Best Instagram Niches to make money

Once I had the strangest dream which was so great that I got sad when I woke up and found out it wasn’t real: I was in this big house (which was mine by the way!) and I was chilling on a great comfortable couch in front of a big tv watching Netflix!

My phone beeped, I picked it up, and suddenly It started throwing money at me (there was money splashing from its screen!). I was freaking out and happy as hell at the same time! But with the next beep, I woke up and found out I’ve got a message from my mom!
this was way before the digital marketing come along, so I guess I was predicting it!


But seriously,

We all love to make easy money, but some of us still don’t know the right way. One of the ways to make money sitting back at home is to do some digital marketing.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is using digital technologies for marketing a service or product, mainly on the internet, mobile phones, social media, etc.

  • The easiest way is to use social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Because they already have a lot of active users and you don’t need to worry about the SEO!

Instagram has become a business platform that can be used by anyone, including e-commerce business owners. Niche is significant for Instagram marketing.

Amazing tools to make money on Instagram

Before knowing what are the best niches on Instagram to invest time and energy, it is good to know that there are available tools that you can use to grow your account.

Imagine, that you have recently created an account, and you want to get more followers. You want few days, and no one would find you on Instagram.

But no worries! Thanks to the technology! We have marketing tools that help you to automate all Instagram actions. It would control who you follow, unfollow, like their posts, comment under their posts.

Some of these amazing tools are as follow, you can use in every niche you select:

Instagram bot

Instagram bot can automate all Instagram actions including like, follow, comment, and unfollow. This would increase your engagement rate and the profile visits which all lead to get more followers on Instagram.

To use the Instagram bot, you can sign up to Instazood and add your accounts. Using the social bridge app, you can run the promo.

Instagram schedule posts

One of the most important tools on Instagram is a scheduler. Post in advance to keep your presence.

Instagram comment tracker

What you need to not to miss any comment son Instagram is a comment tracker. You can enjoy a wide verity of option on it including different sort out options for comments.

Instagram comment picker

Run a campaign and request followers to participate. Choose a winner randomly from the comments, or likes.

Best Instagram Niches to make money

So, In this article, I will introduce some of the best niches on Instagram to you that will grow your engagements. Most of the Instagram users are teenagers and young people under 30. So we should consider their interests to find out the most profitable niches on Instagram.

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

#1 Health

With junk food, low activity desk jobs, stress, and health problems these days, people are having issues with their weight and depression. Teenagers are always comparing their selves with celebrities, models and public figures with smoking bodies.

So they want to be more fit and healthy. So following an Instagram account that shares tips and tricks about it seem significant to them. I know you are thinking ” its just an oversaturated niche and there is no room for more accounts.” But that’s not true. There is always an open opportunity on fitness niche because people will always want to know hacks on staying healthy and in shape.

Sub-niches of health:

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

  • Weight loss: everyone wants to look perfect, lose some weight and look like victoria secret models. They will pay good money for a miracle pill or diet that will help them get there faster.
  • Weight gain: some people find it very difficult to put on weight. They are willing to expose these miracle pills too!
  • Bodybuilding: being muscular and having an attractive physique is becoming a new standard. You can promote high converting supplements that guys would like.
  • Workout: you can create some workout tips to share with your followers, like videos, gifs or just create a fitness plan and post it on your Instagram account.

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

  • Diet: diet is one of the best niches. There are a lot of different diets that people want to know about It’s not just about weight loss; it can be for being more healthy. There are a lot of resources you can draw from.
  • Mental health: with the constant pressure of everyday living conditions, relationships have become more complicated, and people are getting more depressed. In this niche, you can inspire and motivate people and give them some hope.

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

Who should use this niche for Instagram marketing?

  • People who are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • People who have a unique workout routine to show off to the world.
  • People who are successful in a diet (like keto diet, paleo diet, vegan diet, calorie deficit diets) and have lost a lot of weight. ( expert on weight loss, weight gain, etc.)
  • People who want to inspire others to go vegan.
  • People with excellent cooking talent to create some diety recipes.
  • People who have the power of motivating others.

How can I make money from the fitness niche?

You should create good content on your account and then promote your account to gain some engagement and followers.

At first, you should get your followers to trust you.

And then you can find some sponsors or affiliate programs related to fitness; you can promote activewear brands, supplement and protein shakes, gyms, sports shops, etc.

