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What does bump mean on Facebook?

No matter which kind of social media you are using, any platform has its unique algorithms for searching or displaying data. To be honest, understanding some of these methods are so difficult. As you are surfing on Facebook, you might notice that a popular post has a lot of comments with only the word “bump.” What do these comments mean?

This article will explain this phenomenon briefly and how to use it on your Facebook account.

What does “bump” mean on Facebook?

As you check and scroll the posts on your Facebook feed, you may find several posts containing the word “bump” in their text, with lots of comments on it. For those who aren’t familiar with Facebook’s algorithm, this could be kind of confusing.

One of the base principals in Facebook is that this platform has a tendency to prioritize posts with higher engagement in its users’ feeds. This sentence means that people sometimes comment “bump” on the post to increase its concentration to raise awareness for something.

By “bumping” the post up in other users’ feeds, they’re ensuring that more of the group’s members will see it in their feeds.

What is story bumping on Facebook?

If you have “a lot of friends” or are engaged in “a lot of groups,” you will have “a lot of stories” as well, which maybe you forget to view all of them.

what does bump mean on facebook

In the August 7th update, Facebook has revamped the News Feed’s algorithm, which shows users only view 57% of stories in their news feed. Thus, 43% of all stories on the platform won’t be viewed ever. Before rolling out the algorithm update, Facebook did a test and found out that it increased engagement rates by 5% from friends and 8% from pages.

According to this test, Facebook now keeps some stories “bumped” based on different factors. These factors could be the story’s engagement and your interactions.

How to use bump on Facebook?

If you want to bump your content on your account, you only need to comment  “bump” under a post that you want to move to the top of the “New activity” feed. Note that this doesn’t work for regular news feeds; it only works for Facebook groups.

As you know, there are three types of categories to sort your feed; “top posts” will sort posts that received the most engagement first. The second, “New activity,” will sort posts based on new comments. In the last one, “Recent posts” will show posts just posted first.

As “New activity” sorts posts that have new comments, your post will go on top of your feed by commenting on it. People who have sorted their feed by “New activity” will see your post first.

Does this tricky method really work on Facebook?

If I want to be honest, yes, it works. But you also have to consider some limitations; for example, this method doesn’t work for regular news feeds because your regular news feed is ranked algorithmically by Facebook. Furthermore, there is no way to sort your news feed, unlike posts in a Facebook group.


Thank you for reading this post. There is no obligation to use “Bump” or something like that on your post for more seeing on Facebook, but if you think this method could be beneficial, using it will not make any hurt you. As mentioned before, there many other phrases similar to “Bump” on the platform, so you can find out more tricks by viewing other feeds on Facebook.

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