7 Unforgettable Historical Events Documented

Historical Events Documented

It’s a common saying that history repeats itself. Unless we learn from it, nothing’s going to change. As true as this is, knowing about history can be dull. Taking help from the books makes it more gruesome. 

So, what options do we have other than books? Upon exploring, we came to know about documentaries. Not movies or shows, but documentaries. The cinematography is a bit different than the movies. Nevertheless, they’re a heck of an entertainment source. 

Unforgettable Historical Events Documented

Not only this, they also teach valuable lessons from history, mostly mistakes which aren’t to be repeated. This article is focused on exploring documentaries of great worth. Spanning from political to social and historical events, these documentaries are worth your every second. So, without any delay, let’s get started:

Apollo 11: 

In 2019, this documentary marked 50 years since the first man stepped on the moon. This documentary is all about the efforts put into the cause by the great men. This documentary doesn’t provide any interviews or narrations. 

It’s simply based on the events that took place at that time. The exceptional cinematography brings every moment back to life. For any science and tech geek, it’s a must-watch documentary. Also, it’s impossible not to be moved by such a sensational human feat.

One Child Nation: 

The above documentary showcases the brilliance of the human mind. However, this documentary portrays it as a beast, and it’s true. Only humans possess this capability of being such a vicious beast at times.

In 1979, China brought the one-child policy. Essentially, the aim was to control the ever-increasing population rate in the country. But the measures were drastic and so were the consequences.

Millions of infants were separated from their mothers. Many mothers had to take forced abortion as the only option. Somehow, the officials instilled the notion of their right doings in the public’s minds. To this date, many surviving people are unaware of their parents. To know how brutal humans can get, do watch it.

The Square: 

For many, Egypt is only famous for its ancient pyramids. The Pharoah, mummies, and all the ancient stuff. However, less than a decade ago, it became famous for its resilient people. You may not have heard about Arab Springs so let us give a little backdrop. 

It was a wave of people’s rebellion against their unjust rulers. Their sole purpose was to achieve what they believed in. However, it was not as easy as it seems. People coming out on the streets, facing brutalities, just to ensure a safe future for generations to come.

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You might be thinking what sort of a title is this? However, it refers to the 13th Amendment in the American constitution. This amendment canceled slavery. However, without any strict monitoring, it paved the way for other brutalities for African Americans.

This documentary highlights how miserable life Africans led, all while under the flag of democracy. It shows how every political step is a hoax, and there’s always a personal benefit attached to it.

Out of Many, One

Are you aware of the immigration issue? It’s getting worse by the day. It is astonishing how anyone can leave their own country. However, looking for a better opportunity, many move to a better place.

This documentary highlights the immigration issue. Specifically, it’s based on the people taking the test for US citizenship. It portrays their daily struggles and what it means to become a citizen of this country.

The documentary also focuses on the immigrant’s history in the country and the invaluable efforts that made this country people’s number one choice.

The Royal House of Windsor

We don’t see much activity from the royal family. However, they’ve cemented their place in everyone’s minds. The monarchs have survived everything they’ve faced. From the death of Lady Dianna to Queen Elizabeth, they’ve stood tall like an oak stump. Coming from the royal archives and family insiders, this documentary highlights the royal life.

The Social Dilemma

Do you remember the life before any social media platform? It’s unlikely that any Gen Z person knew such a life. But how come it’s a dilemma? The concerning factor is the uncertainties attached to it.

On one hand, social media has limited the distance between people. But on the other, it has opened new ways for misinformation to spread quickly. Not only this, but social apps also harm human minds.

Bottom Line: You don’t need heavy books to learn history. Documentaries are a great way to keep yourself entertained and educated. These documentaries can work perfectly as a starter. As you move, we’ll come again with more exciting documentaries.

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