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Ways to Fix The YouTube “Something Went Wrong” Issue

YouTube is one of the most popular social media channels, and many users sign in every day to upload or watch interesting videos. And if you are a fan of this free video-sharing website, it would be hard to see the “something went wrong” Youtube error. But that is not a difficult subject that no one can solve, and we are here to make everything easier for you. So, don’t waste time and keep reading to learn more about the details of the youtube something went wrong error, and how to solve it.

youtube something went wrong

Why does my YouTube keep saying “something went wrong”?

Whether you are an Android, iPhone, or Chrome user, you might suddenly face an error like “something went wrong” and wonder why. And errors like this would happen due to various reasons, such as:

  • Technical glitches: This reason could be related to your YouTube app’s technical bugs or a simple problem in the device you are using.
  • Network connectivity issues:  One of the most common reasons is the weak or unstable network connection through video streaming. 
  • Incorrect account settings: Sometimes, this error might happen because your Youtube account settings are not configured correctly. But it is possible to solve it simply by removing all outdated or incorrect email addresses or passwords.
  • Cache and cookies issues: If you are a Web browser user and check Youtube, this error might be due to temporary files stored on your device, such as cache and cookies. 

How do I fix YouTube something went wrong?

Based on the above categories of reasons that could cause you to face youtube something went wrong error, you can find the best solution. And reading the below list helps you with ways to solve this issue easier.

  • Check the Youtube servers:

Before doing anything, it is better to check whether YouTube is down through websites like Downdetector. And if that’s the problem, you can’t do anything but wait.

youtube something went wrong
  • Restart your phone:

In cases where the error is due to a malfunctioning background process, it would be helpful to restart your phone and see if it can fix this temporary glitch.

  • Use the Airplane Mode trick:

Turning the Airplane mode on and off is a simple trick introduced as a helper to solve errors like this, and many times you will be successful. No matter what your phone system is, go to the Settings app, find Airplane Mode, toggle on the switch, wait for a minute, and turn it off.

  • Try signing out and in from your Youtube account:

This case is especially useful when you think the “something went wrong” error is happening because of an authentication issue with your account. And to do so, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Open YouTube and click on your profile from the top right side.
  2. Click on your account name and choose the ‘Use YouTube signed out’ option.
  3. Again select the profile icon, then the Sign in option.
  4. Now, you can sign into your account and see if it solves the error.
  • Check if Youtube is allowed to use your Data:

Also, it would be helpful to check your phone’s Settings app, go down and find YouTube, and enable the toggle next to Mobile Data.

  • Try Youtube Incognito mode:

This method is useful when you suspect a problem with your account. So, open Youtube and click on the profile icon from the top right side, then select the Turn on Incognito mode option and try to play a video and see if it loads fine.

youtube something went wrong
  • Update the Youtube app:

Sometimes, this error might be due to using an old version of the Youtube app, so it is worth opening Google Play or App Store to check if there is a newer version or not.

  • Change DNS server:

This is a more technical issue because you should know how to change your DNS server to a different one. If you are using an iPhone, you should know that your phone uses the DNS server your ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides by default, but you can change it through the below steps:

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings and choose Wi-Fi.
  2. Choose the info icon close to your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Go down to the DNS section and choose Configure DNS.
  4. Choose the Manual option and delete all previous entries below the DNS Server.
  5. Click on the Add Server and write down in it.
  6. Then create another entry and type and Save it.
  • Set the network settings again:

Finally, if you are an iPhone user, it is possible that the network settings of your iPhone cause this error, and the easiest way to solve this issue is to reset them all and start over. 

  1. Open the Settings and choose General.
  2. Select ‘Transfer or Reset iPhone’ from the menu.
  3. Choose the Reset option from the bottom of the page, then choose Reset Network Settings.
  4. Here, you should enter your lock screen password to verify your identity.
  5. Simply follow the on-screen prompts and finish this process.

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As all Youtube users know, youtube something went wrong error is one of the most common errors you might face, but is not a hard deal. And in the above text, you read how to fix this error using simple ways like restarting your phone, turning on and off airplane mode, trying the Incognito mode, and more. If you still have a question that hasn’t been answered, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below so we and other readers can help.

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