What are the best travel instagram account in 2024?

Are you a fan of traveling and finding out about new places to explore? Do you like to escape from ordinary life and imagine yourself far away? Do not worry if you do not know where to go or what to do. The best idea is to follow other travel bloggers. Here are some of the best travel instagram accounts. Continue reading to learn more about these travel instagram accounts.

What is a travel Instagam accout?

Have you ever heard about instagram travel accounts and people? Some inspired people from all over the world use their Instagram pages to show adventures, their travel experience, and new cultures globally. They are usually migratory influencers who different brands support them in an infinite number of ways. And what do they do? They travel all over the world with free gear to make gorgeous content about their trips and experiences. As it seems like a dream job, you might be eager to know more about travel bloggers on Instagram. So continue reading to the end to find out some of these best travel instagram accounts.
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Best travel instagram accounts

Here are the ten best travel instagram accounts and bloggers to follow and feed your wanderlust. If you are a trip lover, do not miss this wonderful list.


The first instagram travel account that I want to introduce is for Mikki Tenazas a previous medicine student. After his graduation, he decided to travel over the world and share his trip experiences with his large audience. His personal account is @thetravelpro, but if you want to follow his trips especially, follow the @TheGlobeWanderer account.


The next travel person is Jack Morris, a professional photographer behind the @doyoutravel Instagram page. There are more than two million followers on his travel instagram account. His page is full of idyllic photographs of the most spectacular places on earth. 


The third item is an interesting one about Munich-based Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach. He has spent a good piece of her life in the air. After she got a pilot’s license, she could not find a job with an airline. So she channeled her love of flying and crossed over a different professional path. Today, you can follow her popular instagram travel account @PILOTMADELEINE to see stunning snaps of destinations like Santorini and Cappadocia.


The @TRAVELSOFALI account is for a Doctor named Ali Alsulaiman. He was born in Saudi Arabia-born and is now living in London. After some time, he decided to leave his clinical practice and became a passionate full-time traveler. Follow his account to see incredibly beautiful pictures from all over the world and make the dream of luxury hotels and far-flung destinations.


This one is not a page of a travel person. You might have heard the name of Soneva’s Instagram page @discoversoneva as the world’s most-followed hotel accounts. There you can find daily updates with pictures that make us long for the next holiday. Many Instagram social media celebrities choose this place for their holidays because it provides unrivaled photo chances. 


If you are a fan of wildlife and safari enthusiast, do not miss the Wilderness Safaris’ Instagram account @wearewilderness. This African leading luxury ecotourism company protects virgin wilderness areas and the fauna and flora. Follow the @WEAREWILDERNESS account to see the most interesting photos from that amazing wildlife.


You might know Emmett as the most heart-stopping adventure person. You can follow his interesting life adventures like hanging from a helicopter over a Hawaiian volcano, sledding down a Swiss glacier at sunset, or being dropped deep into a cave in Java on the @EMMETT_SPARLING account. 


Are you an Instagram follower who likes to follow instagram travel accounts? If so, the above text is for you. There you can read about some of the best travel instagram accounts to follow


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