The Complete Guide to Instagram Unfollow in 2024

The Complete Guide to Instagram Unfollow in 2020

Thinking about doing some Instagram unfollow and cleaning up the following section? Now and then, we have to unfollow some of our accounts on Instagram. Unfollowing can have various reasons. Some pro-Instagrammers might need to unfollow thousands of people to maintain their accounts’ balance.

The others prefer a less crowded feed, and for some people, it is simply the fact that they don’t want some account to be on their following list anymore.

Whatever the reason for Instagram unfollow is, you should do the Instagram unfollow in the right way. Unfollowing a few accounts a day is perfectly safe, but keep in mind that Instagram has some rules and limitations when it comes to unfollowing more significant numbers.

If you want to know all the tricks and tips about Instagram unfollow, keep this article, which explains all you need to know about this action. So, here is the complete guide to Instagram unfollow in 2020.

Instagram Unfollow Limit

The most important thing that an Instagrammer should know before starting the process of unfollowing is the Instagram unfollow limit. Like all the other essential features of Instagram, such as liking, leaving comments, and following, there is a limitation for unfollowing.

But unfortunately, there is no official statement about the rules,
restrictions, and limits from Instagram that indicates the allowed number of each action.

Why Instagram places limitations?

To respect its vast community and control the platform in a smoother way, Instagram places these follow, unfollow, like, and comment limitations. Imagine if there were not any limitations for Instagram features; the app simply would turn into a mess.

With 500 million stories on a single day, Instagram is already too crowded to accept more activity as it receives right now.

How Unfollow Limit Affects Instagram Activities?

It is good to know that Instagram does not differentiate between the actions “follow” and “unfollow.” So, there is a fixed number of allowed follow AND unfollow activity per day. Trying to find a balance between these two actions might be a little bit confusing.

But don’t worry; thanks to the smart Instazood Instagram bot, we were able to crack the Instagram unfollow limitation code at some level. Instagram’s primary actions, such as unfollow, mainly depend on a few factors. Remember, no one knows which one of these factors has the most effect. Here they are:

The account lifetime: if an Instagram account has less than six months old, it is considered as a new account. Naturally, a new account has fewer features compared to older accounts. So, the older an Instagram account, the higher the ability to perform Instagram unfollow.

Engagement: If Instagram considers an account as a highly engaging one, it rewards that account in so many ways. Not only Instagram lets the account to unfollow more people, but it also put its content on the explore page and followers’ feed.

So, if you want to Instagram treat you like a VIP user, better to work on the engagement rate as much it is possible. You can use Instagram growth
services to promote your account faster.

The number of followers: if an Instagram account has many followers, it seems it can unfollow a greater number of accounts on a daily basis.

Instazood unfollow bot will start working as soon as the account reaches the follower threshold. Then, it starts unfollowing the accounts based on the chronological order. This way, Instagrammers can be sure that you have enough time to the targeted account to perform the follow back.

Also, it is possible to set the bot in a way that it will not follow an account that you already followed in previous cycles.

Want to know what happens if an account crosses the line and reaches the limitation? Yes, you’re correct; it faces Instagram
action blocked.

How to Unfollow on Instagram without Blocking?

To avoid being banned on Instagram, the best way is to perform the Instagram unfollow in a safe distance from the limitation number. Estimations say that the Instagram unfollow limit for a new account is 50 per day, and the best way to do it is with 36-48 seconds intervals between each unfollow action.

But if the account has more than six months, the user can raise the number to 200-400 unfollow with 12-22 seconds of gap between each unfollow.

The best approach to unfollow people on Instagram – if you do it manually – is to use a step-by-step increase in the number of actions. For example, for the first week, try only to unfollow 50 people per day. If it sounds safe, for week two, increase the number to 100 people per day, and so on.

This method will work, but the problem is that if a user does not pay attention to the intervals, the account will soon be banned. So, it can be extremely time-consuming, especially for those who want to unfollow thousands of people. But there are ways to unfollow a great number of people on Instagram fast and safe. 

How to Unfollow On Instagram Fast? Instagram Mass unfollow

Instagram unfollow is not rocket science; we all know how to do it: just search for the account and hit the following button so that it gets into the initial state of “follow.” But what if Instagrammers want to unfollow a bulk number of people, say around 1000? Should they start unfollowing accounts one by one? Of course not!

 Here come the cutting-edge Instagram bots to save the day! Using an Instagram bot, Instagrammers can leave the job to the automation bots and just focus on more productive activities. Luckily, Instazood offers one of the best unfollow bots available on the market. To see how it works, read on.

Instazood: The Best Instagram Unfollow App

Instazood Instagram bot has an unfollow feature that can perform mass unfollow. This unfollow bot enables users to schedule what time of the day the bot starts to unfollow. For example, a user can schedule the process to begin at 01:00 a.m. when the majority of followers are sleep.

Also, Instazood will only unfollow the accounts that it already follows. If you have followed an account before using the app, it won’t be unfollowed by Instazood. Moreover, it is possible to add some of the accounts to the whitelist to keep them safe from the unfollow bot. Another great thing about Instazood is that it allows Instagrammers to handle the unfollowing manually.

Using an Instagram unfollow app such as Instazood can be exceedingly helpful for those who want to handle, great numbers of followers. The good thing about Instazood is that it is available on different platforms such as android and desktop app.

Follow Unfollow Instagram

Follow unfollow strategy is always helpful for gaining more fresh and engaging followers on Instagram. When using an Instagram bot, you can control the bot by filters and turning off and on the various features. 

As you may know, the number of following that an account can have is a maximum of 7,500. With Instazood unfollow bot, users can set the following threshold. It indicates the total number of possible followers on your account, and it is set on 5,000 by default.

What happens when the unfollow bot reaches this number is that it stops following accounts, and instead, the unfollowing process begins. As you can see, 5,000 is a valid number, and it guarantees the safety of the account.

You may ask why not set the following threshold up to a maximum of 7,500? Well, as mentioned above, the Instagram follower bot only unfollows the number of accounts that it already followed. So, to be able to use 7,500 as the numbers of your follow unfollow cycle, you need to have 0 followings. But when it is 5,000, you have 2,500 accounts that can manually handle.   

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram that is not Following Me?

Not being able to see the users who don’t follow you back on Instagram to unfollow them is undoubtedly an Instagram unfollow bug. Unfortunately, Instagram does not send a notification, telling that someone unfollowed you.

Instagram will not even tell the users if someone has muted your posts or stories, and the reason is that Instagram respects the privacy of its users.

So, besides checking all the followers one by one, is there any way to find out who unfollowed you, in order to unfollow them in return? The short answer is yes; you can use a third-party app to help you find out who unfollowed you on Instagram instantly. The only problem is, you only see the accounts, but you cannot unfollow all of them together.

Again, you have to search and unfollow them manually. By removing the accounts that don’t follow you back on Instagram, you make more rooms for potential and more engaging followers.

Final words on Instagram Unfollow Bot

As Instagram unfollowing is equally vital as following, and as Instagram does not differentiate between these two actions, professional Instagrammers need to use an adequate tool to handle these essential promotional features.

To avoid any risk of being banned by Instagram, it is better to use the best Instagram unfollow bots that are available in the market.

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