Tips on having a funny Instagram account

Tips on having a funny Instagram account

In this world full of sadness and problems with politics, economy, personal issues, global warming and with all these depressing news around you, how can you be funny or even make someone smile?

It’s not easy to be funny and get famous on every social media platform available. However, here I have found some tips and tricks on how to be funny on Instagram.

Starting points:
#1 Funny username and bio

This would be one of the most important things for your Instagram page, people will know you by this username, and if you want your account to be famous you should choose a name which is:

Cute, smart, funny, unique, easy to remember, short and meaningful. Your bio should be great too. It should be something smart so think about it!

#2 creating a hilarious niche

You should know your audience to find out what you should write to make them happy. There are a few kinds of funny pages around that you can choose between them. Just look into yourself and know your talents. Which type of funny do you think you are?

Types of humor with analyzing

  • Affiliative:

Creators of affiliative humor contents say funny things, jokes, witty banters to amuse others and facilitate relationships. (The creator of the content explains the situation of someone else in a positive way.)

  • Self-enhancing:

Creators of self-enhancing humor contents have a humorous outlook on life, to be amused by incongruities and maintain a humorous perspective in adversity. (The creator of the content explains his/her own situation in a positive way.)

  • Aggressive:

Creators of aggressive humor contents express humor without regard for its impact on others by saying funny things that are likely to hurt others. (The creator of the content explains the situation of someone else in a negative way.)

  • Self-defeating:

Creators of self-defeating humor contents amuse others by doing or saying humorous and disparaging things at one’s own expense. (The creator of the content explains his/her own situation in a negative way.)

  • Comparison:

Putting two or more elements together to produce a humorous situation. This content compares two or more objects. ( The content is funny because of the comparison.)

  • Personification:

Attributes human characteristics to animals, plants, and objects. This content has personified animals, plants or objects. (Personification is a source of humor in the content.)

  • Pun:

Using elements of language to create new meanings, which result in humor. Language is an essential element of the content.( The content is humorous because of the uncommon use of language.)

  • Sarcasm

Blatant ironic responses or situations – This content states or exhibits a sarcastic remark. (The content expresses an element that is not the real intention of the sender or communicates sarcastically.)

  • Silliness:

Making funny faces to ludicrous situations. – This content is humorous because of the silliness of the elements in it such as the character, person or a situation. (The content is humorous because of its silly components.)

  • Surprise:

Humour arises from unexpected situations. – This content is humorous because of some unexpected elements. (The content has a surprise ending or resolution.) These were the types of humor that you can use for making great funny content for your Instagram account, but as I said you should find out in which one you more have the talent to use.

Types of posts you can share:

  • Memes
  • Funny pictures
  • Funny videos
  • Animations
  • Dubsmasch
  • Vines
  • Funny quotes
  • Etc
#3 be unique and original

After finding your talent and creating great content with funny subjects, you should consider that not to copy the ideas or the posts from somewhere else. Just use your own talent, try to be different, use unique subjects but yet touchable that anyone can get related. Don’t try too hard to be funny people will notice that and you will seem very needy! If you can’t think of anything new for creating funny contents, look from another angle, just be you, be different and use the talent of yours and you’re going to be fine!

#4 use funny hashtags

You can create a hashtag only for yourself that people will know it by your name, or just a popular hashtag like #funny #memes or whatever you think can bring you more engagement rate.

#5 Be up to date

As a social media comedian, you should be aware of the daily trends. So watch the news, look up for the following events, you can check out some celebrity pages and see what gossip is going around. Even in your personal life, like at home, bus or at work, in many places, look for some new ideas from the people you meet, the things they say and their daily issues. Use everyday problems that anyone is struggling with, so they will get more attached.


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