation is the go-to solution. Here are a few other advantages to be aware of:

Development and Adaptation

Companies may extend their working operations thanks to the system’s adaptability without having to increase their whole personnel. Businesses now have more practical options thanks to IT staff augmentation company WeSoftYou, which allow them to recruit individuals on a project-by-project basis.

No Regional Limitations

Regardless matter where your office is located, you have access to a practically limitless pool of talent. Also, various members of the larger team working on your project can end up supporting the same cause elsewhere.

Using a Large Talent Pool

Using a large pool of knowledge is another important advantage of staff augmentation. Instead of only using the software experts you’ve already hired or the ones that reside nearby, you may access a large network of them.

This implies that regardless of skill set or experience level, you can find the appropriate IT personnel for your project. You could create a large remote team to work alongside your internal development teams and project managers if your project is complex.

Productivity Growth

In this scenario, your project is being worked on by an internal team and chosen experts from an outside business. The advantage is that they will work uninterrupted and on schedule the whole time, which will assist in production rise. If you are pleased with their work, you may engage them for other long-term projects. Also, you may speak with them regarding any needs.

How Might Your Team Benefit from IT Staff Augmentation?

Different Staffing Strategies

We must first be aware of the several forms that staff augmentation may take before learning more about it. Three different staff augmentation methods exist:

  • Skill-Based

This kind calls for a certain skill set, such as data processing, office administration, simple copywriting, transcribing, etc., but the necessary competence is not required.

  • Commodity

You don’t need a precise skill set when hiring someone to do duties like physical labor, warehouse work, events, or retail.

  • Highly-Skilled

You need specialized knowledge that can only be acquired through experience or formal education, such as contract law, software engineering, and brand design. It also takes a certain amount of expertise.

When Can IT Staff Augmentation Bring You The Most Value?

Consider adding IT employees if you need:

  • Quicker Hiring

Because your partner has already selected and thoroughly vetted applicants based on your needs, the recruiting process is much shorter.

  • Instantaneous Wisdom

The chosen specialists meet the requirements to join your team as soon as the recruiting procedure is complete.

  • Flexible Scaling

Quick on-demand team scalability is one of the primary advantages and a fundamental distinction between staff augmentation and outsourcing (both up or down). Custom Web Application Development Services can be of great benefit to you in case of staff growth, more here: 

  • Cost Reduction

You may minimize your development costs by adding outside professionals to a team. You may be able to save up to 58% on costs by having access to talent pools with reduced cost rates.

«This may be one engineer to fill a skill gap in the local development team, a small group of experts working alongside in-house staff, or even a completely remote team devoted to your unique requirements (the latter is often referred to as a development center model)».


In short, hiring more employees is the greatest way for businesses to reduce costs while maintaining the critical resources needed to sustain company efficiency. Also, staff augmentation gives you the freedom to adjust your resource levels to your company’s needs. If done properly, expanding your workforce might result in financial savings for your business, so weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully.

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