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

#2 Beauty and makeup

Makeup artists and hairstylists make a lot of money by reviewing makeup products and sharing tips. You can do it too! The key is self-expression. Find a fresh angle, think outside of the box, find a new way for makeup, be creative and unique. Maybe you have some tricks that you learned by yourself, like contouring or covering birthmarks, you can use it on Instagram to help others too.

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

There are some sub-niches that you can use:

  • Makeup tutorial videos
  • After and before makeup
  • Makeup tips
  • Healthy skin tips
  • Herbal skin mask recipes
  • Hair dying
  • Hairstyle models and breeding

Who should use this niche for Instagram marketing?

  • People with makeup talents.
  • People who like making makeup tutorials.
  • People who use different cosmetic brands to test them.

How can I make money from the beauty niche?

After gaining a certain amount of followers, you can recommend brands to your followers (affiliate), or you can promote services and beauty salons and get money.

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

#3 Traveling

Most of the people dream about traveling the world on their life, but there are only a few who can actually do it. So instead they are following people who do this on Instagram and feed this urge by looking at their posts and knowing about their experiences. You don’t even have to be a traveler yourself; you can post about countries around the world, nature, culture, location and some traveling tips. You can use super niches like:

  • Backpacking, hippy traveling, hitchhiking
  • Adventure touring, slow traveling
  • solo female traveling.

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

Who should use this niche for Instagram marketing?

  • The tour leaders or people who are already doing it.
  • People who want to live out of their suitcase while getting paid.
  • People who have experienced it.
  • People who know this niche.

How can I make money from the travel niche?

After finding your fans and get to the top, you can become an influencer and promote travel engines, travel equipment, flights, etc.

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

#4 Business and wealth

No matter your market is up, down or sideways. People always want to know about making an extra dollar. You don’t need to have a fortune 400 company; you only have to know enough to be able to teach people about how far you have come. Maybe you know a formula for getting traffics on the internet, or you can help people with their startups, as long as you can help people achieve their business goals, you will be able to thrive in this niche.

Business sub-niches:

  • Online-jobs
  • Business tips
  • Startup business ideas

Luxury lifestyle

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

Who should use this niche for Instagram marketing?

  • People who have created a successful business.
  • People who have a lot of knowledge that could help someone else’s business thrive.
  • People who like to teach others.
  • People who are running a new startup and they step by step guide for creating startups.

How can I make money from the business niche?

You can throw online business classes or meetups or even better, after getting popular you can write a book about it or be in TED.

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

#5 Fashion and clothes

Everyone is unique; you can ask yourself what makes you different from other people? The key to your success in this niche can be the answer to this question. You don’t need to look like a model to be a successful fashion influencer. There are a lot of people with different size, taste, and age.

So just be yourself and focus on your style. Bring up everything you love about yourself and it to attract people who are like you.

Who should use this niche for Instagram marketing?

  • People who always post their #OOTD on Instagram
  • People who have fashion tastes and can match clothes perfectly.
  • Dress designers
  • People who have a unique style based on their personality.

What Are the Best Instagram Niches for Instagram Marketing?

How can I make money from fashion niche?

You can promote a brand that fits into your type, or you are already using. You can throw up an online shop for some clothes that you set for yourself, etc.

How to promote my account after finding the right niche?

After choosing the right niche by your talents and passions, you should create your account and expand it to gain followers:

  • Go to the Instagram login page and sign up a new Instagram business account for yourself.
  • Create good content based on your niche and post them on your Instagram business account.
  • Try to gain some Instagram engagements by Liking, Commenting, Following other accounts which might be interested in your niche.

There are also other ways of gaining Instagram engagements (Instagram like/comment/followers). Doing all these by yourself can be very time consuming so :

  • You can get some help from Instagram automation tools to gain real followers for your Instagram account.
  • You can use Instagram bots to get some engagement on your Instagram,
  • you can use other tools like Instagram scheduler to schedule future posts on your accounts.
  • There is also a tool that can help you send auto direct messages to your followers.


No need to worry, you can sit back and relax and make money from your Instagram.

After growing your Instagram account, you can find some service or products which are relevant to your niche and ask to be their affiliate; they will give you an affiliate link that you can use it to recommend the product to other people.

If you gain the right amount of followers and engagement on your Instagram account, some brands will find you and ask you to be their influencer. This can be a perfect opportunity for your Instagram marketing.

You can always start a small business for yourself too. If you are growing in this niche, then you can produce something to sell online.

Nothing else. This will be when you reached the high point. Probably something like my dream.

Best Instagram Niches to make money (infographic)

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