FindPeopleFaster Review: Fast People Search Tool for Free

The pandemic caused many of us to lose touch with each other, and slowly some of our favorite people disappeared from the radar. Having a tool that can help you reconnect with them at such a time is a real gift. People search tools do just this, but not all of them can offer you an efficient service for free. 

FindPeopleFaster is one such tool that was made for people who value human connections. It allows you to search for loved ones, get information on colleagues and neighbors, and reconnect with childhood friends for free. In this review, we will dive deeper into what this tool can offer you, why it is one of the best options on the internet today, and the best way to use it.


FindPeopleFaster Review

FindPeopleFaster: Free People Search Tool

FindPeopleFaster is a fast people search tool that allows people in the US to search publicly available information on anyone. The tool leverages multiple databases, including government records, social media, and phone directories, to help users get accurate information on the person they are looking up. 

FindPeopleFaster is a leader in the people search niche because of the multitude of tools it allows you to search for people with. You can refine your searches using different types of filters to get the best possible match and reconnect with a friend or lover or know more about the new person that moved next door. 

It is a simple site that focuses on easy navigation. Each page is laid out beautifully, and with all the information you need to help you do a search, whether it’s the first time you are ever using such a platform or the 100th time you are looking up someone. FindPeopleFaster is designed with the tech novice in mind. 

The most impressive thing about FindPeopleFaster is that the entire site, with all its features, is free. Unlike other platforms that will only allow you to run a few searches and then require you to upgrade your plan to get more refined searches on people, you can do as many searches as you need without worrying about money on FindPeopleFaster. 

Accessibility is vital when using a people search tool, and FindPeopleFaster does not fail when it comes to this. The platform is easily accessible from mobile and desktop devices. The site will render well on all screens and allow you access to all its tools. 

How To Search People on FindPeopleFaster

FindPeopleFaster Review

A people search is a way of searching for someone on FindPeopleFaster with just their name. This search is simple and will bring up all the people who go by this name and allow you to filter through the results to find a profile that matches your interest. 

You can get the information you need on someone with the following easy-to-follow process; 

  1. Visit the FindPeopleFaster homepage and click on People Search from the top of the page. 
  2. Enter the first and last name of the person you are searching for. If you know just one name, there is no need to worry, FindPeopleFaster can still help you get accurate results, but more information helps filter out profiles faster and more precisely. 
  3. Add location information if available. 
  4. Click on the search button or the enter key on your computer to start the search. 
  5. Wait a few minutes before the results come up, and select a profile that matches who you are looking for. 
  6. View the details of the person you selected on a new page and get to know their contact information, where they live, criminal record, and more. 

One thing to note about FindPeopleFaster that differentiates it from other similar tools is it will not let the person you are searching for know that you ran a query on them. This feature helps to protect your identity and allows you to do due diligence privately, especially if getting into a business deal with someone or searching for houses in a new area. 

Why Use FindPeopleFaster

FindPeopleFaster prides itself in providing exceptional and reliable people search services to anyone that needs it. Below are some of the main reasons why you should give this site a try; 

  1. Lookup New Neighbors 

Whenever someone new moves next door, it is an excellent idea to raise your guard and look them up to learn more about them. FindPeopleFaster allows you to know if someone that moved into the next house has any criminal or sexual offenses record you need to beware of hence increasing caution when dealing with them. 

  1. Make A House-Buying Decision 

For most American citizens, buying a home is the single most expensive investment they will ever make. With the stakes so high, ensuring your dream home is in a safe neighborhood, surrounded by a community that helps you thrive and your children grow peacefully and safely. 

A free people search on FindPeopleFaster lets you know more about the neighbors in the houses adjacent to the one you want to buy. It will also reveal some history about the previous owner and help you make a conscious buying decision. 

  1. Reconnecting With Family 

Our distant relatives can drift apart from us, especially if we haven’t seen them in a long time. FindPeopleFaster understands the importance of family support and how essential it is to help you achieve your potential. 

You can search for your relative’s name on the platform and get to know more about them, including their current address, social media handles, and contact phone number. This information is essential in bringing the family back together. 

  1. Locate Childhood Friends 

We all have that one childhood friend whom we wish we had the chance to grow up together and enter adulthood while still living close. As life would have it, this is not always the case. But now, there is a convenient and efficient way to locate them and initiate contact. 

Whether you remember both of your friend’s names or just their first one, FindPeopleFaster will help you utilize this information to know their current location and make plans of how you can get in touch or meet in person. 

  1. Verify Merchant Information 

As e-commerce continues to grow, fuelled by our new shopping habits, so does the need to protect yourself from scams and frauds posing as online merchants. Verifying the identity of online merchants is one effective way of ensuring you are dealing with a legit seller and avoiding fraud. 

FindPeopleFaster can help you verify the identity of independent online merchants by typing their names and viewing all the public information available on them. You will get to know if this person is trustworthy or not depending on any criminal record they have from the past.

How To Improve the Accuracy of Results on FindPeopleFaster

Knowing how to use FindPeopleFaster effectively will allow you to enjoy the best experience on the platform and get the information you need on the person you are looking up to. 

While only the publicly available information from government records, their social media, and phone companies will be available, you can refine your searches and improve their accuracy by doing the following; 

  • (i) Correctly Typing The Person’s First And Last Name

Misspellings and using just one name to search for someone on FindPeopleFaster will yield results, but they will not be refined compared to when you use a person’s two names and ensure you spell them correctly. Always check to confirm that the name you typed is correct and that you got the spelling right to improve the accuracy of results. 

  • (ii) Adding Location Information

Inputting a person’s address when running your people search helps to narrow down the results to a specific area, allowing FindPeopleFaster to bring up the profile that best matches who you are looking for. You can improve the accuracy of your results by researching a person’s current address or the last one you know about and adding this to your search query.

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Is FindPeopleFaster Free To Use?

FindPeopleFaster is 100% free and will not require any credit card information or payment to run a search. 

Will Someone Know That I Searched Them on FindPeopleFaster?

No, FindPeopleFaster is a confidential service, and the person you search for will not be notified of your search.

Can I Use FindPeopleFaster To Search Myself?

Yes, you can use FindPeopleFaster to search for yourself and see what information about you is publicly available.

Where Does FindPeopleFaster Get Information From?

FindPeopleFaster obtains its information from various public databases, including social media, public records, and directories.


Running a people search on FindPeopleFaster is the recommended way to access accurate public information on anyone in the US with just their name. FindPeopleFaster allows you to run multiple of these searches daily for free from the convenience of your smartphone or computer. You can discreetly search for anyone to get to know more information about new neighbors in your building, verify the identity of an online merchant or reconnect with a loved one. It takes a few minutes for FindPeopleFaster to query multiple databases and serve you several profiles that match your search. 

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