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How to use Instazood Instagram Bot Dashboard?

Maybe Instazood dashboard is confusing when you enter your Instagram account on Instazood, for the first time! Alright, you can visit this video to understand Instagram Bot dashboard better. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Change your email/password/time zone/Instagram information.
  2. Download invoice/application.
  3. Track your balance/paid days’.
  4. Add proxy/targets.
  5. Check your settings and change the filters/limits.
  6. Check your statistics/bot’s activities/conversion rate.
  7. Use the Simple mode vs. Advanced Mode.


Dear customers, try to find your answer to your question in our Help Center. Check out Basics FAQ and Activity FAQ, otherwise, please read the following tips before submitting a ticket:

  • Describe your problem carefully, fill out your account’s username, Instazood email, and add any additional info to help us to resolve your issue quickly.
  • And remember, Instazood support system is separate from the dashboard, so you must register on the support system again.

Our Support Team works tirelessly to deliver world class service, providing solutions, assistance and advice for any issue presented to us.

Step by Step Guide to Grow your Instagram Account

Step 1: Signup and Add Account

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To start using the Instagram bot to increase your Instagram Followers at first, you must register on Instazood. For registering on Instazood, you can click on “for3 days free” button and enter the registration page.

Step 2: Read Instazood Advices

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Please read Instazood advice and tips carefully several times, before using Instazood.

All the tips are just a step away for your accounts to get blocked by Instagram, and all are just for your Instagram accounts safety and security.

Step 3: Add Targets

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If you don’t add targets, Instazood will not be able to do any single activity (auto follow, like, comment, and viewing stories) for you.

The Instagram bot works on targets that you specified them to get real Instagram followers. You can get followers that are related to your niche and interested in your business.

Step 4: Manage Your Targets

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Instazood efficiency completely depends on your content and the targets you choose. If the success rates of the targets (Conversion) increases, it means that you have attracted more followers. Targets conversion rate is better to be more than 10 percent within a week.

Step 5: Add Balance After 3 Days trial

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To activate your Instagram account after 3 free days trial, you should make a payment. You can see our prices and plans in the pricing page.

How to Know Bot Is Working

Instazood starts to work after adding the first target, but the system needs time to show you feedback, you can see statistics of the bot’s activities in your Instazood dashboard. Also you can set filters and track the statistics.

Please read the article below for more information: